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Importance : Website Usability Testing

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Importance: Website Usability Testing

Importance : Website Usability Testing

An application or website is a serious part of any business and its marketing efforts in the present day and age.

Mobile technology and the range of devices available to the public make its usability even more dynamic.

Visitors will never complain or tell you about the efficiency or inefficiency and fulfill their needs unless you provide an easy means of doing so.

You can do this through periodic feedback surveys conducted on your website or by arranged telephonic calls.

5 whys and wherefores why you should conduct usability testing:

Retain Visitors

One in every three Internet users will leave a site after visiting the home page, without going any further. Website usability testing and precise monitoring can provide a solution to why you are losing so many fresh visitors.

Some of the most common reasons for this include the following:

The visitor could not comprehend what the website was about or decided that it doesn't have what they were looking for.The homepage took super long to load and so the user gave up waiting.The website did not load the content that the visitor was looking for.The website required that a required plug-in such as flash or shockwave be installed to go through the website or play videos.

Some common methods to engross and keep a steady flow of visitors include providing access to some offer from the home page, news updates on the home page, emailing the registered members with important news and advertisings happen and or engaging with the use of social media.

Additional methods include not using adverts or a limited use of them with clear exit boxes.

Discover which parts of your Website FailWebsite usability testing can help you in finding out which parts of your website are letting you down. A classic example is an e-commerce website where the visitors unrestraint their carts and checkouts.

Some common reasons for this include:

Visitors turn to other websites and search items by comparison.

Visitors may be afraid by the price, or that they do not really want the item, or that they have the wrong item and or want to go back a step.

Visitors give up looking online and turn to traditional shopping on the high street if it is a hard to find item

Testing the usability of a website can decrease the dropout rate too.

Amazon, for instance, allows you to keep going to and from your shopping cart so you can add more items to your order.

Shoppers are also offered a confirm your order page before the payment is made so that they can pay or cancel the order.

How to improve the user experience of your website?Visitors to your website will leave your website fully satisfied and with positive opinions if their experience in your website was pleasant. Some reasons why they may not include:

Visitors to your website will leave fully satisfied and positive if their experience was pleasant on your website.

Some reasons for their dissatisfaction are:

Site scripting errorsBroken links Poor grammar/ contentSpellings and typographical mistakesA poor layout or design

Help you understand your customersTesting your website for its usability will provide you the better understanding of your visitors, what they want, how they want and the way they use your website. How can you provide a good product or service if you dont understand your target audience and customers?

The rule of thumb is Can something said by one be interpreted differently by the listener?

Using this rule, in the same way, you should dredge upon that what you think your visitors want from your website and how they use it can be different from what they essentially want.

Understand Your Customers

Help you Think as the Customer ThinksBy understanding your customer and their needs, you must ask yourself a variety of questions like:

What products or services are you selling?Would you buy the products and services available on your website?Are all the questions from the visitors answered? Unanswered questions can leave some distrust as to whether the product or service is the right one for them.Is buying the service or product from you easier than others?Is it understandable where the visitor should click their mouse cursor, or tap their finger?

The above mentioned reasons comprehend why it is important to get your website tested for usability.

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