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Mr. Sean P. Flynn

The most useful tool: VoicethreadVoicethread did a couple things for me. When I was out of the classroom, I could still give the students an interactive experience, by linking to this site and putting my own voice on the assignment. It also offered them the opportunity to view other classmates’ comments and interact that way. And it made use of the laptops that they bring to class:

Another useful tool: Blogging For the students who are shy about speaking out in class, I’ve

found blogging to be a useful tool. Some students still seem to view writing on the internet as anonymous, but again, it’s helpful for them to immediately be able to see how other students in the class are reacting to the prompt I want them to respond to.

Successes !

I was able to incorporate a number of the features in this course into two of the existing moodles I’ve been using: in AP Government and in Economics. And student participation has been encouraging.

Voicethread assignment link on the AP Gov Moodle

Wikispace link on the Econ Moodle

RSS Feeds

ChallengesFor a number of reasons, the Wikispace was the most difficult tool to try and get used to and to get the students familiar with. I wanted the students to be the primary contributors, but the site does not allow simultaneous editing of pages, making it hard to work in teams on wikipages. Students sometimes find themselves overriding others work. The WYSIWYG editing is fairly limited compared to other sites they are used to using. I will definitely need more time to experiment with the features of Wikispaces.

MoodleThis is my second year using Moodle and it is my primary tool for posting assignments, establishing a calendar and communicating with students. I’ve found it to be the easiest site for adjusting due dates, mapping out units and collecting student work. Although I am not in favor of public school districts using on-line learning as a primary way of delivering instruction to kids, I am in favor of incorporating on-line resources in face-to-face instruction. Moodle is a big part of that.

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