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  • 1. Communicate with the couple a daybefore and create a short list of shootthey want to click on the occasion.Get a family member one for each sidewho can direct you to shoot.

2. Before that big day gets a visit of thelocation with couple so you get familiarwith the place. You need to be well prepared for the day. Get a back up plan (in case of bad weather), have all the accessories. 3. Show them your previous work. Howmany shots they want, the price chargedetc. Put your camera on silent mode so that they dont make interrupt in gorgeous moment like to kiss. 4. Shoot the things like ring, table settings,menu etc. This will help you to add extradimension.Use two cameras with different lenses. Itwill help you to take a good click indifferent situation. 5. Having a second photographer is a greatidea. One will capture the formal shootand another to get candid shoot. Sometime you have to be bold to capture a moment. During the formal shoot be bold, you know what you need and ask the couple to do that. 6. Ability to use a diffused light or flash is a key. Sometime there is asituation you dont allow to use flash. If you not able to use flash youhave to use a fast lens or bump with ISO.Click as much as you click. This willprovide you the flexibility to manipulateshoots. 7. Display your shoot on Reception. Upload shoot youtake-in and rotate them as a slide show. This will adda fun element to the night.Manage background is the main challenge in the wedding partybecause there are often people going everywhere. Make aspecial place only for the photography so that no one caninterfere in that area. 8. With digital cameras you have the power to check theimages you shoot and delete those that dont work.Keep in mind that you can edit those images later toget arty/abstract shoot. Get creative with your shots. Make sure you mix things up a little by taking shoot from up, down, wide angles etc. 9. One thing you have to do to shoot the every face whoattend the wedding. For this you have to climb up onthe roof or use a ladder so that you can get more facein one click. When shooting outside you probably want to keep your Flash attached. There are some condition you have to use it. 10. On wedding put your camera in the continuesshooting mode and use it. Through this you can getsome interesting shoot. Sometime you will get some unexpected thing like raining at the end of the ceremony, groom forgets to do up his fly etc. This will give you some awesome shots.