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Transcript of Weaving Dreams of Folk - Nirmal Bhartia · PDF file Process The students were ... Madhubani...

  • Weaving Dreams

    of Folk

  • During India Week celebrations, the Middle

    School integrated Art and its splash of colours

    into their curriculum and displayed the

    ‘Kaleidoscopic Folklore’.

  • Objectives  Developing an understanding about the rich folk art forms of


     Understanding its significance in our society and lives.

     Learning the skills and techniques to capture and depict our

    heritage on paper.

     Integrating and relating our learning of our diverse folk heritage

    to the History and Geography curriculum.

  • Process  The students were shown a presentation on original pieces of folk

    art to initiate a discussion on ‘How it came into


     We researched together and studied the precision in their

    masterpieces, their use of earthen colours and traditional tools

     We learned the techniques of handling, choosing correct

    colour schemes, designing appropriate patterns and the skill of

    composing a near perfect peace of art according to a given concept

    or subject.


    Madhubani Paintings

    Madhubani is one of the most

    colourful folk painting ART forms in


    It is traditionally done by women in

    Bihar on mud walls, floor of huts,

    paper, cloth or canvas. Natural

    colours are used to create their

    unique designs.

  • Madhubani

  • Warli Paintings The Warlis are one of the major

    tribes of Western Maharashtra.

    Warli art does not depict

    mythological themes, unlike

    other art forms. It depicts

    everyday life in simple yet

    interesting patterns and are

    traditionally done by married

    women on mud walls, paper,

    cloth or canvas. Only natural

    white colour was used, which

    was obtained by grinding rice.

  • Warli

  • Patua Paintings

    Patua scroll painting is an

    art form native to West


    The paintings are

    traditionally made on

    handmade paper, backed

    with cloth. Indigenous plants

    and minerals are still used to

    create the paint. Patua scroll

    painters wander from one

    village to another, singing

    stories about the pictures

    depicted in their scrolls, for

    a living.

  • Patua

  • We continue our work to bring back the rich

    heritage of art into our classrooms.