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  1. 1. WE BUY HOUSES ARLINGTON TX Arlington Cash House Buyer has a network of professional Real Estate Consultants that have been helping homeowners sell their properties quickly and easily since the mid '70s. Our buyers have bought thousands of properties over the years from home sellers just like yourself. We make it very easy for homeowners to sell their house without having to either sell it themselves. or have a realtor hope they can find you a buyer. We are located at 1506 W Pioneer Pkwy Suite 113A in Arlington, TX 76013.
  2. 2. SELL MY HOUSE FAST ARLINGTON TX We're Experts in Real Estate We Pay Cash And Close Quickly No Realtor Commissions Or Hidden Fees Avoid Foreclosure And Get Relief From Debt We'll Buy Your House In As-In Condition, In Any Location We Make The Entire Process Easy For You Why Should You Sell Your Home To Us
  4. 4. SELL MY HOUSE FAST ARLINGTON TX Normally a realtor will get you to sign a listing agreement. This agreement gives them the right to sell your property on your behalf. The realtor gets paid when and if they sell your house. You are obligated to keep the house on the market with them for the duration of the agreement. If the agreement ends and you decide not to resign with them and a buyer comes and offers you a price, the agreement you signed may entitle them to a commission you agreed to pay even though they are no longer the listing agent. The normal fees for realtors is 6% of sale price, then you have expenses for closing which could lead up to another 4%. On a $100,000 sale price, you can easily figure about $10,000 in realtor commissions and fees for closing. This does not even include holding costs such as taxes, insurance and any fix up costs the realtor may encourage you to do. If you do decide to sign with any real estate agents or brokers, make sure to ask plenty of questions. Always consult with a real estate attorney if you are in doubt.
  5. 5. webuyhousesarlingtontx.com We Buy Houses Arlington TX For inquiries please visit :