Work Smarter, Not Harder By Barb Micucci

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Work Smarter, Work Smarter, Not Harder Not Harder By Barb Micucci By Barb Micucci 2012 PSCA Conference 2012 PSCA Conference

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Work Smarter, Not Harder By Barb Micucci. 2012 PSCA Conference. Starting Point Data analysis Results data, perceptual data and observational data Tier 1 intervention Reach all students and include more stakeholders Tier 2 intervention Remedial. Teachers. Teachers. Parents. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Work Smarter, Not Harder By Barb Micucci

  • Work Smarter, Not HarderBy Barb Micucci2012 PSCA Conference

  • Starting Point

    Data analysisResults data, perceptual data and observational dataTier 1 intervention Reach all students and include more stakeholdersTier 2 interventionRemedial

  • StakeholdersParentsTeachers

    Community MembersStudentsColleaguesTeachersCommunity MembersStudents

  • Benefits to Including Stakeholders

    VisibilityEffectivenessEfficiencyGreater impactPooling resourcesAdvocacy

  • ASCA RolesLeadersAdvocatesCollaboratorsSystemic Change

  • Create an Action Plan

  • How Do You..

    Work Smarter Not Harder?

  • Academic Initiative

  • Homework workshopHow to Make Homework More Bearable

  • Google Docs feedback

  • Google Docs feedback

  • Parent FeedbackNew ways for doing homework.We made a homework plan.It was interactive and it included the children.Different ways of learning.Presentation was good & the real motivation to children was the prizes distributed during the workshop.Learning stylesPrizes & how to keep organizedVisual aids; giveawaysWorking with my childThe learning styles activityHomework action planInteraction was goodI liked the 5-points ideaBeating the clock idea

  • Date: _________Print your name: ________________________________________Teacher: ______________________________________________

    Completing your homework or assignment is your responsibility as a student. Missing Assignment: _________________________I do not have my homework today because:___ I did the assigned homework, but I did not bring it to class.___ I chose not to do my homework.___ I forgot to do my homework.___ I did not have the appropriate materials as home.___ I did not bring it home from school.___ Other Please explain below.______________________________________________________________________________Signature ____________________________

  • Homework Tracking

  • School Success GroupTier 2 interventionReviewed data and teacher recommendationsPre and post assessment by teachers, parents and studentsStudent monitoringWeekly desk checks, assignment book checksStudents self assess progressIncentive systemContinued tracking of progress

  • Parent Needs Assessment1. He/she stays focused and listens during homework time.2. He/she is organized.3. He/she knows how to study material.4. He/she completes his/her homework efficiently.5. He/she has a good attitude about school.

  • Think, Pair, ShareThink about an academic need

    What are you currently doing?

    How might you expand this intervention?

    Share with a neighbor

  • Parent InvolvementInitiative

  • Supporting Male StudentsReviewed dataPSSA, achievement data, disciplinary dataCounselor, Principal, Parent Book clubCreated opportunities for male involvementBoys Night OutExpanded our outreachWatchD.O.G.S. program

  • Supporting Male StudentsBoys Night OutParent Book clubFather-like Initiative

  • Watch Dog Email I just loved being the Watch Dog. My kids had a blast. I had a blast working with them and all of the other kids. I was wondering if I could do it on April 25th and June 1st (This is the day you said you need a lot of dads). Ashton has his birthday on April 21st and Avery on the 29th of April. So I would come in right in the middle. If I can do this dont tell them. Just a little B day surprise. Let me know. Randy Fox

  • Supporting Female StudentsSelf referralsIndividual counseling, consultations with parentsCollaborated with colleague Parent workshopTier 1 Preventative 6 week grade level groupsCelebrating Me and Mother/ Daughter night

  • Supporting Our Girls

  • Things to Consider Think Outside the BoxBe creativeInvolve students in parent programs when possibleCollaborate and team up with other counselorsUtilize interns Utilize technology Google docs, blogs, SkypeOngoing communication newsletters, e-mail groups, blogs

  • Action PlanChoose an area of needJot down what you are currently doingAre you using data to measure effectiveness?Are you involving other stakeholders? Who? Who else can you consider involving?How can you expand upon this program to make a greater impact?Choose an

  • Questions?

  • Barb MicucciSchool CounselorCaley ElementaryUpper Merion Area School District

    [email protected]