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  1. 1. Wearables Replace these with these to make these. really personal electronics.
  2. 2. Why wearables? Blend art and technology Create something useful and beautiful Make a personal statement
  3. 3. Wearables is just electronics, except... The components are different Construction techniques are different The fundamentals of good circuit design and programming are the same
  4. 4. Popular Wearable Microcontrollers ( Arduino compatible ) Flora Gemma LilyPad LilyTiny
  5. 5. Sewholes Coin Cell Battery Holder LED
  6. 6. Conductive Stretch Cord
  7. 7. Soft Potentiometer A B C A B C A B C
  8. 8. Conductive Hook and Loop ( aka Velcro ) A B A A B B
  9. 9. EL Wire / Tape / Panels Direct Current (DC) ==> Electricity from a battery Alternating Current (AC) ==> Electricity from a wall outlet Electroluminescence (EL) Requires an inverter ( Turn DC into AC )
  10. 10. Pressure Sensitive Fabric (Velostat) Press Down Resistance Decreases R e s i s t a n c e
  11. 11. Sewable Snaps Make your components easily reusable.
  12. 12. Sewable Breakout Boards Heating Pad Temperature Sensor Flexible Speaker and Amplifier Buzzer Light Sensor Button Vibrating Motor Slide SwitchAccelerometer
  13. 13. Circuit Construction Conductive Thread Conductive Fabrics Conductive Ribbon
  14. 14. Sugru: The NEW Duct Tape
  15. 15. Conductive Paint and Ink Friends dont let friends use wires for wearables.
  16. 16. Pinch to illuminate
  17. 17. Build a fabric button
  18. 18. Resources Adafruit Sparkfun Fine Silver Products LessEMF Bare Conductive Paint Lame Lifesaver Inventables Plug and Wear Joann Fabrics Michaels Where to Purchase Wearable Components: Where to Learn More: Becky Stern a. youtube.com/bekathwia b. bit.ly/WearableWednesday
  19. 19. Dont Forget... Weatherproofing is important Design to be repairable
  20. 20. Conductive Paint and Ink
  21. 21. Conductive Paint and Ink