WHO will Solve my Citizen's Issues?

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In a democracy, you should approach your elected representative if you have a concern with any element of governance, be it roads, electricity or drinking water. But which representative should you Ask? Here's a ready reckoner on WHO to address your questions to.

Transcript of WHO will Solve my Citizen's Issues?

  • Who will address my issues? `` ` ` ED OL TH DS PO OA R ER D AW L The Ask ` ` ` ` ` OR & HOW ON TI IN LA F Analysis
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? I should approach my representative if I have a concern with any element of government. But which representative? 1. CENTRAL GOVERNMENT / PARLIAMENT 2. STATE GOVERNMENT / LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY ? ? ? 3. MUNICIPAL COUNCIL / CORPORATION (URBAN) PANCHAYAT (RURAL) Member of Parliament (MP) The Ask HOW Analysis Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Municipal Council / Corporation(Urban) Panchayat (Rural) INDIA HAS THREE LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT AND LAW MAKING
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? The constitution of India has divided subjects into three lists: CENTRAL LIST CONCURRENT LIST STATE LIST Subjects under the control of Central Government and law making is by the parliament. Subjects under both, Central Government as well as State Government. Subjects under the control of the State Government. You should approach your representative based on these lists. The Ask HOW Analysis
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? If you want to complain about drinking water, street lights, potholes and garbage collection near your house you should talk to your corporator. Talk to your Corporator about: The Ask HOW Analysis Drinking Water issues Street Lights Pot-holed Roads Garbage Collection
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? If you are worried about the supply of electricity and its rising prices: `` ` `` ` `` ` The State government is responsible for supplying the electricity to you. The Ask HOW Analysis However, many central government policies like those relating to coal and natural gas and environment impact supply and price of electricity.
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? If your concern is about Law: The Central Government is responsible for the protection of borders from infiltration. The Ask HOW Analysis Policing is primarily the responsibility of the State Government. Judiciary is separate from the government but both Central and State Govts. can do a lot to speed up the judicial process.
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? If you are worried about Prices then: ` The Ask HOW Analysis Many policies of central government that impact supply and demand affect prices. Central taxes like excise and service taxes and import duties also impact prices. State governments through their control of local mandis affect food prices. Also local taxes affect prices. Talk to your MP and MLA.
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? If you are concerned about jobs: Central and state government policies including those on specific industries, labour and environment impact this issue. Additionally state governments can give incentives related to land and taxes. Infrastructure such as roads and electricity created by both Central and State Government matter. The Ask HOW Analysis
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? If Education is what concerns you: Central government decides the high level policy State governments usually run most of the government schools and many colleges. Often in big cities, the Corporation runs schools. The Ask HOW Analysis
  • WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM? Roads and the Tolls on them: 13G MAIN SH 113 NH 47 Repair & maintenance of local roads is the responsibility of the Corporation. Issues with State highways should be taken up by the MLA. National highways are the responsibility of the Government of India. The Ask HOW Analysis
  • In Conclusion: Who should we approach to get things fixed in our area? fo When will we get uninterrupted power supply? rm A o sk re Ho As wI kH ww ndi ow w. a An As on aly kH Fa si ow ce s, In bo ple di ok as a.o & e rg Tw fol itt low er Ask How your representative will solve your problem. BUT Ask the right representative