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Welcome RECREATIONAL SOCCER SYMPOSIUM Slide 2 AGENDA United States Soccer Hierarchy/Organization US Youth Soccer Mission/History US Youth Soccer Regions Guidelines for Individual State Associations To Establish a Successful Recreational Soccer Symposium: Individual State Association information (Sample) Individual Association Player Profile (Sample) Individual Association Decision Makers (Sample) Individual Association Key Members (Sample) Individual Association Office Staff (Sample) 2 Slide 3 Critical Issues Facing Recreational Soccer Programs: Board Development. Player Development. Training for of Coaches. Training for Referees. Field Development. Equipment. Uniforms. Injury Management. League Management. Adapting to Change. Strategic Planning. 3 Slide 4 Soccer Hierarchy Organization US SOCCER US YOUTH SOCCER STATE ASSOCIATIONS LEAGUES/CLUBS PLAYERS/COACHES/REFEREES 4 Slide 5 US Soccer Federation Mission Statement The Federations mission statement is very simple and very clear: to make soccer, in all its forms, a preeminent sport in the United States and to continue the development of soccer at all recreational and competitive levels. 5 Slide 6 US Youth Soccer is a non-profit and educational organization whose mission is to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition; to make soccer fun; and to instill in young players a lifelong passion for the sport. Mission Statement 6 Slide 7 Youth Soccer Pyramid in the USA US Soccer US Youth Soccer Region IV State Associations Districts / Leagues / Clubs Players and Members 7 Slide 8 The largest member association in US Soccer: 75% of all registered players in the United States are US Youth Soccer members. 3.2 Million members, ages 5 to 19. The largest youth sports organization in theUnited States. National Association, comprised of 55 member State Associations. 8 Slide 9 More than 500,000 volunteers and administrators. More than 300,000 coaches. Players: male 55%, female 45%. Median ages 11.5 years old. 9 Slide 10 Founded in 1974. US Youth Soccer includes 55 state youth soccer associations. One (1) per state, except for California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, which each have two (2) state associations. 10 Slide 11 US Youth Soccer Association is divided into four (4) regions. The regions are: I.East (Region I) with fifteen (15) State Associations. II.Midwest (Region II) with fourteen (14) State Associations. III.South (Region III) with twelve (12) State Associations. IV.West (Region IV) with fourteen (14) State Associations. Note: Breakdown by region is provided in the next four (4) slides. 11 Slide 12 Region I Region I contains 15 state associations: Connecticut Junior Soccer Association Delaware Youth Soccer Association Soccer Maine Maryland State Youth Soccer Association Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association New Hampshire Soccer Association New Jersey State Youth Soccer Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association New York State West Youth Soccer Association Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association Pennsylvania West State Soccer Association Soccer Rhode Island Vermont Soccer Association Virginia Youth Soccer Association West Virginia Soccer Association 12 Slide 13 Region II Region II contains 14 state associations: Illinois Youth Soccer Association Indiana Youth Soccer Association Iowa State Youth Soccer Association Kansas State Youth Soccer Association Kentucky Youth Soccer Association Michigan State Youth Soccer Association Minnesota Youth Soccer Association Missouri Youth Soccer Association Nebraska State Soccer Association North Dakota Youth Soccer Association Ohio Youth Soccer Association, North Ohio South Youth Soccer Association South Dakota State Soccer Association Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association 13 Slide 14 Region III Region III contains 12 state associations: Alabama Youth Soccer Association Arkansas State Soccer Association Florida Youth Soccer Association Georgia State Soccer Association Louisiana Soccer Association Mississippi Soccer Association North Carolina Youth Soccer Association Oklahoma Soccer Association South Carolina Youth Soccer Association Tennessee State Soccer Association North Texas State Soccer Association South Texas Youth Soccer Association 14 Slide 15 Region IV Region IV contains 14 state associations: Alaska Youth Soccer Association Arizona Youth Soccer Association California Youth Soccer Association-North California State Soccer Association-South Colorado Youth Soccer Hawaii Youth Soccer Association Idaho Youth Soccer Association Montana Youth Soccer Association Nevada Youth Soccer Association New Mexico Youth Soccer Association Oregon Youth Soccer Association Utah Youth Soccer Association Washington Youth Soccer Wyoming Youth Soccer 15 Slide 16 Recommended Guidelines For Individual State Associations To Establish A Successful Recreational Soccer Symposium (Sample) Insert your State Association Logo on the following templates which are provided as a guideline for each Association. 16 Slide 17 Over xxx,xxx of registered members including coaches, volunteers & players between ages 5 to 19. What type of levels do you provide? Such as, Various skill levels from Recreational development to Competitive, Signature League, TOPSoccer (special needs) program, to National team. Your Associations Philosophy Individual State Associations information (Sample) 17 KIDS COME FIRST Slide 18 Individual Association Player Profile (Sample) % of the membership who are In-House Recreational Players. % of membership who are registered as Competitive Players. % of membership who are registered under the TOPSoccer Program 18 Slide 19 Individual Association Decision Makers (Sample) Board of Directors Chairman of the Board/President 1 st Vice Chairman/Executive Vice President 2 nd Vice Chairman 3 rd Vice Chairman Secretary Chief Financial Officer District I Commissioner District II Commissioner District III Commissioner District IV Commissioner District V Commissioner District VI Commissioner District VII Commissioner Past Chairman 19 Slide 20 Individual Association Key Members (Sample) Director of Player Development Competitive Director of Coaching Recreational Director ODP, Pro+ Technical Director State Referee Administrator/SRA Parent Liaison/Advocate 20 Slide 21 Individual Association Office Staff (Sample) Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director Executive Assistant Office Manager Program Coordinator Director of Marketing & Communications/Sales Director of Membership Development Director of Registration Risk Management Coordinator State Tournaments Director Insurance Protest, Appeals, Discipline (PAD) 21 Slide 22 CRITICAL ISSUES FACING RECREATIONAL SOCCER PROGRAMS 22 Slide 23 Becoming a 501 ( c ) (3) Non-Profit Organization Board Development League/Club Organization Financial Management Liability Insurance Director & Officer (D&O) Liability Risk Management Referee Abuse Recruiting of Coaches Training of Coaches Referee Training Increasing Cost of Running Recreational Programs Financial Aid/Scholarships Lack Of Fields Increasing Cost of Fields Branding of State Associations Parental Education Field Grant Allocations 23 Slide 24 1. 1. IRS Requirements. 2. Yearly Report to the IRS Form 990. 3. State Charitable Organization Reporting - As a Non-Profit Organization. 4. Proof of Good Standing can be obtained through the IRS website at: www.irs.gov or see IRS Publication 78. INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Becoming a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization 24 Slide 25 Recruiting Volunteers Bylaws & Policy Management Organization Meeting Protocols Registration Bookkeeping and Tax Filing Annual General Meeting Conflict of Interest To Have an Office or Not Paid Staff Support INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Board Development 25 Slide 26 Age Specific Training Sections Standard Repeatable Sessions Offering Proper Credentials/License Availability of Trainers Paying for Trainers Code of Conduct for Coaches Orientation/Meetings for Directors of Coaching INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Training for Coaches 26 Slide 27 Provide R-9 and higher Referee Clinics. Provide for USFF yearly re-certification. Allow for a continuous Referee Development. Emphasis on Consistency and Safety. Game Report Filing. Referee Pay/or Not for Pay. 1099 Filing and IRS Requirements. Issues with paying cash on the fields. INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Training for Referees 27 Slide 28 Online Resources Newsletter Annual Meeting for Parents Code of Conduct Statement for Parents Signed Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Parent Pledge Tools For Parents Guidelines for Parent-Coach Partnership INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Training for Parents 28 Slide 29 Age Specific Based Practice Plans Development Programs for U-06 Development Programs for U-08 Development Programs for U-10 Development Programs for U12-U14 After School Programs High School Recreational Programs for U-15 to U19 Partnering With Competitive Programs INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Training for Players 29 Slide 30 Successful Partnership With Local Parks/City/ Schools/County Maintenance of Fields Negotiate Usage Rates Portable Goal Safety Available Grants INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Field Development 30 Slide 31 Development of Team Standards Partnership With Reliable Suppliers Reduce Cost of In-House Supplies Porta-Potty Agreements INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Equipment 31 Slide 32 Contract or Not For Inventory Purchase in Bulk or Work Through a Supplier Replacements State Association Branding INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Uniforms 32 Slide 33 Concussion Training and Awareness ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) Awareness Training Signed Consent Forms and Limited Liability Reporting Injuries After Injuries What To Do INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Injury Management 33 Slide 34 Recruiting/Developing & Retaining Coaches Recruiting/Developing & Retaining Referees Recruiting/Developing & Retaining Volunteers Referee Assignor Scheduler Game Report Filing Referee Pay/or Not for Pay 1099 Filing and IRS Requirements Issues with paying cash on the fields INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO League Management 34 Slide 35 Issues Adding Additional & New Programs Managing Change Reviewing Programs Annually Yearly Calendar Dates, Deadlines & Reminders Implement A TOPSoccer Program League Fundraising INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Change Management 35 Slide 36 End of Season League Cup All Star Tournament Commissioners Cup State Association Tournament Regional Tournament National Tournament INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Recreational Tournaments 36 Slide 37 Why A Recreational Soccer League? What Are the Core Values? Is your Mission Statement Current? Do Your Bylaws Reflect Your Mission Statement and Core Values? Do the Programs Match up To The Mission Statement And Core Values? Do you Provide for an Open Policy to your Members? INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Vision 37 Slide 38 Association/Leagues Website Office Staff Board of Directors Rules and Regulations Bylaws FaceBook Twitter eMedia INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO General Public Information 38 Slide 39 Take Initiative Rarely do volunteers just show up. Always be looking for new volunteers. Dont assume people know volunteer opportunities exist. Re-evaluate current volunteer opportunities. Create easy ways for people to get involved. INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Recruitment & Retention (R&R) of Volunteers 39 Slide 40 How Do We Keep Our Volunteers Notice and appreciate them. Give them what they need training, variety, input. Get their feedback. Recognize their needs and wants change over time. Get peoples values in-line with the organization. INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers 40 Slide 41 Volunteering is a Leisure Choice Volunteers want to enjoy themselves, not have a second job MAKE IT FUN & WORTHWHILE VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT PAID -- NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTHLESS, BUT BECAUSE THEY ARE PRICELESS INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers 41 Slide 42 Getting Volunteers is about Marketing Need more the just a duty statement or job description. Advertise, interview and train. Package the volunteer opportunity must appeal to the potential volunteers wants and needs. Who are the best recruiters of volunteers. INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers 42 Slide 43 How Does My League/Club Start or Improve A Volunteer Program? Identify current volunteer groups. What do you currently have available? What is your organizations current message? Do you need to change your message? INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers 43 Slide 44 Other (R&R) Strategies What other groups could you target? Identify needs of each new group. Match your opportunity to their need. Identify & track volunteer drop off.. Why? Create volunteer growth paths: Go from low to high involvement, Allow them to want more. INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers 44 Slide 45 PROVIDE MEANINGFUL RECOGNITION. PROVIDE THEM WITH THE NECESSARY TOOLS TO PERFORM THEIR VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENT. INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers 45 Slide 46 INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS Slide 47 INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Marketing Objectives Develop a greater overall public awareness for Your State Association and its affiliates. Develop strategic long-term sponsorships and partnerships. Promote US Youth Soccer Programs. Develop a focused communications plan. Develop a brand strategy. Provide turnkey event management. Slide 48 INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Marketing Functions Membership Satisfaction Sponsorships Partnerships Promotions Communications / Media Relations Event Management Slide 49 INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Membership Satisfaction Develop a brand strategy and stronger overall public awareness based on survey results collected through: 1.Annual membership surveys 2.Annual competitive analysis 3.Annual organizational analysis Slide 50 INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Sponsorship & Partnerships Samples Team Fundraising Opportunity High Profits - Earn up to $10 each! Low Price - Sells for just $20 No Upfront Costs & FREE Shipping! Coupon Fundraiser is PERSONALIZED! Features your name, photo, logo, and 40 hometown coupons! Trophy & Awards Sponsorship Associations Exclusive awards catalog League & tournament trophy packages Trophies, pins, flipping coins, bag tags Local owned & managed by soccer family Free Soccer Website and Photo sharing Website Shutterfly Team Share sites make it easy to communicate, organize and share memories privately with other team members. You can also manage event schedules, snack duties and player availability all in one place. Free player and coaches gift. Custom designed websites for Sate Association teams. Slide 51 Michelin Signature Soccer Program Free Soccer Ball Giveaway Cash Donation to participating leagues Exclusive tire discounts to league members Coach & Parent Development Partnership Discounted PCA membership for State Associations leagues Leadership Webinar designed for State Association league administrators Available: TBD Online Banner Store powered by Zaavy Discounted Banners and flags for State Association. Bigger discounts available thru Associations online store Discounted Tournament Sign packages only available through State Association online store Custom designed Banners and Flags for State Association Leagues/teams Locally owned and products shipped from San Jose Ca. INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Sponsorship & Partnerships Samples Slide 52 INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Partnership Member Benefits Samples These partners provide value and mutual benefit to both State Associations and partner, while providing ADDED value and benefit to State Association members. Discounted products and services available through your State Association affiliation and/or membership. Slide 53 Communication procedures for internal and external use: Identity Guidelines State Association Style Guidelines Organizational profile Boiler Plates Co-Branded Press Releases Social Media Facebook fan page with relevant information and interesting stories Twitter scores and highlights of the State Tournaments, ODP teams, and Cup results and Regional Leagues Status. Blogs Chairmans blog & Registration blog INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Communications/Media Relations Slide 54 INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Communications/Media Relations State Association Web Review & Analysis: Website style Guidelines Website management E-mail newsletters Collateral Material: Soccer E-newsletter League Bulleting E-newsletter Parent Resource Guide US Youth Soccer Member Benefits brochure US Youth Team Handbook Slide 55 INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Communications/Media Relations Public Relations Co-Branded Press Release Templates Available: Player Registration, Rules & Policy changes, Regional & State ODP player pool, Cup Series Opening Rounds, Cup Series Finals, Clubs advancing to Regionals/Nationals, Hometown individual player Release Media contact list Slide 56 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO Slide 57 Recreational Soccer Symposium Thank You INSERT SPECIFIC STATE ASSOCIATION LOGO