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  • 1. GIS & Insurance Practical Applications of PLRB Map within the Insurance Claims Process Peter Balingit Meteorologist, GISP Director PLRB Catastrophe Services

2. 3 What is GIS? Data is linked to a map layer Layers linked together by geography Visual presentation of database information Source: National Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USA 3. GIS that you already know Google Earth Microsoft MapPoint Google Maps Yahoo Maps Road Atlases National Park Maps 4. Tornado Damage Path 63 Policies If you don't know where your policies are located, you cannot accurately assess your exposure! ZIP Code 35405 327 Total Policies Tornado Damage 5. GIS Data PLRB Since late 1998 Catastrophe Services has provided GIS data to Member companies. ESRIs ArcGIS and Mapinfo Professional are the two most popular off the shelf GIS applications. PLRB provides data in both formats. Perils are geocoded using latitude/longitude and can be imported into GIS software. 6. This online mapping application provides member company researchers with a tool to search our historical database for severe event information by address. Adjusters can enter an address or upload their policyholders and pinpoint the locations on a map, identifying the geospatial location in relationship to forecast and reported events. Cat Managers can make strategic decisions days in advance, using forecast data. GIS Data PLRB Map 7. Examples of GIS data available: Tropical storm / hurricane wind field forecasts Severe weather forecast outlooks and active weather watches / warnings Daily severe weather reports GeoMAC fire perimeters Earthquakes and shaking intensity Lightning probability NEXRAD hail size and wind speed estimates Special events (riots, fires, hazmat incidents) Post event imagery GIS Data PLRB Map 8. GIS in Action: Tracking Storms in Real-Time Severe Weather Outbreak June 3, 2013 9. Severe Weather Forecast - 6/3/14 10. Severe Weather Forecast with Policies - 6/3/14 11. Current Radar - 6/3/14 12. Current Radar with Policies - 6/3/14 13. Active Weather Watches / Warnings 6/3/14 14. Active Weather Watches / Warnings 6/3/14 15. Near Real-time Peril Reports - 6/3/14 16. Helpful Mobile Apps for Real-Time Storm Tracking: 17. GIS in Action: Claim Verificaiton using PLRB Map 18. Lightning Probability Maps are developed by the NWS, Meteorological Development Lab. Forecasts the probability of one or more cloud to ground lightning strikes during the two hour forecast period. Claims departments can quickly see if a high probability of lightning existed in the area of the claimant. Historical Database Lightning Probability 19. Historical Database Lightning Probability 20. PLRB Map Lightning Probability 21. NWS Damage Assessments 22. Wildfire Perimeters / Evacuation Information 23. River Stream Gauge Data 24. River Stream Gauge Data 25. River Stream Gauge Data 26. River Stream Gauge Data 27. Snowfall Forecast 72 hours 28. Precipitation Forecast Six hours 29. Weather Observations 30. Event Based Satellite Imagery 31. Event Based Satellite Imagery 32. Event Based Satellite Imagery 33. Event Based Satellite Imagery 34. Earthquake: Magnitude and Shakemap Intensity 35. Earthquake: Magnitude and Shakemap Intensity 36. Wind Peril and Estimate Data 37. Wind Peril and Estimate Data 38. Buoy Data 39. Integrating PLRB Catastrophe Data into your Workflows 40. Infrastructure PLRB Map uses Esri ArcServer platform Supports OGC web mapping specifications Secured communication over Https ID and Password needed to access services Communicate directly with the GIS server to consume data for use outside the PLRB Map Requires you to build a separate application 41. Application Options Esri supports a number of web development languages to code your own maps JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight, etc Viewer Applications for Flex and Silverlight are available to speed up the development process ArcExplorer Free desktop or web application KML/Google Maps Other Open Source GIS options available Map display or tabular data output? 42. Hail Storm, Jackson, MS 3/18/13 GIS in Action: Analyzing Post Disaster Imagery 43. Hurricane Sandy, NJ 10/30/12 GIS in Action: Analyzing Post Disaster Imagery 44. Querying the Data PLRB Datasets: Perils Hail Probability Lightning Probability Wind Gust Estimates Observations Earthquake Shaking Intensity (Shakemap) Send date of loss and peril and import matching records 45. Benefits of Integrating Enable analyses while keeping your sensitive claims and policy data behind your firewall Streamline workflow by automating searches Users only need to use one system Run your own proprietary analyses using desktop mapping applications 46. PLRB Map Mobile: GPS address or search by address 47. PLRB Map Mobile: Peril History results 48. PLRB Map Mobile: Peril details 49. PLRB Map Mobile: Pre-event satellite View 50. PLRB Map Mobile: Send e-mail link 51. PLRB Map Mobile: Open emailed link on desktop, in PLRB Map 52. @plrb_cats Peter Balingit Meteorologist, GISP Director PLRB Catastrophe Services [email protected]