Workflow Best Practices - DeVry University

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Copyright © 2011 by Teradata Corporation Andrea Passas – DeVry University Jenna Frist - Aprimo Workflow Best Practices
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Andrea Passas with DeVry University presented Workflow Best Practices at the Aprimo Marketing Summit. For more information please visit

Transcript of Workflow Best Practices - DeVry University

  • 1. Workflow Best Practices Andrea Passas DeVry University Jenna Frist - AprimoCopyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation

2. Agenda Planning Design Implementation Testing Maintenance Close Q&A2 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 3. Planning Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 4. Planning - Discovery Identify process need Should they be automated Identify current process Different people different processes Should they be the same End user experience Easy to understand Different then they except4 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 5. Planning - Build outside of system Build outside of system using Microsoft Visio Benefits A place to start conversation Something for users to react to Get feedback on process Reference for future updates Include in user manual/reference guide Makes building in system quicker with less backand forth5 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 6. 6Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 7. 7Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 8. Planning - Team Approval Show them what they asked for Meet with all affected members Make sure they understand the process Make any modifications Get buy in and approval then build in system8Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 9. Planning Build in System Great foundation started Line of communication open with team Willing to work with you as you build inside of thesystem Easier to build in system Reference Less back in forth9Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 10. Design Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 11. Design - Request Form How many questions to ask Required Order Hide or show Verbiage Words they are use to using Descriptive Attribute Type Think through upfront Reporting Drive workflow activity with branch steps Reports11Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 12. 12 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 13. 13 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 14. 14 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 15. 15 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 16. Design - Manual vs. Automatic Approval Request review action upon submission Approval workflow assigned Workflow Manually applied by Project Owner Automatically assigned upon submission Activities can operate as different as you want them to Mixture of both manual and automatic16Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 17. 17 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 18. 18 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 19. Design Naming Workflow & SubWorkflow Templates Workflow Template Names Titles users see when selecting a template to apply to an activity Sub Workflow Template Names Titles workflow admins and system admins see when they are selecting a sub workflow in an iterative review or sub workflow step Name Accordingly!19Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 20. Design Naming Auto Close Steps Auto Close steps: No Assignees Branch Action Milestone When titling an auto close step, use a naming convention in order to easily remove from reports, task lists, etc..20Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 21. Design Actions to be Performed Action Steps are Powerful - Automatic Multiple Actions on one Action Step Commonly Used Actions: Update Activity Status throughout the process Send Notifications Promote an attachment to a Digital Asset Update a field Count Iterative Review iterations Benefits: Automatic No forgetting Saves time System keeps a record21Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 22. Design Utilizing Step Checklists Multiple tasks in a row assigned to the same person: Could they be combined? Utilize a Step Checklist to ensure the assignee completes each separate task Extend Estimated Duration to account for extra work Checklist Links Give full users the ability to link directly to any part of the activity via a checklist link Where? Important Task Reminders Utilize a Step Check List with Required Checkboxes to ensure task assignee completes work22Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 23. Design Utilizing Data Collection Templates (DCT) Sections on DCTs Organize DCTs into sections for easy viewing Display Important Activity/Project Data Place important attributes on the DCT as Read- Only so users can immediately see key attributes when they view their task but cannot modify Collect Important Activity/Project Data Place attributes on the DCT for users to fill out in order to collect data with tasks Collect data for an attribute that is key to a branch step rule later in the same workflow Update Important Activity/Project Data23 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 24. Design Data Collection Templates24 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 25. Design - Link to Digital Asset Library Upload asset via promote task Pros Anyone can do it, no one forgets No additional full user seats Cons Permissions and folder links need updated Key word limitation Upload via an assigned task Pros Can assign permissions & folder links Can tag with appropriate keywords Cons Must be a full user to upload Could hold up the entire workflow25Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 26. Implementation Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 27. Implementation Build In System What branch steps do you need? Where should they go What do you need them to do For each step think through Forms needed Checklist Data Collection Templates Description For review steps Number of reviewers Voting Style Status changes Notifications27Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 28. Implementation Shortcuts in Workflow Designer Fit All Zoom Out Zoom In Highlight a group of tasks and move together! Ctrl & click Saves so many clicks! Comment Box Organizes the Workflow Designer28Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 29. Implementation Using an Action Step as a Path Catcher A blank Action Step works perfectly as a path catcher Direct the workflow Allow the workflow to wait29 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 30. Implementation Effectively Using Branch Steps Trickle Down vs. Blast30 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 31. Implementation Utilizing Milestones Auto close step No Assignees Purpose: record a date Best for use in the Marketing Calendar Reportable use naming convention Milestone Examples: Webinars Events Conferences31 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 32. Implementation Confer with Team Building outside of system only shows so much Limited in showing system functionality Show them how things will be working in the system Walk through everything May change their mind Get final approval by team32Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 33. Implementation Finalize Update In Out Validate Promote Test Use33Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 34. TestingCopyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 35. Testing Utilize a Testing Activity &/or Testing Activity Type Create an Activity Type called Test Activity Use a single testing activity to perform workflow tests Call it Workflow Testing Area easy to find When specifying a specific activity type on any extended attributes, also include the Test Activity Type so all attributes will be displayed on the testing activity Easily remove testing activity type from reports, activity list, etc. Less activities in the system to manage35 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 36. Testing Utilizing a Test Template A Workflow that has been validated successfully can be applied to an activity as a test template Avoid mistakes and mishaps that are risks of untested workflows by utilizing a test template36 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 37. Testing Work out Kinks Order of tasks Document Uploads Data Collection Branch Rules Task Activations: Any Path or All Paths Required Action Step Actions Performed If Discovery & Design go well, there will be less kinks!37Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 38. Testing Validate & Promote Make any changes needed to the template Validate test again as a test template Promote makes it live to your users who apply workflows to activities Workflow Templates cannot be added to Activity System Type Actions until promoted38 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 39. Maintenance Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 40. Maintenance Open Houses Hold monthly Show enhancements Show new or updates to request forms or processes Address issues or challenges Listen to feedback on the system or processes Keep lines of communication open Follow up with highlights/notes40 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 41. 41 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 42. 42 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 43. Maintenance Semi Annual Review Clean up request forms Clean up processes Streamline where possible Keep lines of communication open Keep team engaged43Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 44. CloseCopyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 45. Close Extended Services Analytics Training & Enablement Strategic / Planning / Execution Project Management & Workflow Digital Asset Management User Adoption Questions about system capabilities Best practice advisement45 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 46. Close Closing thoughts What works for us may not work for everyone Always keep your end user in mind Think everything through Keep an open mind to feedback Keep your team engaged Learn all you can From users From Aprimo46 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation 47. 47 Copyright 2011 by Teradata Corporation