Wedding invitations

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Wedding Invitations If you're getting marrie d quickly-between one an d six weeks from now the re won't be time to get invitations formally pri nted and mailed. (There are, however, formal pre printed invitations avai lable with Maggie Sottero Sapphire space to fill in names, dates, and place, as wel l as computerized callig raphy services, availabl e at many stationery sto

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  1. 1. Wedding Invitations If you're getting married quickly-between one and six weeks from now there won't be time to get invitations formally printed and mailed. (There are, however, formal preprinted invitations available withMaggie Sottero Sapphirespace to fill in names, dates, and place, as well as computerized calligraphy services, available at many stationery stores).
  2. 2. If possible, guests should receive an invitation at least two weeks before theMaggie Sottero Sara . If time is very tight, your parents may send handwritten notes or invite guests personally by telephone, telegram, or Mailgram. Be sure that all information that would be included on a printed invitation-who's getting married, where, when, style of the service, locations of the reception, R.s.v.p. address, and return address (so that guests know where they may send gifts)-is passed along to guests, however you should spread the word. If you are telephoning, indicate that your parents are the sponsors by saying "Mom and Dad wanted you to be with us....."
  3. 3. Example of Handwritten invitation Dear Mary, Linda and John are to married at half past three on Sunday, the sixth of October, in the chapel of Temple Emanuel of Long Heights. It will be a smallMaggie Sottero Saratoga with at reception afterward at our house. You know how much we all want you to be with us on that day. Affectionately, Ruth Please respond to: Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barnes Thirteenth Stone Drive
  4. 4. Birmingham, Alabama 12355 Enclosures These small printed cards areMaggie Sottero Sasha enclosed with the invitation and match the invitations in style and paper quality. Reception Cards The formal reception card: Mr. And Mrs. Charles Andrew Brown Request the pleasure of your company
  5. 5. Saturday, the ninth of June at five o'clock Glen Oaks Country Club Huston, TexasMaggie Sottero Savannah R.s.v.p. Sixty-two Humber Avenue Huston, Texas 12355