Why You Should Never Apply for a Job

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This presentation provides insight on developing a personal brand strategy and utilizing social media and networking tools to enhance your leverage in a career search Email for information about public speaking engagements: [email protected]

Transcript of Why You Should Never Apply for a Job

  • Why You Should Never Apply for a Job Again Developing a Personal Brand Strategy and Digital Footprint
    • Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.
    • - John Wooden
    • Legendary Coach and inspiration to millions
  • The Battlefield has changed forever
  • Define Who You Are
    • What are your most proficient soft skills?
    • What are your most proficient technical skills?
    • What type of culture do you feel is the most ideal setting?
    • Are you a leader or individual contributor?
    • Do you prefer a team environment or autonomous role?
    • Do you prefer a risky or conservative culture?
    • Do you value training and development?
  • Develop a personal marketing plan
  • What is in my marketing plan?
    • Target the industries, culture, company size and location you want to situate yourself
    • Choose four to six companies you feel are the best fit
    • Focus on stability, revenue growth, potential for an M&A, personal development
    • Develop a timeline for implementation
    • Develop your personal brand How am I selling myself (Resume, blog, publications, network/community participation
    • Align yourself with professional communities that will align you with the right relationships
    • Launch!
  • Is my resume up to snuff?
  • A Strong resume is about balance
  • Resumes Tips and Tidbits
    • Grab the reader immediately
    • Stay away from generic summary or objectives
    • Be very detailed with results and numbers
    • Focus on specific technical skills including versions
    • Stay consistent with type and font
    • Stay consistent with the length of each job summary
    • Use strong words (Led, Implemented) and try to avoid sideline player terminology (supported, helped, assisted)
    • Be arrogant but remain tactful and professional. Be proud of your accomplishments and professional success
  • Tools for Success
  • Google Profile Your Virtual Business Card
  • HCI Human Capital Institute
  • Ning.com Where all communities come together
  • Start a Blog Share your knowledge with the world
  • Google Products They are your friend
  • Google Sites Develop a URL Resume Page
  • Custom Searches Find what you are looking for right at your fingertips
  • Blellow The potential future of professional micro-blogging
  • Twitter Still the King of micro-blogging
    • How do I use micro-blogging for my job search?
    • How many profiles should I have?
    • How do I track information that is important?
    • Is this a complete waste of time?
  • Aggregator sites to track my networks Try Plaxo
  • Facebook The age old dilemma between my professional and social life? What is appropriate?
  • Linkedin The King and Queen of Professional Networking
  • Social Diligence 30 Day Free Trial
  • Pipl.com
  • Tracking my traffic Now cyber stalking is getting fun
  • Going Up! New Metrics Tool (More Chart/Graph Friendly
  • Contact Information
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