Web Wishes, Intents, Extensions, .. Friedger Müffke, droidcon London 2014

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Overview of app-to-app application in Android and other platforms.

Transcript of Web Wishes, Intents, Extensions, .. Friedger Müffke, droidcon London 2014

  • 1. Web Wishes, Intents andother app-to-app communicationFriedger Mffke

2. Good Examples - AndroidShareBook a tableBarcode scanner 3. Bad Examples - AndroidGoogle Maps at first start loses information (VIEW)OfficeSuite does not allow to confirm picked file (PICK_FILE)Facebook launch new task on install now (VIEW)Banking app to insert invoice data 4. What is new in Android IntentsDocument provider intentsFitnessIntents.ACTION_TRACK, AlarmClock.ACTION_SET_TIMERNo more implicit service intents 5. Document ProviderCREATE_DOCUMENTEDIT_DOCUMENTreturns openable content:// url(similar to PICK_FILE) 6. App-to-App CommunicationiOS 8 - ExtensionsWindows Phones - Charms/ContractsRhomobile - Intents APIFireFox OS - WebActivitiesWeb - WebWishes (was WebIntents) 7. A2A - iOSAction (UI, non-UI)Document Picker, File ProviderPhoto EditingShare 8. A2A - Windows PhoneCharms: Search, Share, Start, Devices, SettingsContracts/Extension:Account picture provider(extension)AutoPlay (extension)Background tasks (extension)Update task (extension)Cached file updater contractCamera settings (extension)Contact picker (extension)File activation (extension)File Open Picker contractFile Save Picker contractPlay To contractPrint task settings (extension)URI activation (extension)Search contractSettings contractShare contractSSL/certificates (extension) 9. A2A - RhomobileRho.IntentBroadcast intents across platformssend and start/stop listen 10. A2A - FireFox OSRegister activity in manifestSet message handler activity withpostResult, postErrorMozActivity (Intent object) withonSuccess, onError 11. A2A - FireFox AndroidFrom Web, open Android app via fixed mapping fordial, open, pick, send, viewWebIntents Agent (Google Summer of Code 2012) 12. A2A WebWebIntents are dead, Issue with User experience long live WebWishesRegistration in ManifestCurrentWishDuplex CommunciationEmbedded Wish Services 13. A2A - Android app on Chrome 14. App Store APIQuery for apps that implement an intentGoogle PlayAppBrainOpenIntentsData as in F-Droid or One Platforms APPDF 15. Friedger Mffkefmdroid+FriedgerMffkefriedger