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Welcome to Arts and Humanities. Please find your tablemates. I can define the role I play in the Arts and Humanities classroom procedures. Table Mate Roles: 1) speaker 2) writer 3) supply gatherer Speaker: will communicate to the class the ideas of the table - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Welcome to Arts and Humanities

Welcome to Arts and Humanities

Welcome to Arts and Humanities

Please find your tablematesI can define the role I play in the Arts and Humanities classroom procedures.Table Mate Roles: 1) speaker 2) writer 3) supply gathererSpeaker: will communicate to the class the ideas of the tableWriter: person to go to for excellent notes or writing during group activates (responsible for attendance)Supply gatherer: folders, any materialsSupply gatherer grab syllabus, contract, folders and notecardsOn your notecard fill out the following information Last name, firstParent/Guardians Name (s)Heritage [French Canadian/English/Swiss/Scottish/Hungarian/Polish]The best thing you did recently [Mt Evens!]1 goal you have for academics1 goal you have for personal growth

When you are done: introduce yourself to your tablemate. Writer jot down some Similarities and Differences with Tablemates

Come up with a color logo for your table. You will draw this on your folder TAB so that it is recognized for the supply gatherer, the rest of the folder is your canvas.

The BusinessSeatsNotecardSyllabusWebsiteBirthdaysHomework- Signed Contract- E-mail via weebly Due Thursday 8/22/13Introductions- Who is Kovacs? And you are?Declaration of Human Rights8/21/13 I will examine how human rights relate to my life and world. Please grab a sticky name tag on the green book shelf and use the markers at your table to write your First Name

1st period weebly5th birthdays 334 Housekeeping w/ Ms. KovacsYou will need a notebook/writing utensilsGuidelinesTo speak: please raise your handRestroom Utilize the resources available to youParticipateabsent -website Artsandhumanitiesferncreek.weebly.comYou must be seated to be dismissed

Conquer this class!

Graffiti Wall People that have stood up for what is Right in the past and today areThe way civil rights are alive in your life and your world areEveryone has the right toThe story of the civil rights movement is a story of

Class discussionWhere do we see eye to eye?Where do we see things differently? What is that based on?What are you curious about?Does anyone want to share what they wrote?

Human Rights issues through drama/current events- What are human rights?

http://www.youthforhumanrights.org/what-are-human-rights.htmlReaction from Human rights videoWhat are human rights?What is the problem with human rights?Why dont people have them?What are human rights issues we are currently work with?

Name ______________________Exit Slip: I have experience making a play.Yes/NoI am interested in theatre as a way to tell stories. Yes/NoWhen my friends or family are having political discussions, I participate. Yes/NoI feel that addressing issues of human rights has a lot to do with me. Yes/NoIn my own words, Human Rights are ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

8/22/13 I can show the Declaration of Human Rights using drama.Syllabus, Weebly, Photo forms DUE/ Grab a Nametag Groups present 1 of the Human Rights using ONLY the language of the documentCircle Name GameGroup definition: How do we get news? What is a dramatic interpretation of news?In interpretive news we have perspective. Video: Thrown AwayWhat are the roles?Whose rights were represented in this play?How did you know that?Were their human rights violated? From whose perspective? Is it necessary in society to violate human rights?How did the actors present their characters (use of props/space?)

I can use drama to interpret the newsCircle NamesDouble circle- Angry, Scared, Oppressed, PowerWhat did you see? What did it represent?Video: Fighting for LifeIn this clip who has rights?Read At WarStudents are to tell the story of the new article in 3 parts (beginning, middle, end) using NO language of their own, but only quotes. Then read for class.

I can use drama to interpret the news after finding articles that are relevant to human rights and that come from scholarly sources.Evaluating your knowledge. Nothing on your desk please.

At War article finished/presented

Find 3 articles dealing with Human Rights from a reputable sources. See Handout. Writer- youre going to get a work out today! Video: Whos Hungry?

How did the actors express the news statistics they had?

FramingAKA how they grabbed your emotionsIf I said puppies you say If I saw jaws danahdanah you say

Framing sets you up for whats comingJuxtapositionwhat does it mean?- position where you are. Juxta- put next toRead Story of Haiti found poem exampleChoose one of the articles from yesterday and highlight words that have meaning to you. Arrange them in any order to set the tone for your message. Your FRAME. Share Post presentation questions: What was the tone? What is the general summary/idea of the article (by audience)?

8/26/13 I can use Drama to interpret the newsAt War Article and Quiz returned with discussionWhos Hungry?Group Research 3 articlesNext stepBroadcastResearch paper completedEveryone speaks- assign article to each memberRehearsalGrade: Use public speaking skills- Loud Voice, Enunciate, Eye Contact

8/27/13 Intro to DramaI can define drama and identify the 3 elements of Drama

Watch Whos HungryRehearsalPresentation

Read Why Humanities are Important

Describe a fictitious world where no theatre exists. This includes television, movies, plays, cartoons, video games, etc. How would this affect our world? How would this affect your life?DiscussionCharadesDrama Vocabulary acquisition: technical, literary, performance8/28/13I can define drama and identify the 3 elements

The Potters Field/ ACT Prep/Late RegistrationBroadcastsCharades/Vocab

CAT schedule16Terms to know for Elements of TheatreFor each term, write definition Technical elementsSceneryCostumesPropsMakeupLightingsoundLiterary ElementsScriptPlot structure (draw Freytags pyramid)ThemeSettingLanguageDialogueMonologueSuspenseEmpathyMore Terms Performance elementsActingSpeakingProjectionVocal expressionDictionNonverbal expressionI can define 6 forms of DramaVocab test Wednesday 9/4/13CAT schedule today

Review the technical, literary, and performance elements of drama with your tablemates. Each take a category and quiz.

Drama PPTExit Slip: List the 6 forms of DramaGive an example of a Technical elementLiterary ElementPerformance Element8/30/13 I can explain how Drama fulfills a variety of PURPOSES (4)Vocabulary Practice Use technical, literary, and performance elements to explain a play or movie of which you are familiar (This is good practice with your new vocabulary terms). Underline key vocabulary words. 85 word minimum.

Forms PPT continuedQuizPurposesSharing Human ExperiencePassing on TraditionRecreationalArtistic Expression

Exit Slip: Which purpose of drama is best in your opinion? Why? Describe this purpose using 3 elements.

209/3/13 I can apply the elements, forms and purposes of drama to create my own skit2nd and 3rd period

Review Drama vocabulary words: elements, purposes, forms

Use Graphic organizer to write skit then rehearse.

Vocab Test tomorrow/Packet due2 and 3rd periodexit slip: List the 6 forms of Drama + give an example of eachGive an example of a: Technical elementLiterary ElementPerformance Element

9/5/13 Introduction to Music

I can explain how music fits a wide variety of PURPOSES

New Seats, Tests Returned, Skits presentedWhy do we listen to music? Is there a difference between music and noise? Brainstorm a list of elements of music (ex. Harmony)Styles in Music handoutRead how music affects teenagers/class blogIntro to Music PPT9/6/13 I can explain how music fits a variety of purposesGrade reports signed and due Tuesday. Those with D or U must have a conference with meRecycling reminderPapers returned- discuss essay proceduresRosh HaShanah (literally, "Head of the Year") is the Jewish New Year, which marks the beginning of a 10-day period of prayer, self-examination, and repentance.

Styles in Music handoutRead how music affects teenagers/class blogIntro to Music PPT

9/9/13 I can explain how music fits a variety of purposesTurn in Signed Grade SheetsAny missing presentations today (human rights, news, theater skit)

Music PPT

9/10/13 I can explain how to analyze a song using musical elementsJournal: Think of your favorite song, artist, or genre of Music. What about this/them makes it your favorite? 4 + sentences

Music ppt continued/Elements of Music videoIntro to Music graphic organizer gameVocabulary Quiz tomorrowSong analysis + Presentation9/11/13 21c Downtown Louisville __Vocabulary Quiz______Intro to ArtI can explain ways that art plays a role in our society.Tattoo Blog: Should we consider tattoos to be forms of art? Why/not? Should we study them in school the same way we study Michelangelos David? Are there standards for artwork?

Tattoo Blog

9/12/13 Elements of ArtQuiz ReturnedAll Music Graphic organizers should be turned in

Tattoo discussion/ Elements IntroElements PPT Gallery WalkExit Slip: Name at least 4 elements of art and give an example of each. 9/13/13 I can explain the principles of Art using examplesElements pptsquizPrinciplesGallery WalkArt piece 9/16/13 I can define the purposes of ArtWarm up: Use the elements of art to describe the painting. (85 word min)Vocabulary Quiz WednesdayGallery walkPurposes of artArt project I can apply the elem