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YOU should know, but don’t


Tony Sfeir


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This Publication and concepts and techniques contained within are for educational purposes only and are not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any disease condition.

The Health benefits described are related to Tony Sfeir’s experience, research and his personal story only. The intention is to offer health related information to help you to work with any health specialist you choose, now and in the future. There are many wide and

varied viewpoints and opinions in the areas of health, medical, dietary and exercise fields. You should seek independent licensed medical or health practitioner advice before starting

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A recent Survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 25% of

Australian adults are obese and 37% are overweight1. That is more than half

the adult population of Australia!

Although more than half of Australians are classified as overweight or obese,

these same respondents rated their own health during the survey. More than

half of them thought their health was ‘great’ or ‘excellent’! This clearly shows

that we need to take a very objective approach when assessing our health and


The questions below help you do that and give you something to think about.

Do any of these concerns seem familiar to you?

• Do you feel like no matter how many diets you go on, you lose some weight initially, but then you put it all back on?

• Have you tried what feels like every dieting fad out there, but you only seem to get fatter after each ‘diet’?

• Are you one of those people who simply ‘looks at food’ and you put on weight? (and wonder how skinny people eat so much food and never get fat?)

• Do you have low energy, are very lethargic and struggle to concentrate mid morning and mid afternoon?

• Do you get foggy headed and sleepy after meals? • Do you suffer from mood swings and irritability? Does it get worse when

you eat certain foods, or when you go without food for long periods of time, because you are too ’busy’?

• Do you have children that have behavioural disorders? ADD, Autism, Hyperactivity, poor concentration?

• Do you suffer from Diabetes (especially type II), High blood pressure or cholesterol?

1 2007-08 National Health Survey, Australian Bureau of Statistics


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• Do you want more health and more energy so that you can live long and live strong? (no one wants to age and lose quality of life!)

• Do you want to look sexy and have a ton of energy for your relationships?

• Do you want to make more money? (If you’re wondering what health and weight loss has to do with money read on…)

If you answered yes to all the above questions, then I would be seriously

worried – you should see a doctor…

Just kidding: if you answered yes to any (or all ☺) of the questions above, then

this book is a great starting point for you.

In this book, you will find a lot of the answers you are looking for. You will get

immediate results in energy and feelings of well being, simply by applying the

easy, step-by-step principles that I go through in this book. You will be well on

your way to a leaner, healthier and sexier body.

Anyone can do it

No matter what Health disorder you may have, the basic principles in this book

will also assist you to make big improvements.

At age 60, I put my dad through my 12 week coaching program and he lost

10Kgs, stopped his cholesterol medication and dropped his sugar levels by

one point. He also made the top 2000 in the world ‘Body For Life’ competition

(Top 10 in Australia). I still can’t believe it took him this long to take charge and

change his eating and exercise habits – it’s so easy! And he did this even with

a bad back!


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I have countless of other testimonials that I have included in this book for you.

These are people just like you, who have applied my eating principles and

used my nutrition programs to achieve amazing results.

Obesity and the Western Diet

Obesity is a leading preventable cause of death worldwide, with increasing

prevalence in adults and children, and authorities view it as one of the most

serious public health problems of the 21st century2.

It is associated with many different medical conditions, particularly heart

disease, type 2 diabetes, breathing difficulties during sleep, depression,

certain types of cancer, and osteoarthritis3.

Obesity is especially prevalent in the Western world, with Australia one of the

‘leading’ countries in Obesity statistics.

Why is this? It’s our Diet – what we eat.

The majority of the foods we eat today are not even foods! The choices we

make about what we eat, are so poor that they impact every area of our lives –

from our health to relationships and even our finances!

2 Barness LA, Opitz JM, Gilbert-Barness E (December 2007). "Obesity: genetic, molecular, and environmental aspects".

Am. J. Med. Genet. A 143A (24): 3016–34. 3 Haslam DW, James WP (2005). "Obesity". Lancet 366 (9492): 1197–209.


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How Much is Your Health Worth To You?

How much is your health really worth to you? Think about it....

Imagine how it would feel like to bounce out of bed - alive and full of energy!

Motivated, ready to take on the day - knowing that no matter what life throws

at you - you can overcome it!

Imagine the amazing relationship with your partner that you can have when

you have this much joy, life and energy flowing in your veins!

How would it feel to have clarity of thought you need to when you are making

important decisions?

Imagine the edge you will have in your life – whether you are a mother, a

father, a business woman or business man, an athlete, a student, a wife or a

husband, a sister or a brother. How much better would your life be?

How good would you stay sharp and alert after eating lunch with plenty of

energy to power on through the day?

Imagine yourself in your ideal job; see yourself making those important

decisions with confidence because your head is clear.

Picture yourself in your ideal relationship, alive, happy and full of energy. Think

about how good that makes you feel.

Your health is worth it, because YOU are worth it - you deserve it all!

Let my life and experience be an example to you – take control of your health,

Design your Physique and enjoy your life to the fullest!


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From a young age, I always enjoyed good health, went to school and did what

most kids do. At Age 15 I saw my first Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and

decided I wanted to be the world’s best Bodybuilder. I launched my self

1000% on that journey.

Nothing could stop me from achieving my dreams. I won my first competition

at age 16 and went on to win more titles after that. I also understood the

importance of education, so I continued to study and I graduated with a

university degree, even though my passion was Bodybuilding.

At age 23, my brother passed away in a car accident. The emotional pain I

experienced was intense. I did not know how to deal with it, so I internalised it.

My body started to suffer with chest infections. After taking over seven strong

courses of antibiotics to clear the infections, a poor diet, negative emotions,

intense stress from working, studying and training like a professional athlete,

my health began to deteriorate.

Soon after, I developed a serious digestive disorder that cost me many years

of lost time, money and relationships – it came close to costing me my life. I

was exhausted, slept most of the day and could not leave the house without

knowing where all the toilet stops were along my trip.

I was unable to digest and absorb many foods properly and was unable to

lead a normal life. My dreams were all stolen in a matter of months. Life no

longer had much meaning for me. I was stuck.

I was overwhelmed with that feeling, you know, of desperation and



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Looking back now, I can see that this was one the most incredible gifts in my

life. I know that you are wondering, as I used to wonder, how people go

through horrible experiences yet they say it was a gift!

Today I can tell you that this was a turning point in my life and this challenge

offered me the keys to the success I enjoy today.

I often remember the principles I read about in many books: “no matter where

you are in life, no matter how dark your situation may be, you will always find

an answer – if you seek it with all your heart”.

One of my mentors always says “It is in your moments of decision that your

destiny is shaped”. Instead of focusing on the problem, I decided to find my


I applied the same focus, determination and drive when I competed in

bodybuilding, to find my answers. This was the beginning of the most exciting

journey of my life….

As you are reading the words on this page, think about how many challenges

you have already overcome in life. Now think about what specifically got you

over. You will notice that it was not so much your actions, but your attitude that

made all the difference.

Who were you? How did you show up in life? Were you committed,

determined, focused? The reality is, these powerful emotions are in you now,

and no matter what challenge or goal you have (maybe like, lose a few Kg?

get fit? Get healthy?) . You can access these emotions again and overcome

the challenge you are going through today.


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My search for answers began by reading many books on health, diet and

nutrition. I visited and learned from many natural doctors and practitioners.

With their help and the nutritional products I researched and used, I made

great progress in my well being. The key is: I applied what I learned.

My insatiable curiosity and hunger for knowledge led me to the discovery of

the power of thoughts, emotions and the mind. I launched myself, excitedly

into years of study, research and seminars in this field. I was so motivated to

learn more, I knew I was onto something…its like when you have been given a

present, and you have that insatiable curiosity and excitement to unwrap it and

find out what is inside.

The more I studied and researched for knowledge and answers, the more I

was being guided, completely beyond my understanding and logic to spiritual


Deep down, we all share that intense hunger for the answers to the purpose

and the meaning of life. I found my keys that have opened up the doors to an

unbelievable life.

These discoveries have completely transformed, and turned my life around. I

realised that if you open yourself up to learning, searching and ‘asking’, you

truly ‘shall receive’.

I wrote this book so you could learn from my story and avoid the pain I had to

go through. In this book I share with you the knowledge and experiences that I

have accumulated over decades.

My Business, Designer Physique, now carries the very products that

contributed to saving my life. I use these to create the outstanding health that


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supports me living the life of my dreams every day – spiritually, emotionally,

physically and financially.

Weight Loss and Health Secrets is the first of many books, seminars and

programs that I am creating to share my journey with you. In this book, I am

sharing with you the discoveries I have made in the areas of health, nutrition

and weight loss.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

I look forward to hearing about your successes as you embark on this journey

to Design your Physique and Design your Life!

“Above all else, I wish that you may prosper and be in health” 3John2


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CHAPTER 1: Why most Diets make you


For many people weight loss is usually connected with feelings of loss and

missing out.

After all, the first three letters of the word DIET, read “DIE!”. No wonder so

many people dislike the mere thought of dieting.

When you diet, you restrict yourself from eating many of the foods that you

enjoy while others around you get to eat what they want and yet they don’t

seem to get fat! Frustrating isn’t it? Negative associations like that will always

lead to dieting failure.

As much of a paradox as it may seem, the key to weight loss is NOT denying

yourself food and going through calorie restrictions.

You may be one of those people who have attempted a typical weight loss

‘diet’ which involved calorie restriction (eating less food).

With calorie restricting diets, you reduce the amount of food you eat in order to

start losing weight. Sure enough, usually dramatic weight loss occurs –

initially. Such weight loss, may give you a great sense of success and

motivation to keep you going on that diet, even if you are constantly hungry

and dreaming of those sugar coated doughnuts.


Page 12: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

However, after a continued period of calorie restriction (and the hunger that

goes with it) you find that the weight loss almost stops. You need to cut back

on your eating even more to continue losing more weight.

Even if you have reached your desired weight goal and you are overjoyed that

you now ‘fit in to that dress’ or you look great in those jeans, you cannot

sustain the diet forever.

Most people break the diet and decide to go back to eating normally. After all,

you have achieved fantastic results that only a few people can attain – you

successfully fought off your natural desires to eat food, fought off hunger

cravings, denied yourself for so long, and as a result you’ve dropped some

kilos. You deserve the gold medal! People are commenting on how great you


However, when you decide to go back to eating ‘normally’, to your horror, the

weight that you lost is quickly piled back on and you end up even heavier than

before you started the diet!

Sounds familiar?

This causes a lot of frustration, unhappiness and in some people even

depression – after all, you did the best you could and now you are worse off

than when you started the diet.

If you have the courage and determination you may decide to go on another

diet. You repeat the cycle again. This time you lose less weight than the first

time you dieted. Once you stop the diet and eat normally again, you yo-yo

back up and regain all the weight you lost plus even more as a BONUS for

your efforts! No wonder many people eventually get totally discouraged and


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give up and believe they must have a ‘medical condition’ that prevents them

from losing weight.

On a calorie restriction diet you initially drastically lose a lot of weight. You

jump on the scales and think you lost a lot of fat, but the reality is you lost

valuable muscle. You may lose weight and your clothes may fit you better, but

you are less firm and less toned than you used to be. You also find you have

less energy.

Once your diet is over and you have reached your desired weight loss goals,

the body‘s muscle mass is a lot lower than before the diet started, resulting in

a slower metabolism. (Read more about metabolism in the next chapter.)

The diet causes your body to store up extra fat reserves. Fat is the ideal

energy for the body to use during periods of prolonged starvation. A ‘restricted’

calorie diet is effectively starving your body of nutrients it needs to function


So in reality, every time you go on a conventional ‘diet’ or weight loss program

that is promising a ‘quick fix’, you are actually conditioning your body to be

more efficient at storing up fat!

Scary right?

So what’s the solution you might ask?


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Chapter 2: How to Turn Your Body into a Fat

Burning Machine!

I am glad you asked…

Let me explain what is going on in your body when you reduce calories in an effort

to ‘lose weight’:

When you diet (reduce your eating/calories in order to lose weight), your body

initially does lose some fat, a little bit of muscle and some water.

However, after a period of continual calorie restriction the body believes there must

be ‘starvation in the world’ due to what seems like a shortage of food supply.

This occurs within a few weeks of dieting. This is because your body doesn’t get fed

when it is hungry, so it reacts with drastic measures to protect itself and survive this

‘starvation period’.

Since there is a pattern of continual food restriction caused by your dieting, the body

figures out that in order to survive, its METABOLISM must be slowed down.


What is metabolism? Here is the definition from the American Heritage Science


MetabolismMetabolismMetabolismMetabolism (mĭ-tāb'ə-lĭz'əm)

The chemical processes by which cells produce the substances and energy needed to sustain life.

As part of metabolism, organic compounds are broken down to provide heat and energy in the

process called catabolism. Simpler molecules are also used to build more complex compounds like

proteins for growth and repair of tissues as part of anabolism. Many metabolic processes are 14

Page 15: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

brought about by the action of enzymes. The overall speed at which an organism carries out its

metabolic processes is termed its metabolic rate (or, when the organism is at rest, its basal

metabolic rate). Birds, for example, have a high metabolic rate, since they are warm-blooded, and

their usual method of locomotion, flight, requires large amounts of energy. Accordingly, birds usually

need large amounts of high-quality, energy-rich foods such as seeds or meat (in other words:

Protein), which they must eat frequently. The total of the chemical reactions that maintain the life of

a living thing.

Note: In humans, metabolism is related to the intake and use of food; persons with a high

metabolism can eat more without gaining weight.

In other words:

Your metabolism is the amount of energy that your body needs to consume to

maintain all of its vital functions and body organs, as well as provide the energy

required for the amount of activity you do on a daily basis.

I think of it as the body’s ‘FURNACE’. The hotter the furnace the more energy (food)

you burn. The cooler the furnace the less energy (food) you burn.

The body is not interested in how good you look it is only interested in your survival

and health (thankfully!). So when you reduce your food intake, the body reduces

your metabolism (cools off your furnace) because if there was a prolonged shortage

of food, and your metabolism remained too high, you would waste away rapidly and

threaten your survival.

So why do you lose so much weight on a typical diet but end up getting fatter when

you stop?

Muscle Vs Fat

The only way the body can achieve such rapid weight loss is by reducing the

amount of muscle tissue in the body. Muscle is LIVING tissue and requires lots of

energy just to ‘live’ in your body.


Page 16: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

The more body tone (i.e. muscle) you have, the faster your metabolism becomes,

because the amount of energy your body burns increases.

The initial rapid weight loss is mostly muscle since muscle is heavier by volume than


As you can see, the 5 lbs. of fat is much bulkier than the 5 lbs. of muscle. Fat is

bulky and lumpy so if you carry an extra five pounds of fat, you'll look bigger than

with five pounds more muscle. A five pound pile of fat will take up more space

(volume) than a five pound pile of muscle. In fact, muscle takes up 4 times less

space than fat!

On a calorie restricted diet, the body breaks muscle because it is the most efficient

way to slow down your metabolism quickly.

Let me give you an example:

Assuming you could eat 1800 calories per day and you used to weigh 65Kgs before

the calorie restricted diet. After the diet, you might weigh 55Kg but your body now

only burns 1500 calories. When you finish your dieting, you decide to have a break

and go back to eating what you used to eat (1800 calories per day).

Unfortunately your body’s rate of energy consumption is now 1500 calories per day.


Page 17: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

This means you are now eating 300 extra calories each day that your body can’t

burn! Where do these extra calories go? They go straight to your stomach, waste

line and hips as FAT which is the body’s long term energy storage.

Speed up Your Metabolism

If you want to look sexy, have a ton of energy, improve your health and feel amazing

then you need to speed up your body’s metabolism (turn up the furnace of your

body) so that it becomes an efficient fat burning machine!

Imagine being able to burn fat while you work, live, play and even sleep! How

amazing would that be? Do you really want to know how to do that?

You need to stop trying to lose weight and focus on

speeding up your metabolism instead.

Say this out loud. Right now!

“My Goal from now on, every single day and whenever I think of it


To Speed up my Metabolism so I can look and feel

AMAZING! ☺☺☺☺”

Please write the above statement down and stick in on your mirror and say it as

often as you can, every morning, every night and throughout the day until you start

to believe it.


Page 18: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Success Mindset

How do you know you believe it? You will notice your behaviour and habits change

to support that new belief.

There is a lot of research done on the benefits of ‘power declarations’ (affirmations

done with energy and enthusiasm) and how effective they are. I cannot cover this in

the scope of this book but I do cover this topic and other effective psychological

strategies that help you reprogram your mind in my 12 week online coaching

program and my online and live seminars (to find out more about my coaching

programs and events email [email protected]).

IMPORTANT: I cannot stress this enough - You must stop looking at the

scales and start focusing on speeding up your metabolism.

Your goals are now to reduce your dress size (or pant size), tone up, firm up

and look great INSTEAD OF ‘trying to lose weight’.

The obsession with WEIGHT LOSS is the very reason why it is getting harder

and harder for you to LOOK and FEEL AMAZING – which is really what you


No one wants to lose weight, but everyone wants to look great! That’s your

outcome, isn’t it?

We are so conditioned to think about weight loss, that it can be difficult to reprogram

our minds to think about increasing our metabolism instead. When you start to

understand the relationships between metabolism, muscle tone, exercise and

effective goal setting and mind

strategies, it will make a lot more sense. You will be able to easily and effortlessly

reprogram your mind to achieve your goals and dreams.

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Chapter 3: Eat More, Lose More, Burn More!

There are many keys to speeding your metabolism which will result in ‘fat loss’. I

have combined them into three easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Eat More (often), Lose More (fat)

I know you are skeptical. The question I always get asked is “How is it possible to

eat more and lose more? If I just look at food I put on weight!”

Well, in my experience, every skinny person that comes to me and tells me that they

eat like a horse and yet can’t put on weight usually eat SMALL MEALS OFTEN.

They are grazers and never miss meals – their metabolism is fast. They are NOT

‘lucky’, they just fuel their body in the right way. You can do it too!


Frequency of Meals

How often you eat is critical. The key to your weight loss success and healthy

metabolism is to eat small meals (I prefer to call them snacks or mini-meals) every 3

hours or so.

If you eat regularly the body will believe the following: “There is an abundance of

food around and I am getting fed regularly, I have plenty of energy and a constant

supply of quality nutrients so there is no need for me to store up extra energy (FAT).

Therefore, I can reduce the amount of fat stored”.


Page 20: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

This is the opposite scenario to what you read in chapter 1, where the body is being

starved, switching to survival mode and becoming more efficient at storing fat.

By eating small meals (or snacks) regularly throughout the day, your body turns into

an efficient fat burning machine.

How much you eat in each of those ‘meals’ or ‘snacks’ is of course also important.

That’s why you need to understand step 2, which I discuss in the next chapter.


Page 21: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 4: Eat With Your Hands – Don’t count


Eat with my hands? Are you serious? Well… not quite.

Eating with your hands is a metaphor that helps you to figure out the right portion

size for your mini meals, or snacks.

Step 2: Eat With Your Hands – Don’t count calories

Instead of counting calories to try to figure out how much to eat, it is easier to divide

your plate into three portions. Each Portion is equivalent to a fistful of food or the

inside palm of your hand. There is a 4th portion which is for the good fats and it

should be about the size of your thumb.

Picture 1

Portion 1: Carbohydrates 21

Page 22: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Each meal should contain one ‘portion’ of carbohydrates.

An example is a fistful of cooked brown rice (or Low GI rice such as Basmati or

Doongara rice), a potato (about the size of your clenched fist) or a piece of toast (the

inside palm of your hand – fingers excluded!).

For example, Picture 1 above includes one fistful of Basmati Rice. The portion of

rice you see is about the size of my clenched fist, if your fist is much smaller then

you have much less rice.

Females generally have a much smaller fist, so you would have a much smaller

portion of carbohydrates.

Does that mean you can’t eat Pasta anymore? Yes you can! Just balance the portions. When people eat a meal of pasta, they are usually having three or four fist-full servings of carbohydrates. That’s enough to last me four meals!!

No wonder people put on so much weight! You can have ONE fistful of pasta, one fistful of meat (with tomato sauce – avoid cream sauces) and one fistful of vegetables. Lots of pasta and very little protein and vegetables is guaranteed to put fat on your waistline.

Portion 2: Protein

Each meal should contain one ‘portion’ of Protein.

An example would be a piece of fish, lean meat or chicken breast about the size of

the inside of the palm of your hand.


Page 23: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

In Picture 1 above, I have a fistful of Tuna (with a few olives on top). You can also

have 2 eggs (eggs contain good fats too, so you don’t need to have extra fat in that

meal), low fat cheese.

There are also vegan options like chick peas, lentils, beans and other legumes.

Keep in mind that legumes also contain carbohydrates, so you would need to

reduce your carbohydrate portion by half at least. Or you may skip the carbohydrate

portion altogether since there are enough carbohydrates in the legumes.

Alternatively you could have a protein shake with protein powder such as Designer

Physique’s 100% Naturel Whey Protein or 100% Naturel Pea Protein.

Unfortunately, most animal protein foods contain hormones and antibiotics, due to

the way animals are being farmed. I always eat and recommend that you eat good

quality organic foods, especially protein foods.

I know from experience that it is hard to find good quality protein and it can take time

to prepare (we all want something quick and easy these days, right?).

The Designer Physique 100% Naturel range of protein powders are 100% Natural

(‘Naturel’s is French for ‘natural’) with no hormones, additives, fillers, chemicals or

artificial sweeteners. They offer an excellent and quick ‘protein’ portion that is

convenient and easy to prepare, and tastes great as well!

(For more information on our product range visit www.designerphysique.com)

Portion 3: Vegetables or Salad

With each meal, eat one ‘portion’ of vegetables or salad.


Page 24: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

An example of this would be a fistful of steamed vegetables (non starchy

vegetables, so no potatoes or pumpkin) or a nice big, mixed leaf salad.

In Picture 1 above, I added a large fistful of Tabbouli (Mediterranean parsley salad,

with onions, tomato, lemon juice, sea salt and olive oil). If you are hungry you can

eat a ‘large’ fistful of non starchy vegetables or salad.

When I am travelling, I need extra ‘Greens’ because it seems hard to find good

quality, organic vegetables. That’s why I created Designer Physique’s Greens

Boost. It’s a great way to get my ‘veggies in a jar’.

Just one teaspoon in water (or some juice) gives me an abundance of ORGANIC

green superfoods like Barley Grass, Spirulina, Kelp and Chlorella.

That way, regardless of my time and whether I can get good quality vegetables, I

can always make sure my body gets the vegetables that it needs, and is supplied

with powerful super nutrients.

Green superfoods are full of trace vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients,

enzymes and essential fatty acids. They are in a natural form that the body can

absorb and digest, unlike most synthetic vitamins and minerals on the market today.

It is well known that health professionals advise five servings of vegetables and two

servings of fruit a day. The easiest way to add extra serves of veggies is by using a

teaspoon of my Designer Physique’s Greens Boost.

Green super foods are also highly alkalizing. Many people find it hard to lose weight

because of the toxins built up in their system. Green Super Foods are a critical part

in helping your body detoxify. I go through the alkalizing principles in the ‘Unleash

your energy – health and weight loss DVD program’.


Page 25: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Portion 4 – Good Fats

Each meal should contain about 1 to 2 teaspoons of good fats.

An example would be some extra virgin olive oil on your vegetables or salad, or

have ¼ avocado. (Try some extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice for a

delicious Mediterranean salad dressing, like the one I used in picture 1 above as my

salad dressing.)

More Examples

Picture 2

Here are some more examples of portion sizes:

In Picture 2, I prepared two eggs (protein and fat portions), one piece of gluten free

toast (carbohydrate portion), and some salad greens with some avocado (greens

portion with a bit of good fats).

NOTE: the eggs are lightly fried in a bit of coconut oil to stop them sticking. You can

have boiled or poached eggs if you want to limit fat intake.


Page 26: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Quite often people tell me that they don’t have time to cook a hearty healthy

breakfast like the one in Picture 2 above. So they eat a piece of toast or a cup of

coffee! Or worse still, most people don’t eat anything for breakfast! That’s the

easiest way to ruin your metabolism and make sure you condition your body for fat

storage and future health problems.

There is a reason breakfast is called exactly that – BREAK – FAST! You are

breaking the fast that your body was on overnight.

If you repeatedly neglect eating breakfast, the body’s metabolism slows down


Say you had 8 hrs sleep, and then get up and start your day on coffee and toast (or

even nothing!), you may not eat anything until lunch time. If the last meal you had

was dinner the night before, that means the body has had to run on ‘empty’ for over

12 hrs!!


Page 27: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Quick and Easy Meals

Here is a 5 min – super food solution that everyone has time to make!

Picture 3

That’s what I call my 5 minute Power Smoothie – in less than five minutes you can

have all 4 portions blended together in an ultra fast, delicious smoothie. For under

$5 you can have all the nutrition you need in an easy to digest and absorb smoothie.

Picture 4

How to make a Power Smoothie in 5 minutes:


1 Scoop Designer Physique 100% Naturel Whey Protein Isolate

1 Small Banana (or Low Gi fruit of choice, e.g. strawberries or mixed berries)

¼ Avocado (optional – but trust me and try it - it tastes great!)

200ml Rice milk, or your milk of choice

A dash of vanilla essence (optional)

Blend all the above ingredients in a blender and enjoy! 27

Page 28: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

I use a portable ‘magic bullet’ blender (Picture 4) because I can prepare two of these

smoothies at once and easily put a screw lid on the cups. I then have a quick and

easy meal on the run, which helps me in my efforts to stay healthy, maintain lean

body mass and burn fat!

This mini-meal fills me up for several hours and is an ideal ‘meal substitute’,

especially when you are in a rush or when you can’t get your hands on good food.

(If you email me, I will send you a link to the magic bullet where you can buy it for a

good price – as long as they are still available in stock.)


Page 29: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 5: So What do I Eat?

Step 3: So what do I Eat?

Everyone asks me: “So, what do I eat?” The answer is: “A balanced diet!”

Ok! Ok! … That’s what everyone says, but it’s so confusing! What IS a balanced


There are many misconceptions about food and nutrition. High Protein – Low-Carb,

Atkins (high protein, high fat but no carbs), Southbeach diet, Lemon detox diet,

cabbage diets and hundreds of new ‘fad’ diets that appear each week in magazines

across the country.

More and more people buy these magazines in the hope of finding the ‘magic diet’

that will make them look good – to no avail. As described in previous chapters,

most of these diets work for short periods, but you end up even fatter after the diet.

It can get pretty confusing!

So what do I eat you may ask? My philosophy is simple – eat a BALANCED diet.

Life is all about balance, and extreme measures always lead to extreme results –

but life is always working to bring things back into balance.

A balanced diet is certainly not what we have been taught to eat with the food

pyramid that you may be familiar with:

Picture 5


Page 30: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

As explained in chapter 4 The key is to eat a balance of protein, carbohydrates,

vegetables and some good fats at every meal – by using your hands as an

approximate guide for the ‘portion sizes’.

There are four ‘macro nutrients’ that you need to understand:

1. Protein 2. Carbohydrates 3. Vegetables( including salads and all greens) 4. Fats (good healthy fats)

Below is a diagram, showing all the four macro nutrients that should be included in a

meal in the right proportions. Imagine the circle to be a small plate and each ‘portion’

is equivalent to a fistful (or open hand) of Protein, a fistful of Carbohydrates, a fistful

of veggies or salad and one ‘thumbful’ of good oils and fats.

In the following chapters I will explain the four macro nutrients in detail.

After you have selected one portion of each of the food groups your plate should

look like Diagram 1 (on previous page). It shows all the 4 macro nutrients that

should be present in a meal in the right proportions.

So what is a Balanced Diet?

Simple: eat a balance of protein, carbohydrates and ideally some good fats and

vegetables at every meal – by using your hands as an approximate guide for the

‘portion sizes’.


Page 31: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook


For your immune system and gut health, I believe there is a FIFTH portion that

should be present for at least 3 to 4 of your meals.

That portion is PROBIOTICS. The healthy and good bacteria that live in your gut to

help you digest food detoxify and protect your immune system.

80% of your immune system is in your gut. Make sure you eat good quality yoghurt,

sauerkraut or kefir to make sure you replenish good bacteria that is constantly

attacked by stress, sugars, chemicals, alcohol and antibiotics.

To make it very convenient, I sourced premium quality probiotics that contain a wide

variety of Gluten Free grains, greens and legumes. These super foods have been

pre-digested by the good bacteria making the super nutrients in the food more bio-


The product name is DIGESTIVE BOOST. It contains 13 strains of powerful

probiotics sourced from vegetable ingredients (not from human faeces like most

products on the market). These probiotics have been cultured over 20 years. They

have been heat stressed and can survive at room temperatures (making them ideal

for travelling). For more information visit my website.


Page 32: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 6: Understanding Macronutrients –


As discussed, you should eat one portion of Protein with each meal.

Benefits of Protein

Protein is an essential part of any diet. Today’s society consumes too many

carbohydrates and fats and not enough proteins. This has led to an increase in

unwanted body fat and related health problems.

Protein used to be associated with bodybuilding and muscle gain. Today, many health

practitioners are recommending that people of all ages balance their meals with


Protein is essential for healthy cell production, organ health, hair, skin and nails (not

just muscles). Protein also helps make you feel fuller.

Protein regulates the blood sugar fluctuations that people get from eating too many

refined carbohydrates. Consequently, it’s very beneficial for diabetics and anyone

experiencing low energy, mood swings and depression. This is especially important

for helping children with behavioural disorders. Blood sugar fluctuations are a major

contributing factor to their mood swings.

Some scientific reviews have found that dietary protein promotes weight loss by

increasing energy expenditure4. It is called the ‘Thermic Effect of Food’ (TEF).

4 Eisenstein J, Roberts SB, Dallal G, Saltzman E. 2002. High Protein weight loss diets: Are they safe and do they work? A review of

the experimental and epidemiological data. Nutr Rev 60:189-200 32

Page 33: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

TEF is the increase in energy expenditure over your normal metabolic rate expenditure

(your basal metabolic rate) caused by ingestion of food.

TEF varies according to the type of foods you eat. Protein intake results in

approximately twice the estimated TEF of fat and carbohydrates. This means you

could be burning more calories, simply by choosing to include more protein in your diet

and reduce the carbohydrates and fat to a healthier balance (see previous chapter).

The highest concentration of Protein in whole foods is in animal foods such as meat,

chicken, fish, eggs, and low fat cheese. Grains, legumes and nuts also contain some

protein, but the concentration of protein is not as high as it is in animal foods.

What is Protein?

Protein consists of little parts called Amino acids. They are the ‘building blocks’ of the

body. There are eight ‘essential’ amino acids that your body needs to get every day so

it can function optimally.

Animal proteins contain a complete amino acid profile, meaning they contain all eight

essential amino acids.

Grains, legumes and nuts, contain a lower concentration of amino acids and are not

‘complete’ if eaten separately. If you are not eating animal proteins, it is essential that

you learn how to combine the different nuts, grains and legumes so that you’re getting

the ‘complete’ amino acids your body needs. Alternatively you can supplement with a

good quality protein powder.


Page 34: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Protein Powders

As mentioned in the previous chapter, there is another convenient way to add protein

to your diet by using high quality, 100% natural protein powders.

There are many different sources of protein powders on the market today, but the

majority are not made for the educated, health food consumer that is interested in

clean, pure, and natural health foods.

Most of the brands contain artificial additives, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours

and colours, etc. Some of these additives are even under investigation for their safety

by health experts.

If you have used a protein powder before, chances are it was artificially sweetened.

Have you ever wondered why you were bloated and had gas?

Most people think this is a ‘normal’ part of using protein powders. Well, it’s not. The

artificial sweeteners used basically ferment in the intestines and cause bloating and

gas. There is also a possibility that you may have been allergic to the protein you are


That is why I developed seven, 100% natural, gluten free Protein powders with ZERO

artificial additives. That way you can choose what best suits your body (if you are

aware of any allergies you may have) and what type of diet you are on.

For a Vegan/Vegetarian type diet you can choose Designer Physique’s ‘100%

NATUREL’ Pea Protein, Vege Protein (from Carob Beans), Rice Protein or Soy Protein


For dairy based protein you can choose Whey Protein Isolate or Concentrate.

Alternatively, you could also choose Egg Protein if you wanted to. 34

Page 35: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

The greatest feature of Designer Physique’s ‘100% Naturel’ range is that they are

‘natural’ flavoured. Not Chocolate, not Vanilla. This is ideal, as they give you

UNLIMITED flavour options, and you can sweeten them the way you like.

When I do taste testings at my health and weight loss seminars, gyms or health food

stores, I usually mix Whey Protein Isolate in a bit of Apple or Pineapple juice. People

are amazed because it still tastes just like juice. You can hardly taste the protein! It’s a

nice change from having to drink the protein in a milk base all the time.

If you mix Whey Protein in milk, it will taste like milk. No aftertaste. So you can then

add anything to it. You can add a teaspoon of drinking chocolate or Designer

Physique’s Natural Flavour Boosters (soon to be released) or simply blend it with your

favourite fruit like berries or mango to make a delicious smoothie!

A lot of mothers are looking for a quick and tasty but HEALTHY snack to give their

kids. My clients usually use the Whey Protein Concentrate mixed in a base of milk (use

the milk of your choice) and then just add a teaspoon of organic cacao with honey,

drinking chocolate or Milo.

The kids don’t even know their ‘Milo’ is now fortified with protein, which will help them

get more nourishment from their snack and avoid the high sugar crash that affects their


For more information on Designer Physique’s 100% Natural Protein Powders, visit:

www.designerphysique.com or ask your nearest health food store.


Page 36: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 7: Understanding Macronutrients -


As discussed, you should eat one portion of Carbohydrates with each meal.

What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are basically sugars and starch. They are divided into two categories: Simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

All carbohydrates need to be broken down into their basic components in order to be used by the body as fuel for the muscles and brain – and that basic component is GLUCOSE.

Simple Carbohydrates

Foods containing simple carbohydrates are fruit, fruit juice, sugar, lollies and sweets


Simple carbohydrates are already very close to being broken down into their simple

components (their digested form), so they pass into your bloodstream very quickly and

cause an insulin ‘spike’. Making these foods HIGH Glycemic Index (GI) and not

suitable for diabetics.

Complex Carbohydrates

Foods that contain complex carbohydrates include pasta, bread, potatoes, rice,

legumes etc. Vegetables also contain small quantities of carbohydrates. 36

Page 37: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Generally speaking, complex carbohydrates take a lot longer to break down to glucose

and therefore have a lower insulin ‘spike’.

They generally have a lower GI. Complex carbohydrates provide several nutritional

advantages, and include additional vitamins, minerals, and fibre needed for good

health and performance.


When you eat simple or complex carbohydrates, the body breaks it down into its simplest usable form – Glucose. If your body does not have immediate use for the glucose, it is converted into glycogen and stored in the liver and muscles as an energy reserve.

Your body can store about a half a day's supply of glycogen. If your body has more glucose than it can use as energy, or convert to glycogen for storage, the excess is converted to fat.

Since, most people in the Western World are so over fed on carbohydrates and exercise very little, most of the carbohydrates eaten are converted into fat and stored into ‘long-term’ storage as fat.

Balancing Your Sugar Levels

Eating less food, more frequently, cutting down on the amount of carbohydrates, and adding quality protein and good fats will reduce the SPEED at which the glucose enters the bloodstream and provide a steady supply of glucose to your muscles and brain, thereby limiting the insulin spike, and balancing your sugar levels. This is essential for anyone with Diabetes.


Page 38: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

This combination helps to provide energy that lasts all day, without the Mid-morning and mid-afternoon slumps. It also reduces the amount of carbohydrates that are stored as fat.

So it is worth mentioning again: when you eat foods like fruit, cereal, or bread, the glucose goes into your bloodstream quickly. It is ready to provide immediate energy to the brain, muscles, or other body tissues that demand energy. If glucose is not used right away, it is converted and stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen (this happens if you have exercised) or converted and stored as fat (if you exercise very little).

The Truth About Low Carbohydrate Diets

If you continuously eat a low carbohydrate diet, you may experience an initial weight loss, but eventually you will notice an energy drain.

By not consuming any carbohydrates, your body does not have any glycogen that can be used for energy or ‘fuel’. Such a glycogen drain will make you feel lethargic, and you won’t be interested in exercising.

If you have reached this stage and you are exercising very hard, you need to take a few days off from your work-out routine to allow your body to recharge its glycogen stores.

As explained in Chapter 1, some people eat very little - or go without food altogether when they want to ‘lose weight’ and exercise very hard. They think they will be lighter. The fact is, reducing calories and eating low carbohydrates for prolonged periods will cause your endurance to drop by almost half.

Carbohydrates are your brain’s and muscle's fuel, so your body needs to use carbohydrates even while you sleep.

When you reduce your calories, your body will start to use up glycogen stores. Low glycogen forces your body to switch to using more body fat for energy (initially) and begin converting amino acids from proteins (muscles) to fuel.


Page 39: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

After prolonged ‘starvation’ the body then slows the fat burning and burns even more muscle (slowing the metabolism even further).

This can eventually weaken your immune defenses, so you are more likely to get sick.

Carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates, are the most efficient fuel source for your muscles and your brain.

So the key is to eat, one portion per ‘mini-meal’ of carbohydrates (preferably low GI). One portion, as mentioned before, could be one fistful of rice, one fistful of pasta, one piece of toast, one apple, one potato etc…

Consuming Carbohydrates after exercise

Well, do I have some good news for you! YOU CAN EAT LOLLIES AND SWEETS and

not get fat!


Yes, you heard me right!

But the timing of when you eat them is critical.

You can eat simple carbohydrates (such as lollies and low fat sweets) within 15 to 30minutes after WEIGHT LIFTING exercise. This unfortunately does not include chocolates as they are high in fat.

Research studies show that there is a ‘window’ straight after exercise where the body absorbs a lot of Glucose than any other time. This helps to replenish your tired muscles and sugar depleted liver.


Page 40: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Having high GI foods, such as lollies and sweets, straight after a workout will rapidly accelerate your recovery. If you prefer natural options you can have dates, watermelon and bananas instead of lollies.

Having about 10 – 15 grams of protein powder with your high GI snack will also help speed up your recovery.

Ideally, try to have about 0.5 to 1g of simple carbohydrates per Kg of body weight after intense weight lifting exercise. For example – if you weighed 60 Kgs, eat 30 to 60 grams of simple carbohydrates after a workout.

You can make a healthy post-workout smoothie that is high GI by blending Rice milk, a banana, some dates and ½ to 1 scoop of Designer Physique Whey Protein Isolate (or protein of choice).

Carbohydrates: Summary

Carbohydrates efficiently replace the glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. Glycogen is necessary for muscle contraction. If you do not eat enough carbohydrates, the level of glycogen steadily declines, leaving you tired and unable to exercise, work or think clearly.

This is responsible for a lot of mood swings and irritation also, making it easier for you to ‘snap’ at someone or get frustrated.

Eating properly could help your relationships, your work and even the amount of money you earn!

Feeding your children high GI carbohydrates and simple sugars is the main reason they get hyperactive and then crash and burn. Eating balanced meals and making the right low GI carbohydrate sources is essential for children who have behavioural disorders and anyone with diabetes.


Page 41: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 8: Understanding Macronutrients

– Vegetables and Salads

Vegetables and Salad greens are an essential part of a ‘balanced’ diet. They

contain an abundance of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals,

carotene, calcium, folate, fibre, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

If you are eating salads, choose red and dark green leafs rather than, for

example, Iceberg lettuce. Leafy vegetables are full of rich nutrients because of

the light-absorbing and energy-converting system of plants. They are also

naturally low in calories.

The phytonutrients that are present in salad greens provide many long-term

health benefits. They act as antioxidants and research has shown that they

help in preventing chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

If you are going to take the time to make a salad, you might as well select the

best deep green leafy vegetables that have the maximum amount of nutrients.

Personally, I like to get the green salad mix from the supermarket that has a

mixture of different ‘baby’ leaf lettuces and greens. They taste Delicious with

my favourite Mediterranean dressing recipe: olive oil, lemon juice and sea


A big portion of salad can help satisfy hunger cravings while adding valuable

fibre to your diet. If you normally eat big portions of food, make sure you have

a big portion of salad to help fill you up.


Page 42: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Think of it this way, one portion of lettuce, or green salad mix contains only ten

calories. Compare that to one portion of pasta and cheese has nearly 300

calories! Wouldn’t you prefer to have only ONE portion of pasta (instead of

three to four portions, like what most people eat) and have the other portion as

a salad or vegetables to fill you up?

Alternatively, eating a salad at the end of a meal may also help prevent you

from eating a second portion of other food.

How to Create a Salad as a Mini-Meal or snack

Step 1: I love the baby leaf lettuce as a base. You can then add extra spinach

leaves, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, carrots, and cucumbers.

I personally am not a fan of capsicums, also known as ‘peppers’ (just a

personal taste thing), but you can certainly use them in your salad.

The more colours you add in your salad the better it is. Every vegetable that

adds a new colour, provides you with different nutrients.

Step 2: Add smoked salmon or chicken for protein.

Step 3: Add pumpkin or sweet potatoes for a carbohydrate.

Step 4: For a dressing: use lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar) and sea salt.


Page 43: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Step 5: add a good fat - either avocadoes (about ¼) or 2 teaspoons of extra

virgin olive oil.

Most people say they don’t have time to make a salad. It doesn’t take more

than 5 minutes if you are prepared. Try to use pre washed bags of lettuce mix.

You can buy baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms to avoid having to

chop the veggies. You can even buy pre-chopped veggies now!

Then throw all the ingredients together in a bowl (minus the dressing) and

make enough for several meals. You can store them as individual servings in

the fridge – Ready made so if you are hungry and are looking for a snack you

already have a ‘portion’ of salad ready to eat. Just add Tuna for protein.


Vegetables like salads are very low in calories. They are also full of vitamins,

minerals, phytonutrients, fibre and antioxidants. That’s why your mum always

made you eat your veggies!

Some vegetables are best eaten raw in terms of nutrient content. However

there is some research that shows that some vegetables (carrots, spinach and

tomatoes) can benefit from slight cooking because the nutrients are then more

easily absorbed by your body.

My favourite way to cook vegetables is to steam them lightly in a steamer (so

they are still crunchy), or simply blanch them (add boiling water on them and

let them sit for a few minutes, then drain the water).


Page 44: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

If you blanch Broccoli, it turns into a super bright, appetising green colour. It

stays crunchy and usually slightly sweet (especially if you eat organic

veggies). Eating blanched vegetables are much nicer than the boiled, wilted,

off-green coloured vegetables I remembered ‘trying’ to eat growing up.

Another good way to eat your veggies is to simply stir fry them at the end of

your cooking after you stir fry some chicken or meat. Make sure you do not

over cook them. Leave them nice and crunchy and you will see how much

better they taste! Add a bit of olive oil (that would be your 1 portion of fat) and

sea salt to really enhance the flavour.

Even though pumpkins and potatoes are classified as vegetables, I prefer to

classify them as ‘carbohydrates’ since they contain a large amount of starch

and calories from carbohydrates. So when I say have a portion of

carbohydrates and a portion of vegetables, it does not mean you have one

portion of rice and one baked potato! It means have one portion of rice and

one portion of salad or veggies (like broccoli and carrots for example).

Eating organic vegetables and salads makes a BIG difference to taste. When I

was growing up, I did not enjoy my vegetables. This association that

vegetables taste bad stayed with me well into my 20’s - Until I had a taste of a

small, spotted and what seemed like overpriced organic nectarine from a

health food shop.

My taste buds were pleasantly awakened and stimulated with the incredible

flavour, aroma and texture of this organic nectarine. The last time I

remembered eating a nectarine like this, was overseas in my grandmother’s

fruit plantation. I used to pick the fruit as it ripened off the trees. It reminded

me of how much more flavour organic and tree ripened fruits have.


Page 45: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Organic fruit and vegetables not only taste and smell better, research also

shows that they contain higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals. As an

added benefit you would also be avoiding the pesticides that are toxic to your


My favourite Vegetable Juice Recipe

My favourite way to start the day is with a delicious veggie juice.

I juice some carrots, broccoli, a little cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, a bit of

beetroot and a bit of ginger. Sometimes I add half an apple for sweetness.

Don’t go overboard on the carrots as they are high in carbohydrates.

Then I add a spoon of cod liver oil, which is high in Vitamins A and D. The

flavours of the juice are so concentrated it tends to mask the cod liver oil quite

well. If you mix cod liver oil, pour a little juice in a separate glass, add the cod

liver oil and drink it quick. Follow immediately with the rest of your tasty juice!

Vegetables – Summary

Eat lost of vegetables and eat them often. They are low in calories and contain

good fibre to help you feel full. Your body gets essential nutrients from this

important food source and absorbs them better from vegetables rather than

from synthetic supplements.


Page 46: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

As we all know, sometimes it’s difficult to have salad or veggies handy for

every meal. That’s why I created Designer Physique’s Green Boost - my

veggies in a jar.

It’s the ultra convenient way of having my greens when I am travelling.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning and I can’t get fresh veggie juice or

whenever I need a ‘portion’ of good quality vegetables and I can’t get them.

Just one teaspoon of Greens Boost also contains a very high concentration of

nutrients. Research has shown that we should consume five or more servings

of fresh vegetables and fruits every day to stay healthy.

Most people in the industrialised countries find it difficult to do so. Using

Greens Boost daily is a convenient and effective way to make sure you get the

nutrients found in fresh vegetables. You may still be lacking in nutrients even if

you eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, because commercially grown

produce (using herbicides and pesticides) contains significantly less nutrients

than organic produce. That’s why I suggest you eat organic, whenever you

can. If you can’t, then using Greens Boost is a great way to get the nutrients

your body needs.

For more information on Designer Physique’s Greens Boost, visit:

www.designerphysique.com or ask your nearest health food store.


Page 47: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 9: Understanding Macronutrients:

Good Fats

Benefits of Good Fats

Fat is a rich source of energy and is important for carrying fat soluble vitamins

A, D, E and K and certain antioxidants. Fats also supply essential fatty acids

(like Omega 3, 6 and 9) for healthy skin and play an important role in

regulating body functions.

FAT IS NOT YOUR ENEMY! You need some healthy fats in your diet. The

same way as reducing calories completely makes the body want to store even

more fat, totally eliminating ALL fat from the diet can be harmful and can lead

the body to resist burning fats.

A Portion of Fat would be equivalent to about your thumb. For example: 1 to 2

teaspoons of olive or coconut oil would be a portion of fat.

Eating too much fat will make you fat. Just because it’s extra virgin olive oil

and its healthy does not mean it’s ok to eat it in excess. Fats contain 9 calories

per gram. Carbohydrates and Proteins are 4 calories per gram. (Note: alcohol

is 7 calories per gram!)

Eating too much of the wrong fats (especially saturated fat) can be harmful

and increase the risk of diseases such obesity, heart disease and type 2


Some people are not aware that fried foods contain 30% or more fats. Usually

the bad fats as they have been fried in unhealthy oils that also do not have a

high smoke point. They break down when overheated and become toxic to

your body. Potato Chips can be up to 50% fat!


Page 48: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Saturate and Unsaturated Fats

There are two main types of fats: saturated and unsaturated fats.

• Saturated Fats - Fats that are saturated tend to be more solid at room temperature and can be found in milk, cream, butter, hard cheese, meats, coconut oil, and palm oil.

• Unsaturated Fats – Unsaturated fats tend to be liquid at room temperature. Like vegetable oils (e.g.: olive oils). Unsaturated fats can be made up of monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and trans fats.

o Monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds.

o Polyunsaturated fats can be found in foods such as oily fish (sardines and tuna), soyabean and walnuts.

o Trans fats are another type of unsaturated fats. They are formed by the hydrogenation of vegetable oils during the manufacturing of some foods such as cakes, biscuits and other processed foods. Trans fats tend to act like saturated fatty acids in that they can impact on health by increasing the risk of heart disease.

Avoid Trans Fats as much as possible and replace trans fats in your diet with

polyunsaturated (sardines, salmon) or monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oil,

avocadoes) which help lower blood cholesterol levels.


Page 49: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 10: I Want to be Healthy, But…

One of the challenges of working with people to change their health and

lifestyle, is that a lot of people find the information they learn interesting. They

even want to change how they look and feel – but somehow never seem to

apply these principles in their lives and design the life and body they desire.

They come up with a million objections of why they can’t start a new vibrant,

successful and energetic Life. In this chapter I am dispelling some of the

common stories people use to lie to themselves to avoid taking action.

One of my mentors says “The only thing that is holding you back from getting

the things you desire in life is the STORY you keep telling yourself as to why

you can’t have them!”. Change your story and change your life.

The truth is that YOU CAN DO THIS, no matter what your objection is. Maybe

these ’stories’ sound familiar to you?

I don’t have enough time.

Do you have time to waste being sick? I would have easily wasted five or six

years of my life when I wasn’t well. You don’t have time NOT to exercise and

eat healthy. You will be amazed at the extra time you will find in your daily life

because you have become so much more productive and efficient.


Page 50: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Food Addictions / cravings

You may be addicted to certain foods. But if you start breaking the patterns by

introducing different foods, or making different choices like organic food,

smaller meals, and exercising, you will see that you can break these


Healthy food is boring and doesn’t taste good

I LOVE to eat TASTY food. If eating healthy tasted bad I wouldn’t do it! You

can make any food taste good. You have to get creative. Healthy food is good

for you and it tastes great.

Eat as much fresh organic food as you can find and you will see how great it

tastes! Try my super smoothies with Mango or Frozen berries – they taste

amazing! I LOOK forward to having a smoothie!!! I regularly have them as

meal replacements because they are a break from the usual routine of eating!

Too hard / too confusing

I have given you options that are easy to follow; all it will take is a few minutes

a day to make it work.

The Zig / Zag model

It is actually beneficial for your body (and your desires) to break your diet

every so often. I eat well all week but on the weekend I choose a day when I

can eat what I feel like.


Page 51: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

If you break the diet during the week by eating a biscuit, that’s not so bad.

Stop and get back on track. Eat one biscuit not the whole pack! If you did eat

the whole pack, don’t beat yourself up, just get back up and keep on going.

I had fried calamari the other day because I didn’t plan my meals properly

when I was out of town. But for me, it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t eat fried food or

make poor food choices very often, so when I do, it doesn’t affect me.

So if you are faced with a poor decision, eat a little bit of ‘junk’. E.g. - eat some

of the chips on your plate, not all of them!


Don’t keep telling yourself and others what you CAN’T eat! Focus on all the

abundant choices you CAN eat ☺

Muscle Memory

It will become easier to maintain your new lifestyle the longer you do it. Don’t

let inertia take hold! Just start, do something and it becomes easier. Make

small changes everyday; start with breakfast, then morning tea and keep

adding to it. Go for walks or a bike ride, little things will turn into bigger things

and even bigger results.

Earn more Money!

If you are still not convinced you need to take action NOW: A study conducted

by The US National Bureau of Economic Research in 2005 showed that obese

workers earn significantly less per hour. The gap starts out less when people

are young but then increases over time. Use this as an excuse to get



Page 52: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 11: Focus on what’s most important

All of these steps I have mentioned are easy to do and great for you. They

only take a few minutes and the time you will save being productive and full of

energy will offset that 10 fold.

Take some time to think through what will you look like and feel like if you do

not take action and begin on your new lifestyle?

How do you think you will look, feel and perform 5 years, 10 years, 20 years

and more from now?

What will you lose if you keep going in your life as you are now?

WHO will you lose if you keep going like you are now?

Here’s something to think about. The other day, I went to meet one of my

suppliers, Debbie, for coffee. We talked about many things relating to

business. We were focused on specific business topics, discussing wealth

creation and property investments.

At the end of the conversation, I mentioned to her a DVD that I had watched

recently. It was a story of a man who was stung by 5 box Jelly fish while diving

and died. He was dead for 15mins. Then he suddenly came back to life! He is

alive today and his DVD explains his journey into the world beyond and what


Page 53: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

he experienced. (If you like to watch this interesting DVD, send me an email

and I will send you a link where you can watch it for free).

I am telling you this because this story triggered Debbie emotionally and she

started to cry… I was a bit concerned.

After calming down a little she started to tell me why she was so upset. As a

supplier of products to the dairy industry, Debbie regularly visited many

customers across Australia. She was telling me about a particular man she

had been supplying products to for more than eight years.

He had started his business shredding cheese and was processing about 2

tonnes of Cheese a week. He worked very hard at his business, was

motivated, and had big goals and aspirations to succeed, as many of us do –

success being his number one Value.

He had always dreamed of having this big business facility, his dream home

and his beautiful family. And as he was working away, all that he dreamed

about began to come true.

He was constantly becoming more successful, moving into a massive new

factory and winning supply contracts with multinational companies. You can

imagine, life looked amazing and he was just over the moon!

This was all great – until one day he did not come home. His wife went out

looking for him. She went to his office and found him at his desk – dead.

GAME OVER – no second chances, no returns, no regrets. Done!


Page 54: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Do you call that success?

Not in my books.

For many people, this is a familiar story.

What happened, you may ask and why was Debbie so distraught?

Well, this man had regarded success and money as his number one priority in

life. He was in the rat race to grow more, earn more, buy more, spend more -

only to repeat the vicious cycle over and over again.

This kind of lifestyle came at a cost – a very big one! He ignored his health –

like most of us do, and put it off until he had ‘more time’. He had been growing

both his business and his stomach for over eight years.

Debbie had mentioned to him very nicely that he should take the time to look

after his health. She offered to help him with his diet and even to get him to the

gym. The reply was always “I don’t have the time right now” or “I should get to

it, but I am too busy” or “after I move into the new factory I’ll definitely take the

time” and so on… do these excuses sound familiar?

Debbie felt distraught because she was too nice to him – she felt like she

should have been in his face and told him flat out “you are overweight,

basically you are fat, and if you keep going like this you will die. You are

unhealthy and you have too much stress in your life”.

But she did not.


Page 55: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Now she felt guilty that she did not do more for him.

As a result, she went to everyone in her life who was not making their health a

priority and told them the story. She did not let up on them until they accepted

her generous offer to personally train them and coach them to better health.

Why is she so passionate about this topic? She feels it is her duty to give

others the gift of health; the gift of a long life; the gift of a life of quality!

In her opinion (and I agree with it), her customer was selfish – selfish to not

have thought of all the pain he caused his friends and loved ones by ignoring

his health …Imagine his little two year old, left without a father.

He was selfish for not valuing himself as much as his wife and child and

friends did. Selfish for sacrificing his valuable life, the gift of WHO HE was as a

person for pursuing ‘success’ at all costs.

Now…I am NOT saying success is a bad thing – on the contrary! It is our God

given right to be successful AND healthy. You might know my favourite quote

that I live by every day:

“Above ALL else, I wish that you prosper AND be in health according to

your soul prospering.”5.

There is a way to have both – Health and Success. It’s about being balanced

in all areas of your life – Spiritually, physically, in your relationships, and


5 The Bible, 3rd book of John verse 2


Page 56: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

In my book success includes all these areas.

The key is to prosper your soul (your mind, your thoughts, making better

decisions), educate and empower yourself and then APPLY what you learn -

even one small change at a time.

It’s too overwhelming to make massive changes all at once. Start gradually to

apply some of the principles you’ve learned and you will reap the rewards.

In future books, DVD’s and seminars I will also share with you the principles of

wealth – how you can prosper, and not lose your life!

I have been very fortunate to have discovered the principles of living like a

millionaire without having a million dollars! This started even when I had VERY

LITTLE money – in fact, when I was not well, I was on sickness benefit and I

still ate the best foods that I could buy. I never compromised on my health. If

you would like me to share these principles with you, send me an email and I

will let you know when we will be holding an event near you.


Page 57: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 12: Choose Life!

So …Where are you right now?

I would like you to get your pen and a piece of paper (or if you printed this

book, write on the following pages):

I want you to imagine in as much detail as possible, what will you look and feel

like if you decide to step up today and take action to make your life better?

How will that look like, what will it feel like 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and

more from now?

What will your relationships be like?

What will your energy be like? What will your career be like?

What will you gain if you DO this NOW!

There is a quote from the Bible I like:

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses now choose

life! That you and your children may LIVE!” 6

6 The Bible, Deut 30:19


Page 58: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

It seems clear that health isn’t going to fall on you by accident, you have to


The choice is easy …choose life!

Take the time to write this new life now:

MY NEW LIFE as of ______________ (date)
























Page 59: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Exercise 1 – Habits

1) What are some of the poor habits I choose to stop doing NOW: (Think about the long term consequences, not just the daily effects of those

habits. The effects of bad habits don’t surface for years. Like the example of

Debbie’s customer)

2) What are some of the habits I choose to do NOW that will support me in

living my new life?

Describe the daily and long-term rewards of your new productive habit. Be

very vivid and imaginative of all the incredible benefits you will get as a result

of these new habits










Page 60: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

3) For the top 3 habits, write down three new strategies (or steps) that will help

you to develop each of these new habits.

For example, if you want to make sure you eat five mini meals a day by adding

protein shakes to your meal plan: buy ingredients (fruit, milk, protein powder),

buy blender, prepare two shakes first thing in the morning and take them to

work with me in a cooler bag (with an ice block)

Empowering Habit 1 strategy:

- Step1:__________________________________ - Step2:__________________________________ - Step3:__________________________________

Empowering Habit 2 strategy:

- Step1:__________________________________ - Step2:__________________________________ - Step3:__________________________________

Empowering Habit 3 strategy:

- Step1:__________________________________ - Step2:__________________________________ - Step3:__________________________________

NOTE: It will take some time to condition the new habit. If you find yourself

slipping, don’t feel bad about it. It’s like when you were learning how to ride a

bicycle and you fell. It hurt, but you just got up and kept riding. Same thing




Page 61: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Reward yourself each week with a non-food reward to celebrate your success,

for instance you could buy some new clothes, go out and enjoy spending time

with your friends, have a massage or a bath.

Exercise 2 – Food Choices

What are some of the foods that I choose to stop eating or drastically reduce


Write down the consequences of eating those foods, both short term and long

term. E.g.: makes me tired, feel sleepy, feel bloated, sluggish, if I keep eating

this food I will clog up my arteries…












What are the foods that I will start eating NOW that will support me in living my

new life?

Write down the benefits of those foods – e.g.: I will feel more alive, more

energetic, have a clearer mind, make better decisions, have a more active and

enjoyable life, feel and look more attractive and sexy, I will have more focus

and more energy to create more wealth, have a better relationship with my

partner etc..


Page 62: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook














Again, remember to:




Page 63: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 13:

12 Weeks to Design Your New Physique

Joanna Dimitri’s 12 week Challenge results!

Before: 70Kg size 14 After: 56Kg Size 8

This Could Be You!

Below is a success story of a true champion.


Page 64: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Joanna came to see me at one of the seminars I was doing. She had been

training for a quite a while and was very determined and committed to

change her body shape. I could see that she was a very disciplined ‘dieter’

(typical calorie restriction diets) and exercised VERY hard. Up to 4 hours

a day some days!. Yet she still could not shift that extra fat. She was

stuck. She had tried ‘just about anything’ she said and it wasn’t working.

She signed up to my 12 week online coaching program, watched the

Unleash Your Energy DVD program and started using my Designer

Physique nutrition products to help with her fat loss.

As part of the coaching program, I analysed her existing eating diary and

changed her nutrition plan by INCREASING the amount of food she ate!

INCREASED her carbohydrates (most girls are scared of eating

carbohydrates and fats in case they get fat), and REDUCED her exercise

regime from 4hrs to less than 1 hr a day!

The story of her outstanding achievement is below…

“Hi Tony

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say 'thank you' for your help and

support recently. First from your Unleash Your Energy DVD program,

but especially from your personal support through the online sessions.

The Unleash Your Energy DVD program itself was excellent. It had so

much information, all of which was explained well and very easy to


Page 65: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

understand. Before I did the program, I thought I knew it all - but I soon

found out I was doing almost everything wrong!

And the online support sessions were so beneficial. They really helped -

sort of like making all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit together.

I first joined up for your program to lose weight. I had been unhappy with

myself for quite a while, and trying to move excess fat always was an

endless battle for me. I ate like a sparrow and trained at the gym 3 to 4

hours a day, 6 days a week. I would get into bed at night completely

exhausted and wake up the next day jump on the scales and get irritated

that I hadn't lost any weight, then do it all again.

As an example of what I've learnt from you, my schedule has changed

quite a bit: I exercise a lot less than before! Now I'm only training high

intensity for 1 hour a day and eating 6 meals a day (instead of training 3 to

4 hrs a day!). I never go hungry, and unlike before I now really enjoy

the food I eat.

At my heaviest I weighed in at 70 kilos (keep in mind I'm only 155cms tall!)

and a size 14. I did manage to lose a bit of that myself, but could never

get past a certain point. I kept hitting a 'plateau' which became a very

frustrating experience.

Now, with your help, I am well and truly over that point. I now weigh in

around 57 kilo's and I'm very proud to say I'm a size 8-10.


Page 66: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

But I've also learnt there is so much more to it than just the weight loss -

that's only a small piece of the puzzle:

I am now fitter, stronger, and have more energy than ever before. I

used to get headaches and intense period pain, but no more. I sleep

soundly at night and bounce out of bed feeling refreshed and

energetic, whereas I was always sluggish and took hours to get


I think it's important to say that the difference is not just in the lost kilos,

but also in my general health and wellbeing, which has affected my entire

outlook on life. All in all, I feel great!

The truth is, it's not just a matter of losing weight and getting to this point,

but also keeping myself fit and healthy for the rest of my life. I really do

feel I can do that with what I've learnt. As you know, I travel a lot and

always put on a little extra weight when I'm away from home. I do like to

indulge in yummy food, find it very hard to resist dessert, and don't mind a

glass of champagne (or two!). This used to get me down quite a bit,

because I'd put on weight and then it would take me forever to get rid of it


However, now I know I can shed any extra kilos quicker than I put

them on, all thanks to what I've learnt from you. And I know I'll be able

to keep myself at a level I'm happy with, not just now or for the next few

months, but for the rest of my life


Page 67: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

So again Tony, a really really big "Thank you" for all your help and

support. I won't ever forget it!”

Joanna Dimitri

Well done Jo!

Her determination was absolutely outstanding! She knew what she

wanted, had made a firm decision to take control of her body and set out

to get the results. But as already discussed, there is a lot of false

information out there. Once she decided to educate herself with accurate

information, she then APPLIED what she learned DILIGENTLY and got

the results she is now so proud of!

This could be you in only 12 weeks time!

What are you waiting for?

Take action TODAY to Design Your Physique!


Page 68: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 14: Where to From Here?

IF you apply the food and nutrition principle in this book you will go a long

way to achieving the health and body you deserve.

I have included a seven day meal plan to give you an example of how you

can eat and combine different foods. I have also included some yummy

healthy pizza recipes that you can eat as part of the ‘approved list’ of


I have also included some of my favourite smoothie recipes to help you

make that ‘meal on the run’ especially when you are super busy! Or you

can have them as a Guilt-Free TREAT because they not only taste good,

they are in fact good for your body and your shape! ☺

It is clear to mention that you also need to Exercise in order to achieve

outstanding results. Having said that, the reason I focused all my attention

on nutrition in this first eBook is because 80% of your health and weight

loss results are linked to you nutrition – what you eat.

In a future report or update, I will include some more information on

Exercise regimes and Weights programs. If you cannot wait and you want

to get more information on exercise as well, I can suggest you watch my

Unleash your Energy Weight Loss and Health System DVD Program,

or enrol in the 12 week online coaching program.

For more information:


Page 69: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Visit www.designerphysique.com

Or email me at [email protected]

Find out how you can get $400 OFF

UNLEASH YOUR ENERGY DVD Weight Loss and Health System* in

the next chapter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this book. Once again,

“I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health” 3 John



Page 70: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Chapter 15: Special Offer* to Ebook

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Page 71: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

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Page 72: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook


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Page 73: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Appendix 1: Seven Day Menu Plan (example)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

protein shake with protein shake with protein shake with protein shake with protein shake with protein shake with protein shake with

Mini Meal 1 fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries,

(Breakfast) Greens BOOST Greens BOOST Greens BOOST Greens BOOST Greens BOOST Greens BOOST Greens BOOST

Immuno BOOST Immuno BOOST Immuno BOOST Immuno BOOST Immuno BOOST Immuno BOOST Immuno BOOST

Digestive BOOST Digestive BOOST Digestive BOOST Digestive BOOST Digestive BOOST Digestive BOOST Digestive BOOST

2 corn crackers with Small Fruit Yoghurt quarter chicken breast Barley wrap Chicken Barley wrap with beef Barley wrap with tuna barley wrap with

Mini Meal 2 smoked salmon, with DP Whey Protein with salad - lettuce, snow peas, leek, snow peas, leek, snow peas, leek, chicken, lettuce,

(mid morning) cucumber, lettuce cucumber, snap peas, lettuce & cucumber lettuce & cucumber lettuce & cucumber cucumber & tomato

& cracked pepper spring onion, pear &


Half chicken breast barley wrap with protein shake with protein shake with Small Yoghurt mixed apple & a small 2 corn crackers with

with salad - lettuce, chicken, lettuce, pear & honey pear & honey with DP Whey Protein handful of nuts smoked salmon,

Mini Meal 3 tomato, cucumber & cucumber & tomato (Yummy) cucumber & cracked

(lunch) small pasta salad pepper, 1/4 avocado

protein shake with 2 corn crackers with left over from lunch 1 corn cracker with 1 corn cracker with protein shake with Ice Cream!!

Mini Meal 4 strawberries smoked salmon, quarter chicken breast smoked salmon & smoked salmon & pear & honey

(mid afternoon) cucumber & cracked with salad - lettuce, cucumber cucumber, lettuce

pepper, 1/4 avocado cucumber, snap peas,

spring onion, pear &


chicken breast with BBQ chicken with vegetables Basa (fish) with noodles, Chicken Stir fry mini lamb roast with Grilled Fish with 2 Slices Pizza

Mini Meal 5 brown rice, coriander, carrots, broccoli, snow peas, garlic & with Vegetables and asparagus broccoli, eggplant &

(dinner) spring onions, garlic cauliflower, garlic, spring onions Brown Rice roasted eggplant & sweet potato

& peaches green beans, fennel sweet potato

Drinks 3lt water 3lt water 3lt water 3lt water 3lt water 3lt water 3lt water

Gym - Upper body HIT - Running Gym - Lower body Walking Gym - Upper body HIT - Running Day off!

Exercise 45mins 20mins 45mins 45mins 45mins 20mins


Page 74: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Appendix 2: Snack Recipes

Mountain Bread Pizza’s These are really nice for lunch on a cold day when you feel like you don’t want another salad! Chicken Pizza

1 Sheet of Barley bread - folded in half

Yoghurt (light)

Baby spinach

Cherry tomatoes



Light cheese – optional

Baby spinach

Cherry tomatoes



Light cheese – optional

Chicken Pizza #2


Page 75: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

1 Sheet of Barley bread - folded in half

Cranberry sauce

Bok Choy

Spring onions



Light cheese – optional

Lamb Pizza

1 Sheet of Barley bread - folded in half

Blended tomatoes

Baby spinach




Light cheese – optional

Seafood Pizza

1 Sheet of Barley bread - folded in half



Page 76: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Blended mango or apricot

Bok Choy

Spring onions

Snow peas

Steamed Fish slices

Light cheese – optional

You can purchase Mountain bread from any good super market. It’s very light

and thin bread.

One sheet of Barley bread is only 70 calories. Use a small amount of light

yoghurt. For the sauce bases use a “Magic Bullet” or blender to blend fresh

fruit or tomatoes.

Always try to add some green vegetables and then the appropriate amount of

protein. Try to use organic meat or chicken if you can. You don’t need to use

cheese very often on your pizza’s – just a sprinkle every now and then as a



Page 77: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Appendix 3: Recipes for Smoothies and


(For more smoothie recipes visit www.designerphysique.com)

As I mentioned earlier in the book, one of the objections to not taking control of

your life is the time it will take to eat 5 to 6 mini meals a day. Well, there is an

answer: quick and easy protein shakes.

They taste so great you can add a bit less water or milk to create a ‘pudding’

consistency that you can eat as a guilt-free snack anytime you crave some


In addition to Designer Physique protein powders, you can also add some

extra health BOOSTERS.

½ teaspoon vitamin C powder

½ teaspoon Immuno boost

½ teaspoon Greens Boost

½ teaspoon Fibre Boost

½ teaspoon Digestive Boost – to really BOOST your meal!

To assist you with your fat loss you may want to consider, Designer

Physique’s Lean Boost.


Page 78: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook

Protein Drink:

(Can easily be mixed using a hand shaker)

2 TBS of Designer Physique Whey Protein Isolate

Or 2 TBS of the protein powder of your choice

250 ml milk of choice (soy, skim, lite, etc)

Flavor with some honey, vanilla, cocoa

SUPER BOOST SHAKE (blender required)

150ml milk of choice

50ml coconut milk

½ avocado

100ml water

One banana

One teaspoon flax seed oil (or One teaspoon Udo’s oil)


Vanilla extract

Smoothies: To be mixed in a blender


Page 79: Weight Loss and Health Secrets eBook


250ml milk of choice

One piece fruit of choice

Two table spoons Designer Physique Whey or Vege Protein Powder

Vanilla extract (optional)


2 tablespoons Designer Physique instant Whey Protein Concentrate, Isolate or

the protein powder of your choice

1 cup of cold water

One serve of your favorite low carb fruit e.g.: Strawberries, Passion fruit or



Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high for 1 minute.


1 cup low fat milk

½ cup frozen strawberries

½ cup frozen raspberries

1 cup low fat vanilla frozen Yogurt

2 table spoons Designer Physique instant Whey Protein Concentrate, Isolate

or the protein powder of your choice


Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend on high speed for 1 minute.