Web Typography: An Overview

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Brad Blackman's PodCamp Nashville 2010 presentation on web typography

Transcript of Web Typography: An Overview

  • 1.web typographyAN OVERVIEW

2. hello. im brad blackman. Im an artist, graphic designer,husband, dad, and typophile. 3. typo-what? 4. designers type 5. core web fontsAndale MonoGeorgiaArialImpactArial Black Times New RomanComic Sans MS Trebuchet MSCourier New VerdanaLucida Grande & Lucida SansBaskerville PalatinoHelvetica 6. viva la revolution!? The revolution will be uninspired. The revolution will be inappropriate. The revolution will be acceptable. The revolution will be unsexy. The revolution will be unremarkable. The revolution will be low resolution.(Adapted from http://www.aiga.org) 7. Different! Different! dIfferent! Different! 8. some options 9. IMAGE REPLACEMENT 10. EMBEDDINGsIFRCufnFLIR PIR 11. LINKING 12. @font-face 13. @font-face { font-family: Fontin Sans; src: url(http://server1.com/FontinSansR.otf); } 14. licensing 15. KERNEST 16. all this to say 17. thanks! TWIT TER: @bradblackman | @chrome47 18. resources/bibliographysxswtypography.comtypekit.com fontshop.com/blog/?cat=80kernest.comfontsquirrel.com ilovetypography.com typophile.com http://blog.themeforest.net/general/ font-licensing-for-the-web/