Where to buy penny stocks

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Where to buy penny stocks

Where to buy penny stocks

Although there is a considerable amount of risk involved, investors need to stop believing fallacies of safe, blue chip stocks. Investing in ANY stock makes your susceptible to this risk, not just penny stocks.

Lets take a look at the recent IPO of Facebook Inc., or how about Groupon Inc.? Both decreased up to approximately 50% since their IPO. So much for a safe and secure blue chip investment. So while all stocks are capable of losing considerable value, why not choose the stocks who offer the highest possible return?

Conversely, during that same time, certain Penny Stocks received 100%-500% gains while these conservative blue-chip stocks were significantly decreasing.

The choice is up to each individual investor, but a smart, dedicated and eager investor understands that with the proper information and self control, Penny Stocks can turn disposable income into actual Wealth!

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