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Walter Elias Disney ( History)Park and cruises

The movies ( Top 10)


Walter Elias DisneyWalter Elias Disney ( 1901-1996) Chicago, USA. Draftsman, producer and cartoon director.

The creator of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other famous cartoon.

Found with his brother ( Walt Disney Production) One of the most important film production in 1996

In 1955 build the first amusement park, in California.

Disneyland Parks Around the WorldParis- France

Anaheim- California

Tokyo- Japon

Hong Kong - China

Shanghai- China

Disney Cruise LineAmazing shows.

There’re many different restaurant.

Go to the small private island in the Bahamas “ Castaway Cay”

There’re a couple of slides and pools.

Different entertainment halls.

875 stateroom.

Top 10The movies most brockbuster of Walt Disney Picture/Pixar.

10. Wall- E: Take in money 521 million9. Moster In: Take in money 525 millon.

8. Tangled: Take in money 591 millon.7. Ratatouille: Take in money 624 millon.

6. The incredibles: Take in money 631 millon

5. Up: Take in money 731 millon.

4. Finding Nemo: Take in money 936 millon.

3. Lion King: Take in money 961 millon.

2. Toy Story 3: Take in money 1,063 millon

The first movie is:1. FROZEN: The movie most brockbuster in the history. Take in money 1,072 millon around de world.

The Walt Disney Company Awards

7 Emy’s Awards.

26 Oscar’s Awards.

A Cecil B.De Mille Award.

In total the movie’s Disney had 59 nominationes in The Oscars.

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