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Transcript of Welcome to the worlds of Diana Wynne Jones - Laura · PDF file★ HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE...

  • Welcome tothe worlds of

    Diana Wynne Jones


  • Bibliography & Index

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    Bibliography & Index (cont.)

    * * *Dark Lord of Derkholm (Derkholm Series), 1998 page 28

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    Vile Visitors, 2012 page 5

    Freaky Families, 2013 page 3


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    Phone: (44) (0) 20 7354 [email protected]




    FICTION 8-20




    Welcome to the worlds of

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    Getting to read an extra Diana Wynne Jones novel, almost finished at the time of her death is like being given extra time with her: the

    wisdom, the humour and the storytelling magic were hers until the end...Iam grateful that she took us on this final journey.


    Wynne Joness humor, compassion, and invention continue to delight throughout this exhilarating tale. A story to cherish.


    AWARDSDiana won the Guardian Award for Childrens Fiction in 1978, with CHARMED LIFE. In 1999, she won two major fantasy awards: the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in the US (for the second time), and an award from the British Fantasy Society for her lifetime contribution to fantasy writing. Diana won further prizes in Holland and Germany, and in 2007 she received a LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the World Fantasy Convention.

    HOWLS MOVING CASTLE was made into an animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki for Studio Ghibli. It broke all box office records in Japan in 2004 and 2005, and was nominated for an Oscar in 2006.

    Though written by Diana during her last illness, THE ISLANDS OF CHALDEA is undimin-ished in its magic, humour and compelling story-telling. It has been seamlessly completed by her sister, Ursula Jones. Published by HarperCollins Childrens Books (UK) and Greenwillow (US).

    Take a look at one of Diana's websitesOfficial HarperCollins website www.dianawynnejones.comOfficial website for fans www.leemac.freeserve.co.ukOfficial facebook fansite www.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Diana-Wynne-Jones-Fan-PageChrestomanci Castle website for fans suberic.net/dwj

    DIANA WYNNE JONES was born in London in 1934, where she had a chaotic and unsettled childhood against the background of The Second World War. The family moved around a lot, finally settling in a village in Essex, full of bizarre personalities.

    Here, deprived of books by a father who could beat Scrooge in a meanness contest, she decided she would have to write them herself

    Diana went on to study English at Oxford University, where she attended lectures by J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. It was at Oxford that she met her future husband, John Burrow. They married in 1956 and had three sons. They moved to Bristol in 1976 when John became Professor of Early English Literature at the University.

    Her first childrens book, WILKINS TOOTH, was published in 1973. She wrote more than 40 books, nearly all still in print, which have been published in nearly 30 languages. She died in March 2011 after a long illness.

    Wynne Jones belongs to an elect clan of the most treasured of British childrens authors, creating her own unique brand of fantasy.


    Her hallmarks include laugh-aloud humour, plenty of magic and an imaginative array of alternate worlds. Yet, at the same time, a great

    seriousness is present in all of her novels, a sense of urgency that links Jones most outrageous plots to her readers hopes and fears.


    One of this countrys most talented and inventive writers of speculative fiction...At her death her status as the doyenne of fantasy writers was

    not in dispute.Charlie Butler, INDEPENDENT


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    Stories for younger readers (7-10)

    When she was a baby, Earwig was left at St Morwalds Orphanage. Unlike the other children, she loves it there because she is able to persuade people to do as she wants.

    Then one day Earwig is chosen to live with a very strange couple: Bella Yaga, her new mother, who is actually a horrible witch! She is only brought to their home to do all the nasty and boring jobs like powdering rats bones and scrubbing the floor, and Bella Yaga wont even teach her any spells.

    So with the help of Thomas the cat, Bella Yagas downtrodden familiar, Earwig decides to figure out some magic for herself, and teaches Bella Yaga what it really means to have another pair of hands....

    Brings together Chair Person and Who Got Rid Of Angus Flint?

    WHO GOT RID OF ANGUS FLINT?When an intolerable friend of their parents moves into their home, Pip and Candida Robbins try every device to make him leave. But even when Mr and Mrs Robbins have had enough of him, he shows no sign of leaving. The children are in despair until the furniture of the house brings a surprisingsurrealist solution...

    CHAIR PERSONSimon and Marcias parents decide its time to get rid of the old, striped armchair. They all carry it out to the garden shed, ready to be thrown away. But later, Simon and Marcia hear noises from the shed and out comes a mysterious visitor, who bears a striking resemblance to their old chair! He says he is Chair Person and his arrival spells total chaos for the family...

    EARWIG AND THE WITCHIllustrated by Marion Lindsay

    VILE VISITORSIllustrated by Marion Lindsay

    Rights sold: UK (HarperCollins), US (Greenwillow), US audio (Recorded Books), Brazil (Editora Record), Israel (Graff), Italy (Salani), Japan (Tokuma Shoten), Korea (Garam Books), Spain (Anaya)

    Deliciously entertaining.Julia Eccleshare, THE GUARDIAN

    ...delightful sampler of her originality and imagination, with small unexpected touches.

    Nicolette Jones, SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE

    Theres just the right level of grotesquerie and scariness in this utterly charming chapter book.


    Rights sold: UK (HarperCollins), Spain (Anaya)

    FREAKY FAMILIESIllustrated by Marion LindsayBrings together The Four Grannies and Auntie Beas Day Out.

    THE FOUR GRANNIESErg and Emily have four grannies - strict, worrier, stin-gy, and a saint. Their parents have to go away and arrange for one of the Grannies to look after them. But all four turn up and things get out of hand - espe-cially when Erg tries to magic them away...

    AUNTIE BEAS DAY OUTAuntie Bea drags Nancy, Debbie and Simon on a day-trip to the seaside - with a large bundle of necessary items, all neatly labelled in case of loss. She insists on picnicking on Island Island, ignoring all the warning signs. The island shudders and all of a sudden they arent at the beach any more - they are in the middle of a gun-range. Then they are on an iceberg. The island shudders again.....Rights sold: UK (HarperCollins)

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    Rights sold: UK (HarperCollins), US (Greenwillow), Japan (Hayakawa Shobo), Russia (Azbooka-Atticus)

    A fresh, entertaining fantasyTIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

    This richly humorous story...is also a spine-chiller of the first orderTHE TIMES

    An exhilarating thrill-ride of a tale!SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL



    It seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, Frank and Jess needed the money and a revenge business should be the ideal way to earn it. But good ideas like revenge tend to go horribly wrong and soon they find themselves in deep trouble with Buster Knells gang.

    What's more, the local witch, Biddy Iremonger, sees Own Back Ltd. as competition to her business, and when Biddy is angry, there's no end to the trouble she'll cause...

    And it all began with Wilkins tooth.

    WILD ROBERTIllustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

    Wild Robert is a gentle, charming ghost, who is half a magician (on his mothers side).

    At Heathers summons, he returns after 350 years and is horrified by the antics of the tourists at his former home, Castlemaine House.

    Since he i