Word Made Flesh in India

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Transcript of Word Made Flesh in India

The cover photograph, the Gateway Of India, Mumbais most famous landmark is located at Apollo Bunder. This triumphal archway was designed by George Wikket. The beautiful Gateway was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911.It was through this magnificent monument, numerous Viceroys, Governors and top civil servants were welcomed as they disembarked from their steamers. The old Taj Mahal Hotel on the left, where Brother Branham and company stayed during his missionary trip to India in September 1954. The new multi-storied Taj Mahal Hotel is adjacent to the old.


This Book is compiled in commemoration of 50years since Almighty God sent His Prophet William Marrion Branham to Bombay - India in September 1954.

To the chosen, predestinated, elect of God is this book dedicated.

From, Bethlehem - India



India Trip Report Golden Jubilee Memorial


1954 - 2004

(Hebrew - hdd ), which means Praise, Flee Away(Ref : Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew Lexicon), is a name familiar to the Bible readers; being found in the Book of Esther: was the Eastern limit of the territory of King Ahasuerus. It is a fairly large country situated in South East Asia, whose population is more than 1/6th of the worlds total population. Indias history goes back to many thousands of years, and has been the home land of founders of many religions; Gautam Buddha of the Buddhists, Mahavir of the Jains, Guru Nanak of the Sikhs, and many others. It has always been, and is even yet today, the centre homeland of Hinduism. Presently about 80% of the population are Hindus. Christianity made its in-roads into this country in the first century itself when Apostle Thomas arrived in Madras (now Chennai) in South India. He was martyred by enraged pagan priests in AD 53 cited under the king of Mylapore at Madras. Though few were converted through his ministry, the Holy Spirit certainly had laid the foundation for what was yet to come. As the years, decades, and even centuries rolled on, Catholic priests and monks arrived from Europe to continue the great work which Saint Thomas had begun, amidst great persecution and opposition from the native pagan rulers. The Dark Ages never really affected the Indian converts as the Reformation had not struck this country. It was only when the Wesleyan Methodist Age began, known as the Great Missionary Age, that the Protestant missionaries entered into India. William Carey of the English Baptist Missionary Society, who came to Calcutta (North- East India), in 1790s, was the most prominent. Also Great Britain had by then completely captured the entire country, and that allowed the missionaries more liberty and access to enter into various cities in Indias heartland. But as more and more denominations entered the fray, they seemingly were more interested in proselyting other converts into their own denominations, rather than converting the pagans. So we find that even after over 1,900 years since Saint Thomas landed in India, the Christian population (including all denominations) is hardly significant. On August 15th 1947, India gained its independence from Britain after a non-violent struggle; the British left this country, but not before partitioning it on religious grounds: carving out a Muslim country in the North-West and North-East called West Pakistan and East Pakistan (Bangla Desh). Bloody riots ensued the partitioning as Hindus were driven out of Pakistan, and Muslims were being thrown out of India. This enmity still exists and was evident in the two wars fought between the two countries. The newly elected politicians of Independent India were inexperienced in handling so vast a country, and were at their wits end in trying to manage a staggering 470 million population, with such a diversity of culture, language, and religion. The first President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan had a slogan, Unity in diversity, and compared it to a necklace having different types and shapes of ornaments, but bound by a common string. In the minds of the politicians, that common string was to be religion, that is, Hinduism. So they were absolutely averse to the Christianization of the Indian masses.


The Indian soul has always been religious. Practically, every form of religion is practiced, and it ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime: from stark pagan idolatrous Hinduism to ..... Christianity. But having inherited financial bankruptcy from England in1947, compounded with illiteracy, starvation, poverty, and exploitation from the politicians of independent India; left a vacuum in the hearts of the masses. Ceremonial and superstitious religious beliefs on one hand, and impotent and indifferent Christian denominational systems on the other, were unable to fill the hunger in the hearts of the people; and that paved the way for the anti-god, anti-religion spirit to come in: Communism, which was already widely prevalent and powerful in Northern Asia. However, God had not forsaken this country. In 1954, seven years later, a Sabbatical year, amidst religious hatred amongst the Hindus and Muslims, and also the confusion and dissension amongst the various Christian denominations, and Communism making rapid in-roads in the NorthEast; God, true to His Divine Nature, suddenly stepped on the scene, and according to His foreordained plan, visited this country again by sending His Prophet William Marrion Branham to raise a standard against these forces of darkness. On 19th September 1954, this then was the unpleasant and hostile spiritual scenario Brother Branham had to face when he set his foot on Bombay (now Mumbai) airport tarmac.INDIA (1953): Plagued by famine, cholera, riots, economic backwardness, Communist conspiracies, and fear of Red aggression.Ref: World Book 2002

INDIA (1954): India improved its economic situation in 1954 and political conditions appeared stable.Ref: World Book 2002

you read further, you will know what Brother Branham had to say about the situation, from the quotes (In Italics) taken unabridged from various Sermons he preached: a little from here and a little from there. He tells about the vision God gave him about the India trip, the preparations he made, about the meetings he had, the divine vindication of God, the after effects, and even the mistakes he made. This book is by no means an exhaustive report, but it is our sincere prayer, that it will cause you, dear reader, to dig deeper in the written Word - THE HOLY BIBLE, the Revealed Word Messages preached by Brother Branham, and maybe even history, to ascertain Gods true and final purpose and plan for India - which Brother Branham called her as The Keynote. Quote:


Brother, when I see the ensign lifted yonder in Jerusalem, when I see the Jews returning back, when I see that middle eastern problem, little old India is laid down there all these years and now shes a keynote, illiterate people, but a keynote. We failed to preach the Gospel to them. Weve done everything else.The Handwriting On The Wall - Jeffersonville, IN. U.S.A. 56-0902

In the conclusion, we give our most humble and sincere opinion, as to how in these past fifty years, this End Time Message brought to us by Gods vindicated Prophet William Marrion Branham has spread all over India, slowly but steadily, in spite of many hindrances and opposition from the forces of evil. Finally, to the only Wise God Our Father, LORD all the honor, and all the glory, now and for all eternity. JESUS CHRIST, be all the praise,




Pen Picture Of William Marrion Branham6

Marrion Branham was born in April 6th, 1909, at about five oclock in the morning in a little log cabin, way up in the mountains of Kentucky, U.S.A. to Charles and Ella Branham. The young mother wanted to see her crying baby, and asked to open the window. Mr. Charles pushed back the window, and when he did, a supernatural halo of light came whirling in and hung over the bed.


Log Cabin where William Marrion Branham was born on 6th April 1909

His parents were very poor, and not religious at all, and made their living by farming and logging. During his early years, his family moved several times, finally settling in Jeffersonville Indiana, where he attended public school through seventh grade.

William Marrion Branham

He tells of being called by God to the ministry at the age of seven by a Voice speaking out of a whirlwind high up in a tree, which said, Do not drink or smoke or defile your body in any way, for when you get older Ill have a work for you to do. From Brother Branhams early childhood days, and even when he was growing, he would see visions, fore-telling him about events which were to take place. Nonetheless, he was not converted until the age of nineteen. There was a deep calling to the deep in his teenage heart. He went from one Church organization to the other, but they did not have the answer to the thirst in his soul. In desperation, one day he went into an isolated shed, and knelt down and began weeping whilst talking to God, confessing to Him that he was ashamed of himself for having neglected Him. Then, according to Brother Branham, about that time he looked up and felt a funny feeling sweep over him. Here came a Light moving through the room and made a Cross; and a Voice spoke in a language unknown to him. He got cold, numb and scared. He looked at the Light as It went away.


He then said, Sir, I dont understand your language, but if you have forgiven me; I know that Im supposed to be reckoned in that Cross there, somewhere that my sins are supposed to lay in there, and if You have forgiven me, just come back and talk in Your own language. No sooner he said that, the Light was there back again. That experience settled the sin question