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Website Redesign Checklist

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● Every Time you need to reload your website while navigating.

● Website redesign could mean migrating onto a new completely new CMS altogether.

● The main motive behind website redesign is that it will boost your business.

● A redesign could led to great success or it could bring your business down.

● You can follow our checklist which would guide you to success.

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Your Current Benchmark

Investigate your current site history for:● Number of visitors/unique visitors.● Time on site, Bounce rate.● Current SEO rankings for important

keywords.● Number of new leads/form

submissions, sales generated.

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Determine your objectives● Try to figure out why you need a


● Figure out the main source of your traffic and leads.

● Redesigning your website will not only change the look and feel of your website but also the way it operates.

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Key stages of website redesign:

● Create a Plan

● Choose a Strategy

● Design the interface

● Build your website

● Optimize, Test, & Deliver

● Launch & Promote

● Analyze the results.

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Avoid Downside, List your resources

You need to cross check that the redesign will not affect your existing resources. Few such resources could be: ● Most shared or viewed content● Most visited pages● Best keywords you rank and its related

pages● Number of inbound links to each page.

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Know who are your competitors● Keep an eye on your rivals strategy

● Determine where you stand in the competition

● Also determine your competitors strengths and weaknesses and the area where you need to improve.

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What’s your unique value proposition?● What products and services you

offer to your target audience?

● How do you differ from your competitors?

● How can you retain your customers?

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Design for target audience

● Find who are your clients?

● Customize your website for different types of clients.

● Strive for customer delight.

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Website SEO

● SEO is very important for your website to rank higher in the searches.

● It plays a key role to direct visitors traffic to your website.

● Hence, we need to have an efficient SEO.

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Relevant call to actions● You need to have call to action

elements which would ask the visitors to perform an action.

● Call to action elements should be relevant to the content of your website.

● Typical call to action elements are register, contact us, download and comment.

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Build an ongoing content approach● You need to have some ongoing

contents which would increase your visitors and website traffic.

● You can start a blog with related information about your website and update it regularly by adding new posts.

● This will keep the users active and engaged and also grow your traffic.

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Include some additional featuresApart from the basics which include: a homepage, product pages and a Contact Us or About Us pages, we could include:● Blogs

● Social Network links and share buttons

● Landing pages

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Final Thoughts● Your website is the source which

can attract visitors and transform them into potential clients.

● Website redesign can turn your website into an inbound marketing center.

● Our checklist will give an approach to follow for website redesign and ensure guaranteed success.

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