Volume XXXIV, No. 1 May 2019 Arts Depot Welcomes Karen The Writers Group, Appalachian Center for...

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Transcript of Volume XXXIV, No. 1 May 2019 Arts Depot Welcomes Karen The Writers Group, Appalachian Center for...

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    Volume XXXIV, No. 1 • May 2019

    Arts Depot Welcomes Karen Moore When Karen Moore asked for information about the Arts Depot’s very popular 6 x 6 Fundraiser this past February, she never suspected the impact it would have on her career. She attended the event; “just to see what it was all about,” but soon found herself saying “yes” to an exciting new position as the Depot’s Arts Administrator. Moore had not expected that outcome. She thought she was simply attending the event, along with the rest of the crowd. She was amazed at the number of people packed into the building, just waiting for the unveiling. “I was very impressed with the event. I realized that I wanted to be more involved in our very exciting arts community in Abingdon.” Moore chatted with a number of

    the Depot’s resident artists and learned that the organization was looking for an Arts Administrator to replace Susan Yates, who had recently retired. The more Moore learned about the position, the more she realized that it was just the kind of employment she was looking for. And the rest, as they say, is history. Moore brings a wealth of experience to the position, having worked in many different fields, including a variety of situations. “I’d worked on a political campaign, in retail, conservation, and as a community development planner,” she enumerated. “But I was looking for something that would land me in a permanent situation,” she described. As she looked deeper into the Depot’s history, she realized that “The Depot is a very stable organization” where she could succeed in putting her experience and expertise to good use. The position of Arts Administrator requires the development of programs that best serve the organization’s mission statement. “You have to think about the budget, the long-term needs of the organization, funding, grants. I have to ask myself, how I can best serve the Depot’s mission,” Moore describes. It’s a big job, seemingly with lots of moving parts, but Moore gladly accepts the

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    2 Arts Depot nEWS May 2019

    Mission Statement

    Recent Deaths

    ACPW News

    The mission of the Depot Artists Association is to promote and support regional artists at The Arts Depot through working studios and gallery exhibits and to provide educational opportunities in the arts for the community.

    Arts Depot Welcomes Karen Moore (continued) challenges, pointing out that “the key is, what I can do to help everyone in the community, including the artists, visitors to the Depot, and even the town of Abingdon itself,” she notes. “I will need to back off and look at the big picture, to see all the components of the organization.” So just how does Moore plan to do that? “It’s a challenge,” she claims. “In this first year, I will need to learn the cycle of events that we currently do.” She praises Lisa May, the Depot’s Administrative Assistant, Board members, and artists who have been with the organization for a number of years, all of whom are helping her settle in to her new position. She says May “literally runs things,” adding that she does a little bit of everything and has already been a tremendous help to Moore. Moore describes her leadership style as “not to be out front. I see my role as supportive, guiding. I first see a vision and then figure a way to put it together,” working with the Board, finding donors and doing what is necessary to help a vision become a reality. Of course, when a new person joins an organization in a leadership role, the players wonder if changes will be made. But Moore doesn’t see that happening just yet. “First, I need to learn,” she says, adding that she needs to understand how the Depot works before thinking about making any changes. “I’m not going to storm in and move things around,” she predicts, adding that “A lot will depend on the Board and how they see things.” However, musing out loud just a bit, she says, “I’m thinking about, maybe, adding another fund-raiser.” But only time will tell. For now, she is enjoying her new position, observing that “being here feels like I am folded into a new family. Everyone is so supportive and is giving me their confidence.” Looking ahead, she says she hopes she will have “helped everyone succeed beyond what they expected.” —Helen Price

    We have lost several treasured friends and supporters since our last newsletter was published. We are sad to report these deaths: Sam Hurt, Donna Kaylor, Henrietta Umbarger, Pearl Reed Cooke, Lee Price, Blue Gotham, Millie Woody, Sharon Goodpasture, Ellen Patrick, Frank Read and Joyce Wright. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

    The Writers Group, Appalachian Center for Poets and Writers, will resume activities after a winter hiatus. Open mic will be hosted on the First Thursdays of each month at 6:00 pm. This is an opportunity for literary artists to share their works. The Writers Workshop will convene on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. This is an occasion when writers can bring works-in-progress for gentle critique from fellow writers. All are invited to attend. For further information, contact David Winship at dbwinship@gmail.com.

  • May 2019 Arts Depot nEWS 3

    Administrator’s Update One thing that I have always admired about The Arts Depot is how the Artists Association makes art accessible to everyone. The key is an interactive experience directly with the artists. How wonderful to buy a gift for a loved one and be able to tell them you know the artist personally, or to have friends over to dinner who say, “Is that one of Nancy’s paintings?” I am very fortunate and proud to be a part of The Artists Association at The Arts Depot. I see myself fitting in well as part of a dynamic, hard-working team where we help each other find our places and thrive together. Think of the big picture: When all the arts organizations and artists in the region help each other, we make the world a better place. I look forward to serving all involved as I support and serve the mission of The Arts Depot. Art is a community endeavor! Our members, donors, and funding organizations play a large role and are vital to our success. Thank you to the Town of Abingdon, and Washington County for their local support. Our seven resident artists are, of course, the heart of the organization. All the hard work Susan Yates put in over the years, and Lisa May’s skill and dedication are a huge part of our success. I appreciate the confidence bestowed on me by the Board of Directors as I begin my service to The Artists Association. The Depot has always held a special place in my heart and I look forward to this new role. I will ask one thing of our members: Is there a way you can personally become more engaged in our mission?

    THINGS YOU CAN DO: • Volunteer as Greeter • Help at Elegant Elephant Sale May 25th 10 - 4 • Donate items for Elegant Elephant Sale on May 25th • Join our Gallery Committee to help hang artwork for exhibits • Help with bulk mailings • Decorate for our holiday open house • Be a Studio Sitter for artists who are absent for a day • Gardening • Building Maintenance • Photography • Provide floral arrangements • Make refreshments for receptions • Visit our Galleries regularly • Bring friends • Shop at The Arts Depot for artwork, jewelry, other items • Donate money and include The Arts Depot in your estate planning. • Recruit a fellow artist to become a member!

    Peace and Art, Karen Moore Arts Administrator

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