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  • Wayland-Weston Invitational Regatta Instructions

    The Overall Rules: The Wayland-Weston Invitational Regatta will be run in accordance with the USRAs Rules of Rowing. Coaches should transmit this information to their coxswains and crews. Coaches should make certain that each participant from their crew has completed the necessary USRowing Release of Liability Waiver via RegattaCentral. No paper submissions. Things to consider prior to arrival:

    Launches: Teams bringing launches must make sure the launches are registered in accordance with MA laws. If youre bringing a launch (thank you!), please make sure the motor starts easily and runs well, and bring filled gas can, a Kippy Liddle (or equivalent) safety kit with at least 12 PFDs, a paddle, an anchor, a fire extinguisher, etc. Bow Markers: Each crew is responsible for supplying their own bow numbers. Secure the bow number properly to the bow so that it will withstand wind and rain. Crews appearing at the start without bow numbers may be assessed a warning. Bow markers shall be sturdy and not some nominal attempt to satisfy the rules. Important features for your equipment: Please check your shells and safety equipment prior to walking the racing shells to the regatta launch docks. All shells must have a bow ball or its equivalent. Heel tie-downs must not let rowers heels raise more than 3 inches above the footboard.

    This will allow quick release of rowers feet in case of an emergency. Coxswains bow openings shall be at least 70 cm long and at least 50 cm wide. A Control Commission official at each launching area will check the bow balls and heel tie-

    downs. Please bring asthma inhalers and Epi pens for your athletes as needed. Coxswains should have on their person a wrist watch set to regatta time/cell phone time. Protest Procedure: A protest involving the conduct of a race shall be lodged by the crew at the finish while it is still on the water AND before the Referee declares the race to be official. Refer to USRowing Rules of Rowing and review 2-604 Matters Subject to Protest (*), 2-605 Lodging a Protest (*) and 2-606 Filing the Protest Statement (*) for guidance.

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    Driving through Wayland Town Beach Neighborhood: Please be sure that all cars, trailers and buses drive slowly through the neighborhood leading to the Regatta. Be especially mindful of pedestrians, children and pets. The Wayland Town Beach is a public venue. We need to respect the neighbors and surrounding community who have given us the opportunity to share this resource.

    Parking: Parking at the Wayland Town Beach is minimal and limited to crew trailers, coaches, referees, and regatta officials. Quick drop-offs (e.g. tents & food) are permitted. Free regatta parking for parents, student-athletes and fans will be available at nearby Cochituate State Park, 43 Commonwealth Road, Natick, MA. Free shuttle buses will run from 7:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. at 10-minute intervals between the State Park and the regatta. There is No Parking on the streets in the Town Beach neighborhood (including Parkland Drive, Shawmut Avenue Extension (a private way), Charles Street, Pleasant Street, Grace Road). A police officer will be on duty to ensure that this ban is enforced. Please share Regatta Parking & Shuttle information sheet with your team and supporters ahead of time and make sure they know to park at Cochituate State Park.

    Lake Stewardship: There shall be NO urinating into the lake. This is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from the regatta and could possibly lead to arrest. Similarly NO trash or other debris should be thrown into the lake.

    Cash: Regatta t-shirts will be on sale for $25 on site. Unfortunately we are not able to accept credit cards or checks, so crews and parents should be informed that they may want to bring cash to the regatta.

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    On Race Day: Arrive at Wayland Town Beach: 25 Parkland Drive, Wayland, MA. Parking attendants will help direct trailers, coaches, and referees. All others will be directed to park at Cochituate State Park, 43 Commonwealth Road, Natick, MA. Please refer to WWIR Site Plan for details of Town Beach site. Crews wishing to bring trailers prior to the day of the Regatta must contact Chris Maietta (Regatta Co-Director) by phone at 617-680-6891 or e-mail maietta4@comcast.net.

    Wayland Town Beach is a public facility and remains open during the regatta. Parking spaces closest to the beach house are reserved for the public.

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    Race Day Schedule 6:00-7:30 Referees Meeting: 12 Charles Street, Wayland. 7:45 Mandatory Coaches & Coxswains Meeting: starts on time at 7:45 at the boathouse. 8:00 Meeting of launch drivers, dockmasters & referees: at the boathouse 8:10 Call for first crews to launch: Boats much launch bow-first. 8:20 First crews launch 9:00 Races start: Please refer to heat sheet for race details. After last race ends - Medals Ceremony: While waiting for the medals ceremony, coaches are asked to have their crews police around their trailer and food tent. Good sportsmanship is a crew tradition. All coaches and crews should be sure to attend the medals ceremony and cheer for competitors.

    Regatta First Aid & Emergency Evacuation Plan

    First Aid: First Aid will be available at the Wayland Town Beach adjacent to the regatta parking lot Emergency Evacuation Plan: If an emergency situation develops and regatta officials decide that on-the-water competitor boats must be quickly evacuated from Lake Cochituate, competitors will receive guidance from regatta officials. At the direction of regatta officials some competitors may be directed to quickly and safely row to and then land their boats at the:

    Wayland Town Beach Wayland-Weston Crew rowing floats Framingham Saxonville Beach (near starting line on Lake Road in Framingham,

    MA) If crews are directed to the Framingham Saxonville Beach the regatta spectator shuttle bus will be used to provide them with temporary shelter and, if needed provide them with transportation back to the regatta parking lot. Saxonville Beach (on Lake Road in Framingham) is a short 1.5 mile (5 minute) drive from the regatta parking lot:

    1. Head north on Parkland Drive (drive about 0.3 miles +/-) 2. Turn left onto West Plain Street (drive about 0.8 miles +/-) 3. Turn left onto Old Connecticut Path/Route 126 (drive about 0.4 miles +/-) 4. Take the second left onto Lake Road (drive about 331 feet) 5. Saxonville Beach will be on the left.

    Crews on shore should seek shelter in motor vehicles or the Wayland-Weston boathouse in an electrical storm.

    Regatta T-Shirts: Regatta t-shirts will be available in assorted sizes and colors for $25. We are unable to accept credit cards or checks so crews and parents should bring cash.

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    Race Day Information for Crews Regatta time: We will use cell phone time as official regatta time. All coxswains should set their wrist watches to cell phone time or carry cell phones. We will stick to the schedule. Crews must be within hailing distance of the start no later than 4 minutes prior to the published starting time. All teams should note that a crew with one warning for a bow marker or traffic violation risks exclusion from its heat; if that same crew receives a second warning for being late to the start, a false start, or some other infraction, it will be excluded from its race. Launching: Boats must launch bow-first. Hot seating is to be wet launched from the beach. Other launching will be from the dock. The Dockmasters will direct launching and docking. Warm-ups: Please note the following points:

    a) Please refer to Race Course map for race day traffic pattern.

    b) Crews scheduled to race in the first heat of the morning, or the first race of the afternoon should warmup within hailing distance of the Start. Keep track of your time. We do not want you to miss your race.

    c) As crews approach the 750-meter mark, a Race Marshal may stop boats temporarily to allow oncoming races to pass safely through this narrow point on the course. Once released by the marshal, crews rowing northward should stay off the racecourse.

    d) Crews should warm up over a large course between the starting dock and the north end of the lake. Please observe a counterclockwise traffic pattern, keeping the neutral zone in the middle free of boats. Failure to observe the traffic pattern constitutes a safety hazard and may result in a warning.

    Please see Rowing Course Map for aerial view of lake and surveyed race course details.

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    Approaching the Start Assembly Area: There will be a Start Marshal in a boat near the start. Approximately 8 minutes before each race, the marshal will direct the crews to line up in reverse numerical order (4, 3, 2, 1) off the course, in the cove on the Lane 1 side of the start line. When directed by the marshall, Lane 4, then Lane 3, then Lane 2, and then Lane 1 will row across the coarse (no more than 3 boat lengths in distance from the stake boats) to their lanes, stop rowing in their lane, spin and back into their stake boat. CREWS SHOULD BE WELL TRAINED IN THE FOLLOWING:

    a) Approach to Start Platform: Coxswains should row across the course, close to the starting platforms and, when they are in their lane, turn the boat so the stern is pointing toward the starting platform. Then back into the waiting hands of the stake boat person.

    b) Backing: If the c