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This Recreational Vehicle and Caravans Catalogue provides detailed information on Webasto core products as well as accessories and spare parts.

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  • Recreational Vehicles & Caravans Catalogue Valid from 9/2012 00_EN_Umschlag.indd 4 26.07.2012 19:20:07
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  • Heating products Overview of all available Webasto heaters, accessories and hybrid solution for perfect comfort feeling in recreational vehicles. Comfort products Overview of comfort systems for a maximum well-being atmosphere in recreational vehicles and caravans. Welcome to Webasto4 Whats new?5 We are here to develop your business6 Our mission7 Heating products8 Accessories for 40 heating systems Refrigeration94 Cooking solution104 Hybrid solution88 Note: Not all products are available in each country. 3 HybridsolutionHeatingproductsHeatingaccessoriesRefrigerationCookingsolution Table of contents 01_manuelle_Seiten_KE3.indd 3 24.07.2012 18:32:26
  • 4 Dear customers, dear partners! Since the very start of its investments in the recreational vehicle industry, Webasto has always focused on innovation as its main business development driver. Our vision is strong and stable: Develop intelligent products and integrate them into complete, innovative comfort solutions for every recreational vehicle and the first time ever into comfort solutions for caravans. We are proud to present you our extended product portfolio in this catalogue. Enhanced heating solutions and comfort products like cooking and water management systems are part of our new innovations. Our high investments in R&D and the continuous development of new technologies drive us, keeping all of our customers satisfied. Innovation should translate into beneficial features and great ease of use, not only of our products but also of all peripheral sales and application tools which make your life easier in installing and maintaining our products. We at Webasto stand for quality with tradition. Our company was founded over 110 years ago and manufactured products for the automotive industry since more than 75 years. This makes us a reliable partner in the industry. Our objective is to make our products better every day. Better in operation, in space and weight saving installations, in increased autonomy and better for a clever usage of energy and fuel on board. Webasto offers much more than high performing diesel heaters. We offer solutions for more comfort and more independence. RV is our passion. Just as it is yours. In this catalogue, you will also find the path to all types of services you can expect from Webasto as your business partner. Make the best use of it and do not hesitate to provide us with your feedback. We are looking forward into a new RV and caravan season together with you. Your Webasto RV Team Welcome to Webasto 01_manuelle_Seiten_KE3.indd 4 24.07.2012 15:52:30
  • 5 The new Recreational Vehicle and Caravans Catalogue provides you with detailed information on our core products as well as our accessories and spare parts in order for you to build safe applications and provide your own customers with quick, professional assistance. Due to our new product portfolio we changed the structure of our catalogue. With the new color codes you will get an easy, quick and clear access to our products and services. Within the heating part you will find our enhanced diesel heating products incl. the attendant heating accessories. Find out more about our new Dual Top Evo version and the Air Top Evo 3900 and 5500. We also want to introduce our new hybrid solution. With this new possibility we offer an innovative and smart solution for diesel-fueled space heating with a gas-operated boiler system. Learn also more about our new comfort products in this catalogue. Our customized compressor technology based fridges are available from ready-to-be-mounted to completely tailor-made solutions. With our travel box range we offer the right cooling solution for every journey or trip a customer will undertake. Enjoy more comfort. Enjoy more independence. Enjoy more Webasto. Whats new? 01_manuelle_Seiten_KE3.indd 5 24.07.2012 15:52:31
  • Webasto RV Toolkit Ident-No.MK60106201/12ErrorsandomissionsexceptedPrintedinGermanyWebastoAG,GCS2012 Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE P.O. Box 1410 82199 Gilching Germany www.webasto-outdoors.com www.webasto.com For over a century, Webasto has continued to set new technological standards in both the original equipment sector and the aftermarket. As one of the 100 biggest suppliers in the automotive industry worldwide, we develop and produce roof systems, including convertible solutions, as well as heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Our products help provide a better driving experience on the road, more comfort and security, as well as increased efficiency for cars, commercial and special vehicles, motor homes and boats. An outstanding network of production facilities and dealers guarantees high-quality products, installation standards and services worldwide. Webasto representations worldwide Enjoy Comfort, Enjoy Independence! Comfort Solutions for Recreational Vehicles and Caravans. Zu klren Diesel powered air heaters: Webasto air heaters provide continuous heating power output via stepless modulation, ensuring constant temperatures. The heater operates quietly and consumes very little electrical power and fuel. The air heater can be used as a stand-alone heating solution or as a add-on system to existing heating solutions. Therefore Webasto offers heaters with different power, ranging from 2 kW up to 5.5 kW heating capacity. All Webasto Air Top heaters can be either mounted outside, in the double-floor or inside the vehicle. For outside mounting Webasto offers an additional cover to protect the heater. Air Heaters: Air Top 2000, 3900, 5500 Air Heaters for the RV Market Air heaters with 2 - 5.5 kW Short heat-up times Stepless power modulation to maintain constant cabin temperature Automatic altitude adjustment (AAA) as standard feature (Evo) Perfect secondary heater retrofit option Multimode operation including ECO and Boost functions Air Top Air Heaters Thermo Top Water Heaters Webasto enables RV enthusiasts to enjoy a new way of motor home holidays. Most of todays RV engines are diesel powered. So why burden oneself with the dependence on an additional fuel source? With a diesel powered heater users can easily enjoy several days of autonomy. Refilling diesel is worldwide assured, as t is a standard everywhere and available around the clock. www.webasto-outdoors.com Freedom the way you like it! 6 RV Toolkit: Your Webasto encyclopedia All available documentation on products, technical information, sales and marketing support The essential business development tool Dealer portal: http://dealers.webasto.com Easy access to complete Webasto documentation Powerful search and download tools Login-protected access to complete technical data and applications Periodical product information to keep you updated on evolving product developments Website: www.webasto-outdoors.com Quick and appealing product guide International dealer locator Multi-lingual access RV training program and technical guide Powerful product training NEW web-based training Regular updates on new features Various modules adapted to audience Important guidelines for safe application engineering Marketing documentation and material RV marketing materials: Product brochures, flyers, posters Product datasheets Dealer packages Point of Sale material We are here to develop your business 01_manuelle_Seiten_KE3.indd 6 24.07.2012 15:52:37
  • 22 23 Heatingproducts 1 2 3 4 5 Air heaters Air Top Evo 3900 Air Top Evo 3900 the smart multi mode heater High-output, compact and quiet, the heateris ideally suited for the most rigorous requirements. It can be upgraded with the new multi mode control panel to offer additional operation modes depending on individual heating requirements. The advantages of Webastos air heaters Constant cosiness thanks to an electronic thermostat Short heating-up times thanks to effective output Low operating costs Available as a complete installation kit for quick and simple retrofitting New organization of kit for faster and easier installation Automatic Altitude Adjustment for best heating performance in heights. Technical specifications Air Top Evo 3900* Heating power (kW) 1.5 3.5 (3.9) Fuel Diesel Fuel consumption (l/h) 0.17 0.42 (0.47) Rated voltage (V) 12 Rated power consumption (W) 15 40 (55) Air flow against 0.5 mbar (m3 /h) 132 (139) Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 423 x 148 x 162 Weight (kg) 5.9 * Air Top Evo 3900 deliver the boosting power of 3900 only in combination with the new Air Top Evo multicomfort control panel. Depicted here is an underfloor heater operating in recirculated air mode with four outlets. The entrance area is heated indirectly by the intake line. In top-bankvehicles the upper sleeping area should be heated with a separate outlet. The same is recommended for the garage. In vehicles consisting of several separate areas a sufficient number of outlets must be installed for a uniform distribution of heat. The air intake is at a central location in the vehicle. Heating products Mounting parts For best mounting of each heater, please refer to our dedicated mounting accessories. Fuel extractor The connection of the heater to the fuel system depends on the vehicle. Please select the right solution for each vehicle. Air distribution For the distribution of the hot air in a motorhome, you need hoses, distributors and outlets. Please compose the air system individually. Accessories (optional) For extension of your heating system you find comfort-control elements as well as other installation- and system components in the accessories section. SEE PAGE SEE PAGE SEE PAGE SEE PAGE 70 58 40 50 Scopes of delivery Air Top Evo 3900 Heater with (Pressure) Altitude Sensor RV Cable Harness with Integrated DP42 Cable External Temperature Sensor 2.5 m Fuel Mecanyl Hose 5 m Air-Intake Silencer Air Top Evo Dosing