What’s the School Counselor’s Role in a Mass Customized Learning Environment? Regional Mass...

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What’s the School Counselor’s Role in a Mass Customized Learning Environment? Regional Mass Customized Learning Summit June 24, 2015 Presented by: Natalie Selchert K-12 School Counselor, Gayville-Volin School District (Gayville, SD)

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  • Whats the School Counselors Role in a Mass Customized Learning Environment? Regional Mass Customized Learning Summit June 24, 2015 Presented by: Natalie Selchert K-12 School Counselor, Gayville-Volin School District (Gayville, SD)
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  • Lenses Skilled Leadership Motivated Learner Opportunities
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  • Outcome Participants will leave this presentation with a better understanding of the role a school counselor can serve as a member of the mass customized learning team, and how a school counselor can support the personal, social, academic and career development of learners.
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  • Introduction & Background K-12 School Counselor for GV School District (15 years) GV School District demographics small, rural, low/mid SES, predominantly white (90%) Technology-forward district for many years; One-to-one laptop school 7-12; technology readily accessible for all PK-12 learners Began the MCL journey two years ago along with ambitious team of JH/HS staff District has taken gradual steps to embrace MCL and transform education for learners We like to say YES to intentional learners!
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  • The MCL Journey at G-V Increased technology integration Flipped classroom model Modified calendar and period schedule structure Designated student enrichment & remediation days Thursday customized learning block Incorporating more distance learning, seminar academies, dual credit, work and service-based learning Incorporating more vital technology- based programs and resources Changes in grading system (F to I) Summer course completion Adaptations to staff contracts
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  • So where do I fit in here? How can I, as the school counselor, contribute to the transition toward a mass customized learning environment?
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  • What is our mission? GV School District Empowering all students to succeed in the global community as productive citizens. GV School Counseling - Empower all students to experience educational success by providing guidance in the areas of academic, career, and personal-social development; counseling to help students overcome challenges that interfere with learning; and advocacy for an environment that supports equal opportunity for achievement. With the support of the school counseling program, students become effective learners, responsible citizens, and productive members of a global workforce.
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  • Exit Learner Outcomes (Inevitable, Schwahn & McGarvey, 2012, p.48) The Graduate is a Self-Actualizing Person Who: Formulates, articulates, defends, and applies a personal set of core values. Prioritizes work, family, and personal time for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Lives a healthy life that includes physical activity, good nutrition, relaxation, and spirituality (I would add mental health and healthy relationships). Sets, pursues, and accomplishes personal goals. Accepts personal accountability for his/her words and actions. Contributes to society and makes decisions with others in mind. Manages and budgets time, money, and other resources effectively. Adjusts and adapts to change, stress, adversity, and successes. Seeks, reflects upon, and adjusts to feedback. Reflects deeply, learns from experiences, and continuously improves self in all aspects of living.
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  • Significant Overlap in MCL Exit Learner Outcomes with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success The ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors: K-12 College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Every Student" describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes students need to achieve academic success, college and career readiness and social/emotional development.ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors The standards are based on a survey of research and best practices in student achievement from a wide array of educational standards and efforts.
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  • SoHow can we work together to achieve these goals? Acknowledge that every member of the educational team brings unique and valuable knowledge, experiences, background, and skills to the table Learner, Learning Facilitators, Administrators, School Counselors, Support Staff, Parents, Community Partners
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  • Potential School Counselor Roles & Responsibilities Guide learners in reflecting to gain self-knowledge (help learners become experts about themselves) Guide learners in planning and personalizing their learning Guide learners in seeking out and accessing a variety of learning opportunities Guide learners in becoming reflective, respectful and responsible citizens Guide and support learners in identifying and overcoming barriers or obstacles to learning and success *Keep in mind that school counselor roles & responsibilities will be dependent on factors such as school size, level and setting.
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  • Reflect to Gain Self-Knowledge My beliefs: As we work to customize learning, we must help learners become experts on themselves. Many learners lack self-awareness, so efforts to customize without taking time to help learners reflect upon themselves are futile.
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  • Reflect to Gain Self-Knowledge Areas to Explore Personal/social strengths and weaknesses Academic strengths and weaknesses Talents / Skills / Abilities Learning Styles and Preferences Values Learning Interests Learning Goals Career Interests Post-Secondary Learning Interests and Opportunities
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  • Reflect to Gain Self-Knowledge Potential Tools/Resources and Products Tools/Resources (handout): Personal/Social Self-Assessments Academic Self-Assessments Career Self-Assessments SD My Life Products: Learner Portfolio houses relevant learner products (learner shares with stakeholders facilitators, advisor, school counselor, parents, community partners, etc.)
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  • Plan and Personalize Learning School Counselor guides learners in the development of Personal Learning Plans (PLP) 8 th and 9 th graders develop an initial PLP using the SD My Life programSD My Life 10-12 th graders update and adapt their PLPs at least a few times per year to reflect any changes in their interests, plans and goals
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  • Seek Out and Access a Variety of Learning Opportunities Distance Learning Courses (SDVS/SILDL)SDVSSILDL Dual Credit Local CTE Academies & Courses Summer Learning Opportunities Leadership Seminars Career Camps College Fairs & Campus Visits Job Shadowing Internships Service Learning
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  • Develop as a Reflective, Respectful and Responsible Citizen Model the 3 Rs Classroom Guidance Peaceful Conflict Resolution Program (Kelsos Choice)Kelsos Choice Individual and Group Counseling Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports Program (PBIS) Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports Program (PBIS) Character Counts! Program Bullying & Violence Prevention
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  • Identify and Overcome Obstacles to Learning and Success Classroom Guidance Group Counseling Individual Counseling Classroom Advising Individual Advising Teachers As Advisors Program Teachers As Advisors
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  • Whats Next? GV School District Standards-Based Report Cards / Instruction, Assessment & Reporting Based on Learning Outcomes / Changing ABC Grading System Multi-age Classrooms Elementary Focus ?? Grade Levels / Assigned Classrooms ?? Nine-Month School Year ?? Class Periods / Bell Schedule
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  • Whats Next? GV School Counseling Program Goal 1: Increase Community Partnerships to Expand Learning Opportunities Yankton Area Progressive Growth Career Explorers Club CTE Opportunities Goal 2: Revamp/Meld Freshmen Foundations and TAA to Successful Learner Seminars (Levels 7-12) Phase 1: Levels 9-10 Phase 2: Levels 7-8 & 11-12
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  • Question & Answer
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  • Feel free to contact us at GV School District! Natalie Selchert K-12 School Counselor P.O. Box 158 Gayville, SD 57031 Phone: (605) 267-4476 ext. 103 Email: [email protected]@k12.sd.us Jason Selchert Superintendent & Technology Coordinator P.O. Box 158 Gayville, SD 57031 Phone: (605) 267-4476 ext. 104 Email: [email protected]@k12.sd.us