Why Personalized Banners Matter?

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www.siennapacific.com - Check this presentation to find out how a personalized banner can help you to standout in your next tradeshow or expo and to learn some must know tips when designing it.

Transcript of Why Personalized Banners Matter?

  • 1. Why Personalized Banners Matter? www.siennapacific.com

2. Tradeshows or Expos Objectives

  • Events like medical conferences, national business expos or an arts and craft shows share the same objectives: obtain leads, sell products and increase brand recognition.

3. However

  • with so many exhibitors its easy to be lost in the shuffle

4. Tradeshow Banners

  • Trade show bannersare considered an organizations or individuals presentation card at a convention or tradeshow for procuring new prospects and clients.

5. But, be careful

  • An inadequately designed banner can have acounterproductive effectreflecting an unattractive image and detracting from the brand.

6. The solution

  • A well design personalized banner helps to reinforce brand awareness and to get warm leads.
  • Its made specifically with an individual or companys design requirements and is custom made by a graphic designer.

7. Double your Exposure

  • The main goal in a trade show or event is to capture people's attention and this revolves mainly on the booth's design and table display.
  • A personalized banner personify brand exposure and will help to standout from the other exhibitors.


  • How to Create a Personalized Banner?

9. Logo Resolution

  • A high-resolution logo warrants a clean banner. Consult with a graphic designer to agree on the best color, font style and size for your banner.

10. Catchy Tagline

  • It will assure that the custom made banner presents a marketable messageYour tagline should covers the "who, what, where and why".

11. Anticipation

  • Place your order at least seven to 10 days prior to the event to avoid any last minute surprises.

12. Professional Advice

  • Don't compromise your brand identity with an amateur designed vinyl banner, contact a graphic designer or a company that makes personalized banners to assist with the artwork.

13. Need Help?

  • Sienna Pacificscustom designed vinyl bannersshowcase a lot of benefits to help generate new leads, attracting new clients.
  • We offerComplimentary Professional Graphic Design

14. Contact Us

  • For more information call (888) 720-2115 or visit:
  • www.siennapacific.com