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  • 7/25/2019 Weekly Newsletter Feb 14-18 2016 (002)


    Mrs. Rosies & Mrs. ZainsFebruary 14 18

    Dear Parents:I hope you all had a wonderful

    weekend. Last week the kidsenjoyed celebrating the 100thday of school! Thank you for allyour support in making this dayspecial.

    Literacy Inquiry:This week we will continue reviewing letters andwe will continue the sight words. We will beintroducing family at words. The kids will beworking on their journals and many more funactivities to review what they have been

    learning.Math Inquiry:In math, the kids will review the math conceptswe have been learning. They will continue

    practicing patterns and will beintroducing the concept of weight asin which is heavier or lighter.

    Unit of Inquiry:

    Central Idea: The interdependence ofinsects and other living things impact ourenvironment. This week we will be reviewingwhat we have been learning about insects andinterdependence. We will continue reviewing

    the physical characteristics of insects andthe positive and negative impacts thatinsects have in our environment.

    Library day:Tuesday, February 16th

    Star of the week:

    Abdallah Al Shahoumi

    Home Connection:Review everything!You can have discussions with yourchild about the different conceptswe have been learning at school!

    Sports Day!Thursday, February18th

    Wear ORANGE