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This is the presentation slides/videos I am using to tell the story of my journey into an understanding of Web/School 2.0 tools and pedagogies.

Transcript of Web 2.0 Journey Teacher Presentation Ss

  • 1.my web2 journey or neighbors on the road together www.slideshare.com/drichards

2. AllanahK New Zealand tTube 3. AllanahKwww.bling4yrblog.blogspot.com 4. AllanahKs Classroom Blog 5. www.voicethread.com/share/13424 6. k12online07 84,000 site visits 7. www.K12onlineconference.org 8. www.K12Onlineconference.org

  • This is a conference by educators for educators around the world interested in integrating emerging technologies into classroom practice. A goal of the conference is to help educators make sense of and meet the needs of a continually changing learning landscape.
  • The conference is a total volunteer effort and is envisioned, planned and implemented by 4 co-conveners and a small group of subcommittees.

9. Step by Step Drew Murphy 10. Step by Step Drew Murphy 11. www.Spresent.com 12. Pay AttentionYouTube 13. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License .This work is licensed under a: