What Affiliate Marketing Programs Makes Most Money?

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What affiliate marketing makes most money? Free Guide - How to get started
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Transcript of What Affiliate Marketing Programs Makes Most Money?

  • 1. What affiliate marketing makes most money?
    • Free Guide - How to get started

2. Affiliate Marketing

  • Work at home business benefits?
  • No commuting time or costs - how much would you otherwise pay for car, depreciation, fuel, tax, insurance?
  • Work when it suits you, e.g. rainy days, nothing on TV
  • Affiliate marketing can help you achieve this goal.
  • Affiliates help promote products via the Internet
  • No or very low start up costs, huge potential

3. What product?

  • High value, niche products are best to promote
  • Niche products have fewer competitors, so advertising is easier, more affordable, commission is higher - bad products are those that everyone else promotes, e.g. mobile phones, too many competitors
  • Advertise products via YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Pay Per Click, AdWords, the smarter you are, the more visitors you will attract.
  • Make own website or get a professional one made

4. Example Product

  • Hovercraft

5. Example Product

  • Hovercraft are popular for leisure and many commercial applications
  • Not many competitors
  • Easier to promote
  • Typical payout $650 per sale

6. How affiliates work

  • Affiliates promote product via Internet website
  • Visitors to website request information from manufacturer via enquiry form with ID
  • Affiliates only promote, do not sell directly.

7. Target marketing

  • Your website might target rescue applications for hovercraft, for flood, mud, ice, sand rescues
  • Visitors make enquiry - if they buy, you earn commission.

8. Target Marketing

  • You might promote hovercraft for rental rides
  • Your website has enquiry form that sends enquiry to manufacturer - the manufacturer handles the sales process, affiliates simply promote

9. Commission

  • If, when customer buys hovercraft, you get paid a commission based on % of sale value - affiliate software tracks sale to you via form- you have a unique cookie html code, generated by your website to ID you as affiliate.

10. No limit to earnings

  • The smarter you are via target marketing, the more likely you will attract the right type to customer to your website
  • The last slide provides a link to the Affiliate School website, tips on how to promote.

11. attract customers

  • There are many clever ways to attract the right type of customers - the smarter the affiliate, the more commission they earn - what are hovercraft used for?

12. Research market

  • Hovercraft travel over any flat surface, so can be used for survey work, bridge repair, leisure, rentals, SuperYachts, etc.
  • Research the market potential - attract the right type of customer to your website.

13. How to get started?

  • Hov Pod Hovercraft run an affiliate program - typical payout $650 per sale, no limit on earnings.
  • Fast growing market.
  • www.hovpod.com

14. Affiliate School www.affiliates-school.com www.affiliates-school.com