Walmart Growth & financial Strategies

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This presentation will briefs you about the facts & growth of the Walmart in the retail industry. It also talks about the tie-up with Procter & Gamble , Financial strategies implemented by Walmart.

Transcript of Walmart Growth & financial Strategies

  • Walmart goal is to provide a broad assortment of quality merchandise and services at everyday low price (EDLP). Walmart Famously known for Discount stores. 1st to implement Cross Docking distribution strategy. Introduction and synopsis of Walmart:
  • Year Achievements 1970-1980 Implemented EDLP POLICY Mid 1980s 1st to implement UPC bar codes 1990s Retail link of 2.5 petabytes, CPRF 2003 RFID 2005 Remix-reducing out of stock 2011 Top retailer in the world in terms of Net income Facts
  • Walmart can forecast the customer purchases through the efficient use of technology. Retail link , through which you can access 2 decades sales data.
  • Problems: They tie-up with P&G which influenced the supplier competitors to shown uninterested to supply to Walmart. Development of Agentrics Software in which all of its competitors are investors, which will create a threat for Walmart. Focus on only the inventory which leads to mess up environment in the stores.
  • FY 2011 Amount Sales $418952 COGS $315287 Operating expenses $81020 Net income $16993 Inventories $36318 Total assets $180663 Competitors: Target corp., Kroger & Co., Costco wholesale Corp., Safeway incorporation,, Dollar general, Big lots etc. Financials:
  • Conclusion Improve quality in the supply chain and distribution. To set up the small retail chains in the tier-1 cities. To concentrate on the store attractiveness.