Welcome to the United Parish of Winchendon · PDF file 2019. 6. 13. · Happy...

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Transcript of Welcome to the United Parish of Winchendon · PDF file 2019. 6. 13. · Happy...

  • Senior Corner

      Please keep in touch with our shut-ins. These people would love a visit or a letter in the mail!!!!! Teresa DeLaRosa Patty Scarrell Rochelle Doody Keystone Nursing Home 38 Prospect St Broadview Nursing Home 44 Keystone Drive Winchendon MA 01475 547 Central St Leominster, MA 01453 Winchendon MA 01475 Mary Haskins Dakota Wood Golden Living Center 241 Towne Crier Rd 1199 John Fitch Highway Lynchburg VA 24502 Fitchburg, MA 01420 June June Happy Birthday Happy Anniversary Dolly  Boutelle                  1st                      Wayne  &  Jane  Crespo  11th  25yrs   Joe  Contarino                    3rd                Pastor  Cal  &  Valorie  Miller  26th  43yrs   Doris  LaFreniere  13th                                  Roland  &  Kim  Luhtjarv  26th  43yrs   Skip  Wood                          16th     Nicole  Fleming          20th     Christy  Solomon    21st     Thomas  Becotte      21st     Dylan  Contarino      30th    

    DAILY DEVOTIONAL   I rest in Spirit, and I am comforted.

    Life  is  unpredictable,  and  sometimes,  I  may  feel  fustrated  or  disappointed   by  unexpected  events.  Imay  feel  hurt  by  the  owrds  or  actions  of  others  or   fearful  due  to  an  accident  or  illness.  Yet  through  it  all,  I  count  on  the  love   and  comfort  of  Spirit.  I  am  empowered  by  the  Spirit  of  God  within,  giving   me  courage  and  wisdom  to  brave  any  hardship.  I  hone  in  on  what  is  

    working  well  in  my  life,  while  facing  challenges  with  strength.  I  know  that   even  the  most  difficult  situations  bring  blessings.  I  rest  in  the  comfort  of  

    Spirit,  listening  for  guidance  and  finding  the  answers  I  seek.  I  am  reassured,   soothed  and  consoled.  Peace  fills  my  soul.

    For I, the Lord your god, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Do not fear, I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13

    Welcome to the United Parish of Winchendon

    How wonderful it is to have you here worshiping with us today. If this is

    your f irst visit to the United Parish or you have been one of our faithful

    for many years we would like to take a minute to say “Thank You” . Where

    one or two gather to worship; the Lord is here listening and watching over us

    all . If you have any questions or needs, one of the ushers wil l gladly

    help you. Now please sit back , enjoy the music and hear the words of Jesus, bringing peace, faith and love to all .


    If  this  is  your  first  time  attending  the  United  Parish  we  would   love  to  acknowledge  your  visit.  Please  fill  out  our  visitor’s  card,   which  can  be  found  in  our  pew  cardholder  and  put  it  in  the  

    offertory  plate.  Enjoy  your  visit  and  we  hope  you  come  and  see   us  again.  


  • Prayer Request There are prayer cards in the pew

    cardholder. This can be filled out and handed to one of the ushers or placed

    in the offering plate.

    June 16th Pastoral Prayers

    God’s Watch fu lness Over Mi l i ta ry Fami l ies : Our Veterans A i r Force Army Navy Mar ines Chuck Schrawder- USMC Kiel Boutelle Augustin Boutelle Nik Stacy Ryan Hebert Adam LeBlanc- USMC Kayla Rice Matt LaPierre Joseph Walker Christopher Phelps Carl Price- USMC Cory Rice Everett Tenney Katelyn Skinner Mike Hildreth Wes Boutelle- USMC Jacob Meagher Sarah Sprengler Kyle Skinner Sean Sutton Richard Ames-USAF Max Robichaud Ryne Ameden Beth Bernstein- USAF Juliana Thayer Madisen Wood Larry Wood- USAF Dakota Contois-Army NG Richard Bilingslea-USAF Nicholas Rice-Army NG Jake Robichaud- USAF First Responders Alex Cadete – National Guard Heather Moomaw- US Army   Robert Lemmer- US Army

    Robert Duval- US Army   Patrick Conway- US Army Marvin Bernstein- US Army Joseph Clifford- US Army John Thayer- US Army Richard Gordon- US Army

    Tracy Monette- US Army Harry Pierson-USCG

    June  2019   Sunday  

    Mon   Tues     Wed   Thurs   Fri   Sat  



    2  Communion   Graduation   Greeters:  Wayne   &  Jane  Crespo   Ushers:  Rob  &   Josh  Duval   Co-­‐leader:     Alex  Luhtjarv  



    5   Hour  of   Prayer   6pm     Choir   7pm  



    8     Hall  Rental   2-­‐4pm  

    9  Sunday  School   Day  Luncheon   Greeters:  Barbara   Walker  &  Bonnie   Gordon   Ushers:  Doug  &   Merrily  Stone     Co-­‐leader:     Adam  LeBlanc  

    10   Deacon   Meeting   6:30pm  

    11     Parish   Council   6:30pm      

    12   Hour  of   Prayer   6pm     Choir   7pm  


    14   15       Summer   Solstice  8-­‐ 1pm    

    16  Fathers  Day   Ladies  Meeting    Greeters:  Jim  &   Paula  Whitaker     Ushers:  Pat   Neville  &  Chuck   Schrawder   Co-­‐leader:     Deb  Scortico  



    19   Hour  of   Prayer   6pm      




    23  Jonathan   Bauver   Greeters:  Mark  &   Cindy  Landanno   Ushers:  Cheryl  &   Al  Becotte   Co-­‐leader:     Katrina  Fleming  


    25   VBS   9-­‐12pm  

    26   VBS   9-­‐12pm     Hour  of   Prayer   6pm    

    27   VBS   9-­‐12pm  


    29     YG   Salisbury   Beach  

    30  Mega  Sports   Greeters:  Adam  &   Jennie  LeBlanc   Ushers:  Scott  &   Heather  Nasiatka   Co-­‐leader:   Alex  Luhtjarv  

    July  1   2   3       Hour  of   Prayer   6pm    

    4   Independ ence  Day       Office   Closed


    5     YG   Kimball’s   Farm  


    Please cont i nue to p ray for t he pe t i t io ns of our church fami ly I n God’s Sympa thy: The Tenney Fami ly , Prayers for comfort for David and his family. The Doody Fam i ly , for the passing of our beloved friend Hank. Ke l l i e &am