What is Alkaline Water?

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Alkaline Water is water with pH above 7, pH stands for the potential of hydrogen. Alkaline Water has numerous health benefits as it’s a rich source of antioxidants and smaller cluster found in alkaline water helps body hydrate better. Alkaline Water can be made naturally with lemon juice or with the help of Water Ionizer Machines.

Transcript of What is Alkaline Water?

  • What is Alkaline Water ?
  • What is Alkaline Water? Alkaline Water is water with high pH (pH Above 7)
  • Difference between- Alkaline Water Vs Normal Water Vs Acidic Water? Normal Water has a pH of 7. Water with pH of above 7 is called Alkaline Water. Water with pH of below 7 is called Acidic Water.
  • Can I drink Alkaline Water?
  • Alkaline Water Health Benefits ? Aids in Weight Loss Better Hydration Balances Body pH Detoxifies Body Helps recover easily from Acidosis More Oxygenation
  • How to make Alkaline Water? Install a Water Ionizer Make Naturally by Adding lime to normal Water
  • What is Water Ionizer? A Water Ionizer is a device used to produce Alkaline Water / Acidic Water at home.
  • How Water Ionizer works? Water ionizer produces Alkaline Water / Acidic Water by passing electric current into water i.e. (ionization process)
  • Types of Water Ionizers: Electric Water Ionizer Models Countertop Water Ionizer Undercounter Water Ionizer It works by passing electric current, It has 2 sprouts- one for Alkaline Water and the next one is for Acidic Water Non Electric (or) Portable Water Ionizers It produces alkaline water by using minerals loaded-up in a cartridge, can be used while you are travelling or camping outdoors. It comes with a replaceable cartridge which turns normal water to alkaline water.
  • How are Alkaline Water commonly called? Ionized Water
  • How to Choose a Best Water Ionizer ? Compare & Find the Best Water Ionizers at IonizerResearch.com Compare Now
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