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Watertown Winter Farm


February 11 to 15, 2014 Farm Safety Poster Contest

Home & Family Exhibit Listing Home & Family Programs

Youth Lego Contest


December 2013 Dear Friends: We invite you to join us at the 69th annual Watertown Winter Farm Show, February 11 to 15, 2014. The event is filled with livestock shows and sales, home and family programs, commer-cial exhibits and an excellent opportunity for fellowship with family and friends. Hours each day of the show are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Given in this booklet, you will find the exhibit listing for the home and family area. Information is given for the Farm Safety Poster Contest and the Wal-Mart Youth LEGO Contest. Be sure to check out the Hy-Vee Adapt-A-Recipe Contest and the Honey Contest. We encourage you to read the rules and categories carefully. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. We look forward to your participation. Sincerely, Ag Committee Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce

*Cover photo taken by Chloe Fiedler, Codington County 4-H Member

1910 W Kemp Ave. Watertown, SD 57201-0996 Phone: 605-882-6300 Fax: 605-882-6302


2014 Watertown Winter Farm Show Home and Family Exhibits

PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY: only one exhibit per lot is allowed. 1. Entries must be made SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9 between 1:30-3:30 p.m. or MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10 between 8:30 10:00 a.m. at the National Guard Armory. Exhibits will not be accepted after judging has started. 2. Entries must be made in the name of the person doing the work and should not have been exhibited

at previous Watertown Winter Farm Shows. Entries are open to men, women and children.

3. Read each lot carefully for specific directions. Enter only one exhibit in each lot number (except arts-Lots 127-132), but enter in as many lots as desired. Lots will not be added at entry time. Lot winners from previous years may compete each year.

4. JUDGING OF EXHIBITS BEGINS AT 10:15 A.M. on Monday, February 10, 2014. No admittance to exhibit area during judging.

5. Entries will be judged and ribbons awarded to all exhibits. A $5.00 cash prize will be given for first place in each lot.

6. Class trophy winners will be selected on a point basis. A trophy and $25.00 cash award will be given to the person with the most points in each department. Trophy winners cannot win a trophy in the same department for a period of three years, however they may continue to enter exhibits in that department and are eligible to be lot winners. They are also eligible to win in other depart-ments and always eligible for overall sweepstakes. A sweepstakes trophy and $25.00 cash award will be awarded to the person having the most points in three departments. The sweepstakes trophy can be won every year. Trophy and sweepstakes awards will be presented at 11:45 a.m. Saturday, February 15, in the Extension Complex classrooms.

7. Release time 3:00 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 15. NO EXCEPTIONS! The exhibit rooms will be closed at 2:45 p.m. to prepare for the release of exhibits. Your claim check will be needed to pick up exhibits.

8. The committee is not responsible for breakage, loss of item, or unclaimed items after 4:00 p.m. Saturday, February 15. 9. Junior Department is for persons ages 18 and younger. The age should appear on the entry tag.

Youth may not enter exhibits in adult lots.

10. Persons who own and operate a business or receive remuneration for their work are not eligible to exhibit and are considered professionals. Individuals who have received an advanced degree or training in a specific area and are currently employed in that area are also ineligible to participate.

11. All exhibits should be clean, free of dust and stains.

12. Any activities outlined in this brochure are subject to cancellation.



Exhibit tags must be attached to each exhibit entered. The exhibit tags are available at: Codington County Extension Office 1910 West Kemp Avenue Watertown, SD 57201 You may complete the exhibit tag prior to submit-ting your entries on Sunday, February 9 or Monday, February 10, 2014. Completion of the exhibit tag before will aid the entry procedure.

Use the following as a guide in completing the exhibit tag.

Address - Give your complete mailing address.

Class Include number from the listing. For ex-ample 3 refers to the foods department. Lot Refers to the specific lot for the area being exhibited, 89 indicates drop cookies. Entry No. This number will be assigned to you when the exhibit is entered. Variety This is the description given on the ex-hibit listing. For this example drop cookies. Winning Leave this area blank. The placing for the exhibit will be entered after judging.

The lower portion of the entry tag should be completed with the Class and Lot Number. This portion will be removed at entry and serve as your claim check when exhibits are released.

Junior Exhibitors (18 and under): Place your age below winning on the entry tag.


Name: Jane Doe_____________ Address: 1910 W. Kemp Ave.__ Watertown, SD 57201 Class _____3________________ Lot ______89________________ Entry No. ___________________ Variety ___Drop Cookies______ Winning ____________________ Age ________________________ Class ______3_______________ Lot ______89________________ Entry No. ___________________


BEST OF COUNTY SHOW The following will be selected from the exhibit show for the 2014 State Fair: Best of County Show in both adult and junior divisions.

LOTS 1. Art, any media 2. Canning, jams/jellies (one-half pint clear glass jar) 3. Canning, pickles (one-half pint clear glass jar) 4. Childs garment 5. Craft 6. Needlework 7. Quilted Wall Hanging or Pillow, any method 8. Photography

CLASS I NEEDLECRAFT DEPARTMENT Lot 1 - Quilt, Crib or Twin size (hand quilted) Lot 2 - Quilt, Full size or larger (hand quilted) Lot 3 - Quilt, Crib or Twin size (machine quilted) Lot 4 - Quilt, Full size or larger (machine quilted) Lot 5 - Pieced Article (vest, wall hanging, potholders, etc.) Lot 6 - Other Quilted Article (shadow quilting, appliqu, etc.) Lot 7 - Quilt, Crib or Twin size (tied) Lot 8 - Quilt, Full size or larger (tied) Lot 9 - Embroidered Article (pillow cases, table cloth, lunch

cloth, placemats, dresser scarves) Lot 10 - Embroidered Picture (framed) Lot 11 - Embroidered Dish Towels (exhibit 2 towels) Lot 12 - Counted Cross Stitch (skilled) Lot 13 - Counted Cross Stitch (large article) Lot 14 - Counted Cross Stitch (small article)

Special Award Magic Needlers Quilt Guild will award a $25.00 gift certificate to a local quilt

shop for the most outstanding Quilted Exhibit in Class I.


Lot 15 - Plastic Canvas Lot 16 - Crocheted Household Article Thread Lot 17 - Crocheted Household Article Yarn (doilies, lunch cloths, wall hangings) Lot 18 - Crocheted Clothing Article (vest, scarf, caps, sweaters) Lot 19 - Other Crocheted Article (novelty, other household) Lot 20 - Afghan, Crocheted Lot 21 - Afghan, Knitted Lot 22 - Other Knitted Article Lot 23 - Wool Felt Article (made of) Lot 24 - Wool Felted Article (accented with) Lot 25 - Tatting Lot 26 - Hardanger Lot 27 - Applique (machine) Lot 28 - Hand appliqu Lot 29 - Rug (braided, crocheted or other) Lot 30 - Weaving Lot 31 - Miscellaneous SENIOR CITIZEN (65+) Lot 45SC Knitted article Lot 46SC Crocheted article Lot 47SC Embroidery article Lot 48SC Cross stitch Lot 49SC Quilted article Lot 50SC Plastic canvas

Special Award Sew Convenient, Watertown, will award a $25.00 gift certificate to the most

outstanding Clothing Exhibit in Class II.

Special Award Expressions Gallery, Watertown, will award a $25.00 gift certificate to the most

outstanding Needlework Exhibit in Class I.


CLASS II CLOTHING DEPARTMENT (Exhibits need to be constructed using fabric) Lot 60 - Garment for infant or pre-school child Lot 61 - Garment for child 6 to 12 years Lot 62 - Pajamas, nightgown or robe Lot 63 - Blouse or shirt Lot 64 - Pants, shorts, or garment with a crotch seam Lot 65 - Skirt or jumper Lot 66 - 2 piece sports outfit (vest and pants, short outfit) Lot 67 - Dress for school, shopping or church Lot 68 - Dress for special occasion (formal) Lot 69 - Unlined jacket (poncho, cape or vest) Lot 70 - Lined jacket or vest Lot 71 - Household accessory (pillow, apron, placemats, etc. - no needlework) Lot 72 - Miscellaneous Constructed Article

CLASS III FOODS DEPARTMENT As appropriate, bring food exhibits on a paper plate. Insert in a plastic bag. After exhibits are judged a sample of each entry will be kept for display purposes. The balance will be given to the Watertown Resource Center for distribution to families. A recipe needs to accompany only those lots where indicated. Lot 84 - Cake (frosted 8 or 9 removed from pan) Lot 85 - Cake (foam, sponge or chiffon, no frosting or glaze) Lot 86 - Jelly roll (no custard or cream filling or refrigeration needed, no longer than 8

inches) Lot 87 - Bar cookies, exhibit 3 Lot 88 - Brownies, exhibit 3 Lot 89 - Drop cookies (baked), exhibit 3 Lot 90 - Other cookies, exhibit 3 Lot 91 - Doughnuts (raised or cake), exhibit 3 Lot 92 - Yeast bread, white one loaf Lot 93 - Yeast bread, dark one loaf Lot 94 - Dinner rolls, yeast exhibit 3 Lot 95 - Sweet rolls, yeast exhibit 3 Lot 96 - Convenience Breads exhibit 1 loaf, made using bread machine. Include

recipe. Lot 97 - Quick bread, one loaf Lot 98 - Pie (no cream pies)

Special Award County Fair Foods, Waterto