What Do You Do With All Those Inbound Leads

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Now that you have your inbound leads flowing in from your website, white paper downloads, webinar registrations and other sources.....what do you do next?

Transcript of What Do You Do With All Those Inbound Leads

  • 1. so I finally generated a million inbound business leads now what?
  • 2. simple questions
  • 3. do your inbound leads generated pile up and collect in a database without being responded to till they are passed on to sales?
  • 4. did you know your inbound leads are perishable ?
  • 5. are unqualified and junk leads wasting your sales teams precious selling time?
  • 6. simple facts
  • 7. responding to leads within the first 24 hours of being generated is ideal
  • 8. with every additional hour after that your chances deteriorate
  • 9. almost half your sales bandwidth can be spent pursuing unqualified leads
  • 10. inbound leads should be responded to, qualified and then passed on to sales as soon as possible
  • 11. simple action
  • 12. filter out all the noise in your marketing data by removing unqualified leads with no potential
  • 13. focus your efforts and fill your marketing database with qualified leads only
  • 14. qualify inbound leads ASAP . sell smart
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