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  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    E D I T I O N D E L A P A C I F I C A T I O N

    T H E W O R K S O F







    T H E R T . H O N . J O H N M O R L E Y  

    F O R T Y - T H R E E V O L U M E S








  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



    Limited to one thousand sets

    for America and reat !ritain"

    #!et$een t$o ser%ants of &umanit'( $ho a))eared

    ei*hteen hundred 'ears a)art( the rf ++ a m'sterious re,ation"

    - - - - Let us sa' it $ith a sentiment of

    )rofound res)ect. /ES0S WEPT. VOLTAIRE S1ILED"

    Of that di%ine tear and of that human smi,e is com)osed the

    s$eetness of the )resent ci%i,i2ation#

    VICTOR &0O"


    565N7 #!0T T&O0& VO0 ARE A


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  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     T&E RT" &ON" /O&N 1ORLE3





    VOL01E III




    COP3RI&T ;

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    OWNED !3



    1ini er


    AK&ON( O&








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    VOL" II"



    II" 1,CRO1EAS @=

    A %o'a*e to Saturn ' an inhaitant of

    Sirius7 $hat efe, him on our *,oe7 he ca)4

    tures a %esse,7 $hat ha))ened in his inter4

    course $ith men"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



    IV" T&E &0RON7 OR( P0PIL OF NAT0RE " >

    &e is con%erted7 fa,,s in ,o%e7 re)u,ses the

    En*,ish 7 *oes to the court 7 is im)risoned in

    the !asti,,e $ith a /ansenist 7 his sentiments

    on the drama7 1iss St" 3%es consu,ts a

     /esuit 7 her death and its conseuences"

    V" T&E PRINCESS OF !A!3LON " " ";>

    Ro'a, contest for the hand of Formosanta 7

    the Gin*+s counci,7 the ird+s e,ouent

    con%ersation7 A,dea e,o)es $ith the Gin*7

    Formosanta %isits China7 Ama2an %isits

    A,ion( and Saturn( and Rome 7 an unfor4

    tunate ad%enture in au,7 reconci,iation"

    VI" T&E WORLD AS IT OES " " " @>>

    VII" T&E !LACK AND T&E W&ITE " " " @

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



    VOL" I,,


    COLIN AND /EANNOT " " " Frontis)iece


     T&E 0NKNOWN 3O0T& SLA3S T&E LION " ;



    1an' )ersons( $orth' of credit( ha%e seen /ean4

    not and Co,in at schoo, in the to$n of Issoire( in

    Au%er*ne( France a to$n famous a,, o%er the

    $or,d for its co,,e*e and its ca,drons"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     /eannot $as the son of a dea,er in mu,es( of

    *reat re)utation( and Co,in o$ed his irth to a

    *ood sustantia, farmer in the nei*horhood( $ho

    cu,ti%ated the ,and $ith four mu,es( and $ho(

    after he had )aid a,, ta?es and duties at the rate

    of a so, )er )ound( $as not %er' rich at the 'ear+s


     /eannot and Co,in $ere %er' handsome( consid4

    erin* the' $ere nati%es of Au%er*ne" The' dear,'

    ,o%ed each other" The' had man' enHo'ments in

    common( and certain ,itt,e ad%entures of such a na4

    ture as men a,$a's reco,,ect $ith ),easure $hen

    the' after$ards meet in the $or,d"

     Their studies $ere near,' nished( $hen a tai,or

    rou*ht /eannot a %e,%et suit of three co,ors( $ith

    a $aistcoat from L'ons( $hich $as e?treme,' $e,,

    fancied" With these came a ,etter addressed to

    1onsieur de ,a /eannotiere"

    Co,in admired the coat( and $as not at a,, Hea,4

    ous7 ut /eannot assumed an air of su)eriorit'


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    > /eannot and Co,in"

    $hich *a%e Co,in some uneasiness" From that mo4

    ment /eannot aandoned his studies7 he contem4

    ),ated himse,f in a *,ass( and des)ised a,, manGind"

    Soon after a %a,et de chamre arri%ed )ost4

    haste( and rou*ht a second ,etter to the 1aruis

    de ,a /eannotiere" It $as an order from his father(

    $ho desired the 'oun* maruis to re)air imme4

    diate,' to Paris" /eannot *ot into his chaise( *i%4

    in* his hand to Co,in $ith a smi,e( $hich denoted

    the su)eriorit' of a )atron" Co,in fe,t his ,itt,eness(

    and $e)t" /eannot de)arted in a,, the )om) of his


    Such readers as taGe a ),easure in ein* in4

    structed shou,d e informed that 1onsieur /eannot(

    the father( had( $ith *reat ra)idit'( acuired an

    immense fortune ' usiness" 3ou $i,, asG ho$

    such *reat fortunes are made" 1' ans$er is( '

    ,ucG" 1onsieur /eannot had a *ood )erson( so

    had his $ife7 and she had sti,, some freshness re4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    mainin*" The' $ent to Paris on account of a ,a$4

    suit( $hich ruined them7 $hen fortune( $hich

    raises and de)resses men at her ),easure( )resented

    them to the $ife of an undertaGer e,on*in* to one

    of the hos)ita,s for the arm'" This undertaGer( a

    man of *reat ta,ents( mi*ht maGe it his oast that

    he had uried more so,diers in a 'ear than cannons

    destro' in ten" /eannot ),eased the $ife7 the $ife

    of /eannot interested the undertaGer" /eannot $as

    em),o'ed in the undertaGer+s usiness7 this intro4

     /eannot and Co,in"

    duced him to other usiness" When our oat runs

    $ith $ind and stream $e ha%e nothin* to do ut

    ,et it sai, on" We then maGe an immense fortune

    $ith ease" The )oor creatures $ho from the shore

    see 'ou )ursue 'our %o'a*e $ith fu,, sai,( stare $ith

    astonishment7 the' cannot concei%e to $hat 'ou

    o$e 'our success7 the' en%' 'ou instincti%e,'(

    and $rite )am)h,ets a*ainst 'ou $hich 'ou ne%er


     That is Hust $hat ha))ened to /eannot( the

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    father( $ho soon ecame 1onsieur de ,a /eannot4

    iere7 and $ho( ha%in* )urchased a maruisate in

    si? months+ time( tooG the 'oun* maruis( his son(

    from schoo, in order to introduce him to the )o,ite

    $or,d at Paris( JsS

    Co,in( $hose heart $as re),ete $ith tenderness(

    $rote a ,etter of com),iments to his o,d com)anion(

    and con*ratu,ated him on his *ood fortune" The

    ,itt,e maruis did not re),'" Co,in $as so much

    aected at this ne*,ect that he $as taGen i,,"

     The father and mother immediate,' consi*ned

    the 'oun* maruis to the care of a *o%ernor" This

    *o%ernor( $ho $as a man of fashion( and $ho Gne$

    nothin*( $as not a,e to teach his )u)i, an'thin*"

     The maruis $ou,d ha%e had his son ,earn Latin"

     This his ,ad' o))osed" The' then referred the mat4

    ter to the Hud*ment of an author( $ho had at that

    time acuired *reat re)utation ' his entertainin*

    $ritin*s" This author $as in%ited to dinner" The

    master of the house immediate,' addressed him thus .

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    M /eannot and Co,in"

    #Sir( as 'ou understand Latin( and are a man

    acuainted $ith the court #

    #I understand Latin I don+t Gno$ one $ord of

    it(# ans$ered the $it( #and I thinG m'se,f the etter

    for ein* unacuainted $ith it" It is %er' e%ident

    that a man s)eaGs his o$n ,an*ua*e in *reater )er4

    fection $hen he does not di%ide his a)),ication e4

    t$een it and forei*n ,an*ua*es" On,' consider our

    ,adies 7 the' ha%e a much more a*reea,e turn of $it

    than the men7 their ,etters are $ritten $ith a hun4

    dred times the *race of ours" This su)eriorit' the'

    o$e to nothin* e,se ut their not understandin*


    #We,,( $as I not in the ri*ht# said the ,ad'" #I

    $ou,d ha%e m' son )ro%e a nota,e man( I $ou,d ha%e

    him succeed in the $or,d 7 and 'ou see that if he $ere

    to understand Latin he $ou,d e ruined" Pra'( are

    ),a's and o)eras )erformed in Latin Do ,a$'ers

    ),ead in Latin Do men court a mistress in Latin #

     The maruis( da22,ed ' these reasons( *a%e u)

    the )oint( and it $as reso,%ed that the 'oun* maruis

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    shou,d not miss)end his time in endea%orin* to e4

    come acuainted $ith Cicero( &orace( and Vir*i,"

    #Then(# said the father( #$hat sha,, he ,earn

    For he must Gno$ somethin*" 1i*ht not one teach

    him a ,itt,e *eo*ra)h'#

    #Of $hat use $i,, that e# ans$ered the *o%er4

    nor" When the maruis *oes to his estate $on+t the

    )osti,ion Gno$ the roads The' certain,' $i,, not

    carr' him out of his $a'" There is no occasion for a

     /eannot and Co,in" <

    uadrant to tra%e, there 7 and one can *o %er' com4

    modious,' from Paris to Au%er*ne $ithout Gno$in*

    $hat ,atitude one is in"#

    #3ou are in the ri*ht(# re),ied the father 7 #ut ;

    ha%e heard of a science ca,,ed astronom'( if I am not


    #!,ess me # said the *o%ernor( #do )eo),e re*u,ate

    their conduct ' the inQuence of the stars in this

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    $or,d And must the 'oun* *ent,eman )er),e?

    himse,f $ith the ca,cu,ation of an ec,i)se $hen he

    nds it read' ca,cu,ated to his hand in an a,manac

    $hich( at the same time( sho$s him the mo%a,e

    feasts( the a*e of the moon( and a,so that of a,, the

    )rincesses in Euro)e#

     The ,ad' a*reed )erfect,' $ith the *o%ernor 7 the

    ,itt,e maruis $as trans)orted $ith Ho'7 the father

    remained undetermined" #What then is m' son to

    ,earn# said he"

    #To ecome amia,e(# ans$ered the friend $ho

    $as consu,ted( #and if he Gno$s ho$ to ),ease he

    $i,, Gno$ a,, that need e Gno$n" This art he $i,,

    ,earn in the com)an' of his mother $ithout either he

    or she ein* at an' trou,e"#

     The ,ad' u)on hearin* this emraced the i*norant

    Qatterer and said. #It is eas' to see( sir( that 'ou

    are the $isest man in the $or,d" 1' son $i,, e en4

    tire,' indeted to 'ou for his education" I thinG(

    ho$e%er( it $ou,d not e amiss if he $ere to Gno$

    somethin* of histor'"#

    #A,as madam( $hat is that *ood for# ans$ered

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    io /eannot and Co,in"

    he 7 #there certain,' is no usefu, or entertainin* his4

    tor' ut the histor' of the da' 7 a,, ancient histories(

    as one of our $its has oser%ed( are on,' fa,es that

    men ha%e a*reed to admit as true With re*ard to

    modern histor' it is a mere chaos( a confusion of

    $hich it is im)ossi,e to maGe an'thin*" Of $hat

    conseuence is it to the 'oun* maruis( 'our son( to

    Gno$ that Char,ema*ne instituted the t$e,%e )eers

    of France and that his successor stammered#

    #Admira,' said(# cried the *o%ernor 7 #the *enius

    of 'oun* )ersons is smothered under a hea) of use4

    ,ess Gno$,ed*e7 ut of a,, sciences( the most a4

    surd( and that $hich( in m' o)inion( is most ca,cu,ated

    to stiQe *enius of e%er' Gind( is *eometr'" The o4

     Hects aout $hich this ridicu,ous science is con%ersant

    are surfaces( ,ines( and )oints that ha%e no e?istence

    in nature" !' the force of ima*ination the *eometri4

    cian maGes a hundred thousand cur%ed ,ines )ass e4

    t$een a circ,e and a ri*ht ,ine that touches it( $hen(

    in rea,it'( there is not room for a stra$ to )ass there"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    eometr'( if $e consider it in its true ,i*ht( is a mere

     Hest( and nothin* more"#

     The maruis and his ,ad' did not $e,, understand

    the *o%ernor+s meanin*( 'et the' $ere entire,' of his


    #A man of ua,it'( ,iGe the 'oun* maruis(# con4

    tinued he( #shou,d not racG his rains $ith use,ess

    sciences" If he shou,d e%er ha%e occasion for a ),an

    of the ,ands of his estate he ma' ha%e them correct,'

    sur%e'ed $ithout stud'in* *eometr'" If he has a

     /eannot and Co,in" ; ;

    mind to trace the antiuit' of his no,e fami,'( $hich

    ,eads the inuirer acG to the most remote a*es( he

    $i,, send for a !enedictine" It $i,, e the same thin*

    $ith re*ard to a,, other $ants" A 'oun* man of

    ua,it' endo$ed $ith a ha))' *enius is neither a

    )ainter( a musician( an architect( nor a *ra%er 7 ut

    he maGes a,, these arts Qourish ' *enerous,' encour4

    a*in* them" It is( dout,ess( etter to )atroni2e than

    to )ractise them" It is enou*h for the 'oun* mar4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    uis to ha%e a taste 7 it is the usiness of artists to

    e?ert themse,%es for him 7 and it is in this sense that

    it is said %er' Hust,' of )eo),e of ua,it' I mean

    those $ho are %er' rich( that the' Gno$ a,, thin*s

    $ithout ha%in* ,earned an'thin*7 for the'( in fact(

    come at ,ast to Gno$ ho$ to Hud*e concernin* $hat4

    e%er the' order or )a' for"#

     The i*norant man of fashion then s)oGe to this

    )ur)ose .

    #3ou ha%e %er' Hust,' oser%ed( madam( that the

    *rand end $hich a man shou,d ha%e in %ie$ is to

    succeed in the $or,d" Can it )ossi,' e said that

    this success is to e otained ' cu,ti%atin* the sci4

    ences Did an'od' e%er so much as thinG of ta,G4

    in* of *eometr' in *ood com)an' Does an' one

    e%er inuire of a man of the $or,d $hat star rises

    $ith the sun Who inuires at su))er $hether the

    ,on*4haired C,odion )assed the Rhine#

    #No( dout,ess(# cried the marchioness( $hom her

    charms had in some measure initiated into the cus4

    toms of the )o,ite $or,d 7 #and m' son shou,d not

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ;@ /eaniiot and Co,in"

    e?tin*uish his *enius ' the stud' of a,, this stu"

    !ut $hat is he( after a,,( to ,earn for it is )ro)er that

    a 'oun* )erson of ua,it' shou,d Gno$ ho$ to shine

    u)on an occasion( as m' husand oser%es" I re4

    memer to ha%e heard an ae sa' that the most de4

    ,i*htfuLof a,, sciences is somethin* that e*ins $ith

    a !"#

    #With a !( madam Is it not otan' 'ou mean #

    #No( it $as not otan' he s)oGe of 7 the name of

    the science he mentioned e*an $ith a !( and ended

    $ith on#

    #Oh( I com)rehend 'ou( madam(# said the man of

    fashion 7 #it is !,ason 'ou mean" It is( indeed( a )ro4

    found science 7 ut it is no ,on*er in fashion since the

    )eo),e of ua,it' ha%e ceased to cause their arms to

    e )ainted u)on the doors of their coaches" It $as

    once the most usefu, thin* in the $or,d( in a $e,,

    re*u,ated state" !esides( this stud' $ou,d e end4

    ,ess" No$ada's there is hard,' a arer that has not

    his coat of arms 7 and 'ou Gno$ that $hate%er e4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    comes common is ut ,itt,e esteemed"#

    In ne( after the' had e?amined the e?ce,,encies

    and defects of a,, the sciences it $as determined that

    the 'oun* maruis shou,d ,earn to dance"

    Nature( $hich does a,,( had *i%en him a ta,ent

    that uicG,' dis),a'ed itse,f sur)risin*,' 7 it $as that

    of sin*in* a,,ads a*reea,'" The *races of 'outh(

     Hoined to this su)erior *ift( caused him to e ,ooGed

    u)on as a 'oun* man of the ri*htest ho)es" &e $as

    admired ' the $omen 7 and ha%in* his head fu,, of

     /eannot and Co,in" ;

    son*s he com)osed some for his mistress" &e sto,e

    from the son*( #!acchus and Lo%e(# in one a,,ad7

    from that of #Ni*ht and Da'(# in another 7 from that

    of #Charms and A,arms(# in a third" !ut as there

    $ere a,$a's in his %erses some su)erQuous feet( or

    not enou*h( he had them corrected for t$ent' ,ouis

    d+or a son*7 and in the anna,s of ,iterature he $as

    )ut u)on a ,e%e, $ith the La Fares( Chau,ieus( &am4

    i,tons( Sarra2ins( and Voitures"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     The marchioness then ,ooGed u)on herse,f as the

    mother of a $it( and *a%e a su))er to the $its of

    Paris" The 'oun* man+s rain $as soon turned 7 he

    acuired the art of s)eaGin* $ithout Gno$in* his o$n

    meanin*( and he ecame )erfect in the hait of e4

    in* *ood for nothin*" When his father found that he

    $as so e,ouent he %er' much re*retted that his son

    had not ,earned Latin7 for he $ou,d ha%e ou*ht

    him a ,ucrati%e ),ace amon* the *entr' of the ,on*

    roe" The mother( $ho had more e,e%ated senti4

    ments( undertooG to )rocure a re*iment for her son 7

    and( in the meantime( courtshi) $as his occu)ation"

    Lo%e is sometimes more e?)ensi%e than a re*iment"

    &e $as %er' im)ro%ident( $hi,st his )arents e?4

    hausted their nances sti,, more ' e?)ensi%e ,i%in*"

    A 'oun* $ido$ of fashion( their nei*hor( $ho

    had ut a moderate fortune( had an inc,ination to se4

    cure the *reat $ea,th of 1onsieur and 1adame de

    ,a /eannotiere and a))ro)riatin* it to herse,f ' a

    marria*e $ith the 'oun* maruis" She a,,ured him

    to %isit her 7 she admitted his addresses 7 she sho$ed

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ; /eannot and Co,in"

    that she $as not indierent to him 7 she ,ed him on

    ' de*rees 7 she enchanted and ca)ti%ated him $ith4

    out much dicu,t'" Sometimes she ,a%ished )raises

    u)on him( sometimes she *a%e him ad%ice" She e4

    came the most intimate friend of oth the father

    and mother"

    An e,der,' ,ad'( $ho $as their nei*hor( )ro)osed

    the match" The )arents( da22,ed ' the *,or' of such

    an a,,iance( acce)ted the )ro)osa, $ith Ho'" The'

    *a%e their on,' son to their intimate friend"

     The 'oun* maruis $as no$ on the )oint of mar4

    r'in* a $oman $hom he adored( and ' $hom he

    $as e,o%ed 7 the friends of the fami,' con*ratu,ated

    them7 the marria*e artic,es $ere Hust *oin* to e

    dra$n u)( $hi,st $eddin* c,othes $ere ein* made

    for the 'oun* cou),e( and their e)itha,amium com4


     The 'oun* maruis $as one da' u)on his Gnees

    efore his charmin* mistress $hom ,o%e( esteem( and

    friendshi) $ere *oin* to maGe a,, his o$n" In a

    tender and s)irited con%ersation the' enHo'ed a fore4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    taste of their comin* ha))iness7 the' concerted

    measures to ,ead a ha))' ,ife" When( a,, on a sud4

    den( a %a,et de chamre e,on*in* to the o,d mar4

    chioness( arri%ed in a *reat fri*ht"

    #&ere is sad ne$s(# said he" #Ocers ha%e re4

    mo%ed the eects of m' master and mistress 7 the

    creditors ha%e sei2ed u)o$ a,, ' %irtue of an e?ecu4

    tion7 and I am o,i*ed to maGe the est shift I can

    to ha%e m' $a*es )aid"#

     /eannot and Co,in" ;B

    #Let+s see(# said the maruis( #$hat is this What

    can this ad%enture mean #

    #o(# said the $ido$( #*o uicG,'( and )unish

    those %i,,ains"#

    &e runs( he arri%es at the house7 his father is

    a,read' in )rison7 a,, the ser%ants ha%e Qed in dif4

    ferent $a's( each carr'in* o $hate%er he cou,d ,a'

    his hands u)on" &is mother is a,one( $ithout as4

    sistance( $ithout comfort( dro$ned in tears" She

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    has nothin* ,eft ut the rememrance of her for4

    tune( of her eaut'( her fau,ts( and her e?tra%a*ant


    After the son had $e)t a ,on* time $ith his mother

    he at ,en*th said to her .

    #Let us not *i%e ourse,%es u) to des)air" This

    'oun* $ido$ ,o%es me to e?cess 7 she is more *en4

    erous than rich( I can ans$er for her 7 I $i,, *o and

    rin* her to 'ou"#

    &e returns to his mistress and nds her in com4

    )an' $ith a %er' amia,e 'oun* ocer"

    #What( is it 'ou( 1" de ,a /eannotiere(# said she 7

    #$hat rin*s 'ou here Is it )ro)er to forsaGe 'our

    unha))' mother in such a crisis o to that )oor(

    unfortunate $oman and te,, her that I sti,, $ish her

    $e,," I ha%e occasion for a chamermaid and $i,,

    *i%e her the )reference"#

    #1' ,ad(# said the ocer( #'ou are $e,, sha)ed"

    En,ist in m' com)an'7 'ou ma' de)end on *ood


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     The maruis( thunderstrucG( and $ith a heart en4

    ; > /eannot and Co,in"

    ra*ed( $ent in uest of his o,d *o%ernor( made him

    acuainted $ith his misfortune and asGed his ad%ice"

     The *o%ernor )ro)osed that he shou,d ecome a tu4

    tor( ,iGe himse,f"

    #A,as# said the maruis( #I Gno$ nothin*7 'ou

    ha%e tau*ht me nothin*( and 'ou are the rst cause

    of m' misfortunes"# &e soed $hen he s)oGe thus"

    #Write romances(# said a $it $ho $as )resent7

    #it is an admira,e resource at Paris"#

     The 'oun* man in *reater des)air than e%er ran

    to his mother+s confessor" This confessor $as a

     Theatin of *reat re)utation $ho directed the con4

    sciences on,' of $omen of the rst ranG" As soon

    as he sa$ /eannot he ran u) to him .

    #1' od( 1r" 1aruis(# said he( #$here is 'our

    coach &o$ is the *ood ,ad' 'our mother #

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     The maruis $as a,most read' to faint" &e met

    $ith much the same treatment from a,, 7 and acuired

    more Gno$,ed*e of the $or,d in ha,f a da' than he

    had )re%ious,' ,earned in a,, the rest of his ,ife"

    !ein* uite o%er$he,med $ith des)air( he sa$ an

    o,d4fashioned chaise ad%ance $hich resem,ed an

    o)en $a*on $ith ,eather curtains 7 it $as fo,,o$ed

    ' four enormous carts $hich $ere ,oaded" In the

    chaise there $as a 'oun* man dressed in the rustic

    manner( $hose fresh countenance $as re),ete $ith

    s$eetness and *a'et'" &is $ife( a ,itt,e $oman of

    a ro$n com),e?ion and an a*reea,e *ure( thou*h

    some$hat stout( sat c,ose ' him" As the carria*e

    did not mo%e on ,iGe the chaise of a )etit4maitre( the

    tra%e,,er had sucient time to contem),ate the mar4

    uis( $ho $as motion,ess and immersed in sorro$"

    #ood od # cried he( #I thinG that is /eannot"#

    0)on hearin* this name the maruis ,ifts u) his e'es(

    the carria*e sto)s( and Co,in cries out( # Tis /eannot(

    +tis /eannot himse,f"#

     The ,itt,e fat um)Gin *a%e ut one s)rin* from

    the chaise and ran to emrace his o,d com)anion"

     /eannot reco,,ected his friend Co,in( $hi,e his e'es

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    $ere ,inded $ith tears of shame"

    #3ou ha%e aandoned me(# said Co,in7 #ut

    thou*h 'ou are a *reat man I $i,, ,o%e 'ou fore%er"#

     /eannot( confused and aected( re,ated to him(

    $ith emotion( a *reat )art of his histor'"

    Vo," @

    ; M /eannot and Co,in"

    #Come to the inn $here I ,od*e and te,, me the

    rest of it(# said Co,in 7 #emrace m' $ife here and

    ,et us *o and dine to*ether"# The' then $ent on

    foot( fo,,o$ed ' their a**a*e"

    #What is a,, this train(# said /eannot7 #is it

    'ours #

    #3es(# ans$ered Co,in( #it a,, e,on*s to me and

    to m' $ife" We ha%e Hust come in from the countr'"

    I am no$ at the head of a ,ar*e manufactor' of tin

    and co))er" I ha%e married the dau*hter of a mer4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    chant $e,, )ro%ided $ith a,, thin*s necessar' for the

    *reat as $e,, as the ,itt,e" We $orG a *reat dea, 7

    od ,esses us 7 $e ha%e not chan*ed our condition 7

    $e are ha))' 7 $e $i,, assist our friend /eannot" !e

    no ,on*er a maruis 7 a,, the *randeur in the $or,d is

    not to e com)ared to a *ood friend" 3ou sha,, re4

    turn $ith me to the countr'" I $i,, teach 'ou the

    trade 7 it is not %er' dicu,t 7 I $i,, maGe 'ou m'

    )artner( and $e $i,, ,i%e merri,' in the remote cor4

    ner $here $e $ere orn"#

     /eannot( uite trans)orted( fe,t emotions of *rief

    and Ho'( tenderness and shame 7 and he said $ithin

    himse,f. #1' fashiona,e friends ha%e etra'ed

    me( and Co,in( $hom I des)ised( is the on,' one $ho

    comes to re,ie%e me"# What instruction does not

    this narrati%e aord

    Co,in+s *oodness of heart caused the seeds of a

    %irtuous dis)osition( $hich the $or,d had not uite

    stiQed in /eannot( to re%i%e" &e $as sensi,e that he

    cou,d not forsaGe his father and mother"

     /eannot and Co,in" ;

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    #We $i,, taGe care of 'our mother(# said Co,in 7

    #and as to the *ood man 'our father( $ho is no$ in

     Hai,( his creditors seein* he has nothin* $i,, com4

    )romise matters for a triQe" I Gno$ somethin* of

    usiness and $i,, taGe the $ho,e aair u)on m'se,f"#

    Co,in found means to )rocure the father+s re,ease"

     /eannot returned to the countr' $ith his re,ati%es(

    $ho resumed their former $a' of ,ife" &e married a

    sister of Co,in( and she ein* of the same tem)er

    $ith her rother( made him com),ete,' ha))'"

     /eannot the father( /eannotte the mother( and

     /eannot the son( $ere thus con%inced that ha))iness

    is not the resu,t of %anit'"


    C&APTER I"


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    1icrome*as" @ ;

    times *reater than that of this( our tin' a,," Noth4

    in* in nature is more sim),e and common" The do4

    minions of some so%erei*ns of erman' or Ita,'(

    $hich ma' e com)assed in ha,f an hour( $hen com4

    )ared $ith the Ottoman( Russian( or Chinese em4

    )ires( are no other than faint instances of the )ro4

    di*ious dierence that nature has made in the sca,e

    of ein*s" The stature of his e?ce,,enc' ein* of

    these e?traordinar' dimensions( a,, our artists $i,,

    a*ree that the measure around his od' mi*ht

    amount to ft' thousand ro'a, feet( a %er' a*reea,e

    and Hust )ro)ortion"

    + &is nose ein* eua, in ,en*th to one4third of his

    face( and his Ho,,' countenance en*rossin* one4

    se%enth )art of his hei*ht( it must e o$ned that the

    nose of this same Sirian $as si? thousand three hun4

    dred and thirt'4three ro'a, feet( to a hair( $hich $as

    to e demonstrated" With re*ard to his understand4

    in*( it is one of the est cu,ti%ated I ha%e Gno$n"

    &e is )erfect,' $e,, acuainted $ith aundance of

    thin*s( some of $hich are of his o$n in%ention 7 for(

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    $hen his a*e did not e?ceed t$o hundred and ft'

    'ears( he studied accordin* to the custom of the

    countr'( at the most ce,erated uni%ersit' of the

    $ho,e ),anet( and ' the force of his *enius disco%4

    ered u)$ards of ft' )ro)ositions of Euc,id( ha%in*

    the ad%anta*e ' more than ei*hteen of !,aise Pas4

    ca,( $ho as $e are to,d ' his o$n sister( demon4

    strated t$o and thirt' for his amusement and then

    @@ 1icrome*as(

    ,eft o( choosin* rather to e an indierent )hi,os4

    o)her than a *reat mathematician"

    Aout the four hundred and ftieth 'ear of his a*e(

    or ,atter end of his chi,dhood( he dissected a *reat

    numer of sma,, insects not more than one hundred

    feet in diameter( $hich are not )ercei%a,e ' ordi4

    nar' microsco)es( on $hich he com)osed a %er' cu4

    rious treatise( $hich in%o,%ed him in some trou,e"

     The mufti of the nation( thou*h %er' o,d and %er'

    i*norant( made shift to disco%er in his ooG certain

    ,emmas that $ere sus)icious( unseem,'( rash( heretic(

    and unsound( and )rosecuted him $ith *reat animos4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    it'7 for the suHect of the author+s inuir' $as

    $hether( in the $or,d of Sirius( there $as an' dier4

    ence et$een the sustantia, forms of a Qea and a


    1icrome*as defended his )hi,oso)h' $ith such

    s)irit as made a,, the fema,e se? his )rose,'tes 7 and

    the )rocess ,asted t$o hundred and t$ent' 'ears 7

    at the end of $hich time( in conseuence of the

    mufti+s interest( the ooG $as condemned ' Hud*es

    $ho had ne%er read it( and the author e?)e,,ed from

    court for the term of ei*ht hundred 'ears"

    Not much aected at his anishment from a court

    that teemed $ith nothin* ut turmoi,s and triQes(

    he made a %er' humorous son* u)on the mufti( $ho

    *a%e himse,f no trou,e aout the matter( and set out

    on his tra%e,s from ),anet to ),anet in order as the

    sa'in* is to im)ro%e his mind and nish his educa4

    tion" Those $ho ne%er tra%e, ut in a )ost4chaise or

    1icrome*as" @

    er,in( $i,, dout,ess e astonished at the eui)a*es

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    used ao%e( for $e that strut u)on this ,itt,e mo,e4

    hi,, are at a ,oss to concei%e an'thin* that sur)asses

    our o$n customs" !ut our tra%e,,er $as a $onder4

    fu, ade)t in the ,a$s of *ra%itation( to*ether $ith

    the $ho,e force of attraction and re)u,sion( and

    made such seasona,e use of his Gno$,ed*e that

    sometimes ' the he,) of a suneam( and sometimes

    ' the con%enience of a comet( he and his retinue

    *,ided from s)here to s)here( as the ird ho)s from

    one ou*h to another" &e in a %er' ,itt,e time

    )osted throu*h the mi,G' $a'( and I am o,i*ed to

    o$n he sa$ not a t$inG,e of those stars su))osed

    to adorn that fair em)'rean $hich the i,,ustrious

    Dr" Derham ra*s to ha%e oser%ed throu*h his

    te,esco)e" Not that I )retend to sa' the doctor $as

    mistaGen" od forid !ut 1icrome*as $as u)on

    the s)ot( an e?ceedin* *ood oser%er( and I ha%e

    no mind to contradict an' man" !e that as it ma'(

    after man' $indin*s and turnin*s( he arri%ed at the

    ),anet Saturn( and( accustomed as he $as to the si*ht

    of no%e,ties( he cou,d not for his ,ife re)ress a su)er4

    ci,ious and conceited smi,e( $hich often esca)es the

    $isest )hi,oso)her( $hen he )ercei%ed the sma,,4

    ness of that *,oe and the diminuti%e si2e of its

    inhaitants7 for rea,,' Saturn is ut aout nine hun4

    dred times ,ar*er than this our earth( and the )eo),e

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    of that countr' mere d$arfs( aout a thousand

    fathoms hi*h" In short( he at rst derided those

    )oor )'*mies( Hust as an Indian dd,er ,au*hs at the

    @ 1icrome*as"

    music of Lu,,'( at his rst arri%a, in Paris7 ut as

    this Sirian $as a )erson of *ood sense( he soon )er4

    cei%ed that a thinGin* ein* ma' not e a,to*ether

    ridicu,ous( e%en thou*h he is not uite si? thousand

    feet hi*h7 and therefore he ecame fami,iar $ith

    them( after the' had ceased to $onder at his e?traor4

    dinar' a))earance" In )articu,ar( he contracted

    an intimate friendshi) $ith the secretar' of the

    Academ' of Saturn( a man of *ood understandin*(

    $ho( thou*h in truth he had in%ented nothin* of his

    o$n( *a%e a %er' *ood account of the in%entions

    of others( and enHo'ed in )eace the re)utation of a

    ,itt,e )oet and *reat ca,cu,ator" And here( for the

    edication of the reader( I $i,, re)eat a %er' sin*u4

    ,ar con%ersation that one da' )assed et$een 1r"

    Secretar' and 1icrome*as"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    nettes # said our tra%e,,er"

    #Then it is ,iGe a *a,,er' of )ictures( the stroGes

    of $hich #

    #Not at a,,(# ans$ered 1icrome*as( #I te,, 'ou(

    once for a,,( nature is ,iGe nature( and com)arisons

    are odious"#

    #We,,( to ),ease 'ou(# said the secretar'

    #I $on+t e ),eased(# re),ied the Sirian( #I $ant

    to e instructed7 e*in( therefore( $ithout further

    )ream,e( and te,, me ho$ man' senses the )eo),e

    of this $or,d enHo'"#

    #We ha%e se%ent' and t$o(# said the academi4

    cian( #ut $e are dai,' com),ainin* of the sma,,

    numer( as our ima*ination transcends our $ants(

    for( $ith the se%ent'4t$o senses( our %e moons and

    rin*( $e nd ourse,%es %er' much restricted7 and

    not$ithstandin* our curiosit'( and the no sma,,

    numer of those )assions that resu,t from these fe$

    senses( $e ha%e sti,, time enou*h to e tired of


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    #I sincere,' e,ie%e $hat 'ou sa'(# cried 1icro4

    me*as( for( thou*h $e Sirians ha%e near a thousand

    dierent senses( there sti,, remains a certain %a*ue

    desire( an unaccounta,e inuietude incessant,' ad4

    monishin* us of our o$n unim)ortance( and *i%in*

    us to understand that there are other ein*s $ho

    are much our su)eriors in )oint of )erfection" I

    ;> 1icrome*as"

    ha%e tra%e,,ed a ,itt,e( and seen morta,s oth ao%e

    and e,o$ m'se,f in the sca,e of ein*( ut I ha%e

    met $ith none $ho had not more desire than neces4

    sit'( and more $ant than *ratication" Perha)s I

    sha,, one da' arri%e in some countr' $here nau*ht

    is $antin*( ut hitherto I ha%e had no certain in4

    formation of such a ha))' ,and"#

     The Saturnian and his *uest e?hausted them4

    se,%es in conHectures u)on this suHect( and after

    aundance of ar*umentation eua,,' in*enious and

    uncertain( $ere fain to return to matter of fact"

    #To $hat a*e do 'ou common,' ,i%e# said the

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



    #LacGada' a mere triQe(# re),ied the ,itt,e


    #It is the %er' same case $ith us(# resumed the

    other( the shortness of ,ife is our dai,' com),aint(

    so that this must e a uni%ersa, ,a$ in nature"#

    #A,as# cried the Saturnian( #fe$( %er' fe$ on

    this *,oe out,i%e %e hundred *reat re%o,utions of

    the sun these( accordin* to our $a' of recGonin*(

    amount to aout fteen thousand 'ears" So( 'ou

    see( $e in a manner e*in to die the %er' moment

    $e are orn 7 our e?istence is no more than a )oint(

    our duration an instant( and our *,oe an atom"

    Scarce do $e e*in to ,earn a ,itt,e( $hen death in4

    ter%enes efore $e can )rot ' e?)erience" For m'

    o$n )art( I am deterred from ,a'in* schemes $hen I

    consider m'se,f as a sin*,e dro) in the midst of an

    immense ocean" I am )articu,ar,' ashamed( in

    1icrome*as" @

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    'our )resence( of the ridicu,ous *ure I maGe

    amon* m' fe,,o$4creatures"#

     To this dec,aration 1icrome*as re),ied .

    #If 'ou $ere not a )hi,oso)her( I shou,d e

    afraid of mortif'in* 'our )ride ' te,,in* 'ou that

    the term of our ,i%es is se%en hundred times ,on*er

    than the ,en*th of 'our e?istence 7 ut 'ou are %er'

    sensi,e that $hen the te?ture of the od' is re4

    so,%ed( in order to reanimate nature in another form(

    $hich is the conseuence of $hat $e ca,, death

    $hen that moment of chan*e arri%es( there is not

    the ,east dierence et$i?t ha%in* ,i%ed a $ho,e

    eternit' or a sin*,e da'" I ha%e een in some coun4

    tries $here the )eo),e ,i%e a thousand times ,on*er

    than $ith us( and 'et the' murmured at the short4

    ness of their time" !ut one $i,, nd e%er'$here

    some fe$ )ersons of *ood sense( $ho Gno$ ho$ to

    maGe the est of their )ortion and thanG the

    author of nature for his ount'" There is a )ro4

    fusion of %ariet' scattered throu*h the uni%erse(

    and 'et there is an admira,e %ein of uniformit'

    that runs throu*h the $ho,e 7 for e?am),e( a,, thinG4

    in* ein*s are dierent amon* themse,%es( thou*h

    at ottom the' resem,e one another in the )o$ers

    and )assions of the sou," 1atter( thou*h intermin4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    a,e( hath dierent )ro)erties in e%er' s)here"

    &o$ man' )rinci)a, attriutes do 'ou recGon in

    the matter of this $or,d#

    #If 'ou mean those )ro)erties(# said the Satur4

    nian( #$ithout $hich $e e,ie%e this our *,oe

    @M 1icrome*as"

    cou,d not susist( $e recGon in a,, three hundred(

    such as e?tent( im)enetrai,it'( motion( *ra%itation(

    di%isii,it'( et caetera"#

    #That sma,, numer(# re),ied the tra%e,,er(

    #)roa,' ans$ers the %ie$s of the Creator on this

    'our narro$ s)here" I adore &is $isdom in a,,

    &is $orGs" I see innite %ariet'( ut e%er'$here

    )ro)ortion" 3our *,oe is sma,,( so are the inhai4

    tants" 3ou ha%e fe$ sensations( ecause 'our

    matter is endued $ith fe$ )ro)erties" These are

    the $orGs of unerrin* )ro%idence" Of $hat co,or

    does 'our sun a))ear $hen accurate,' e?amined#

    #Of a 'e,,o$ish $hite(# ans$ered the Saturnian(

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    #and in se)aratin* one of his ra's $e nd it con4

    tains se%en co,ors"#

    #Our sun(# said the Sirian( #is of a reddish hue(

    and $e ha%e no ,ess than thirt'4nine ori*ina, co,ors"

    Amon* a,, the suns I ha%e seen there is no sort of

    resem,ance( and in this s)here of 'ours there is

    not one face ,iGe another"#

    After di%ers uestions of this nature he asGed

    ho$ man' sustances( essentia,,' dierent( the'

    counted in the $or,d of Saturn( and understood

    that the' numered ut thirt'( such as od( s)ace(

    matter( ein*s endo$ed $ith sense and e?tension(

    ein*s that ha%e e?tension( sense( and reQection7

    thinGin* ein*s $ho ha%e no e?tension7 those that

    are )enetra,e 7 those that are im)enetra,e( and a,so

    a,, others" !ut this Saturnian )hi,oso)her $as )ro4

    di*ious,' astonished $hen the Sirian to,d him the'

    1icrome*as" @<

    had no ,ess than three hundred( and that he himse,f

    had disco%ered three thousand more in the course

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    of his tra%e,s" In short( after ha%in* communi4

    cated to each other $hat the' Gne$( and e%en $hat

    the' did not Gno$( and ar*ued durin* a com),ete

    re%o,ution of the sun( the' reso,%ed to set out to4

    *ether on a sma,, )hi,oso)hica, tour"




    Our t$o )hi,oso)hers $ere Hust read' to emarG

    for the atmos)here of Saturn( $ith a ,ar*e )ro%ision

    of mathematica, instruments( $hen the Saturnian+s

    mistress( ha%in* *ot an inG,in* of their desi*n(

    came a,, in tears to maGe her )rotests" She $as a

    handsome runette( thou*h not ao%e si? hundred

    and threescore fathoms hi*h 7 ut her a*reea,e at4

    tractions made amends for the sma,,ness of her


    #Ah crue, man(# cried she( #after a courtshi) of

    fteen hundred 'ears( $hen at ,en*th I surrendered

    and ecame 'our $ife( and scarce ha%e )assed t$o

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    hundred more in th' emraces( to ,ea%e me thus(

    efore the hone'moon is o%er( and *o a4ram,in*

    $ith a *iant of another $or,d o( *o( thou art a

    mere %irtuoso( de%oid of tenderness and ,o%e If

    thou $ert a true Saturnian( thou $ou,dst e faithfu,

    = 1icrome*as"

    and in%aria,e" Ah $hither art thou *oin* $hat

    is th' desi*n Our %e moons are not so incon4

    stant( nor our rin* so chan*ea,e as thee !ut taGe

    this a,on* $ith thee( henceforth I ne+er sha,, ,o%e

    another man"#

     The ,itt,e *ent,eman emraced and $e)t o%er

    her( not$ithstandin* his )hi,oso)h'7 and the ,ad'(

    after ha%in* s$ooned $ith *reat decenc'( $ent to

    conso,e herse,f $ith more a*reea,e com)an'"

    1ean$hi,e our t$o %irtuosi set out( and at one

     Hum) ,ea)ed u)on the rin*( $hich the' found )rett'

    Qat( accordin* to the in*enious *uess of an i,,us4

    trious inhaitant of this our ,itt,e earth" From

    thence the' easi,' s,i))ed from moon to moon 7 and

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    a comet chancin* to )ass( the' s)ran* u)on it $ith

    a,, their ser%ants and a))aratus" Thus carried

    aout one hundred and ft' mi,,ions of ,ea*ues(

    the' met $ith the sate,,ites of /u)iter( and arri%ed

    u)on the od' of the ),anet itse,f( $here the' con4

    tinued a $ho,e 'ear7 durin* $hich the' ,earned

    some %er' curious secrets( $hich $ou,d actua,,' e

    sent to the )ress( $ere it not for fear of the *ent,e4

    men inuisitors( $ho ha%e found amon* them some

    coro,,aries %er' hard of di*estion" Ne%erthe,ess( I

    ha%e read the manuscri)t in the ,irar' of the i,,us4

    trious archisho) of ( $ho( $ith that *enerosit'

    and *oodness $hich shou,d e%er e commended(

    has *ranted me )ermission to )eruse his ooGs 7

    $herefore I )romise he sha,, ha%e a ,on* artic,e in

    the ne?t edition of 1oreri( and I sha,, not for*et

    1icrome*as" ;

    the 'oun* *ent,emen( his sons( $ho *i%e us such

    ),easin* ho)es of seein* )er)etuated the race of

    their i,,ustrious father" !ut to return to our tra%e,4

    ,ers" When the' tooG ,ea%e of /u)iter( the' tra%4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ersed a s)ace of aout one hundred mi,,ions of

    ,ea*ues( and coastin* a,on* the ),anet 1ars( $hich

    is $e,, Gno$n to e %e times sma,,er than our ,itt,e

    earth( the' descried t$o moons suser%ient to that

    or $hich ha%e esca)ed the oser%ation of a,,

    our astronomers" I Gno$ Father Caste, $i,, $rite(

    and that ),easant,' enou*h( a*ainst the e?istence

    of these t$o moons7 ut I entire,' refer m'se,f to

    those $ho reason ' ana,o*'" Those $orth' )hi4

    ,oso)hers are %er' sensi,e that 1ars( $hich is at

    such a distance from the sun( must e in a %er' un4

    comforta,e situation( $ithout the enet of a

    cou),e of moons"- !e that as it ma'( our *ent,emen

    found the ),anet so sma,, that the' $ere afraid the'

    shou,d not nd room to taGe a ,itt,e re)ose( so that

    the' )ursued their Hourne' ,iGe t$o tra%e,,ers $ho

    des)ise the )a,tr' accommodation of a %i,,a*e and

    )ush for$ard to the ne?t marGet to$n" !ut the

    Sirian and his com)anion soon re)ented of their

    de,icac'( for the' Hourne'ed a ,on* time $ithout

    ndin* a restin*4),ace( ti,, at ,en*th the' discerned

    a sma,, s)ecG( $hich $as the Earth" Comin* from

     /u)iter( the' cou,d not ut e mo%ed $ith com)as4

    sion at the si*ht of this misera,e s)ot( u)on $hich(

    -This fanc' of Vo,taire for it $as not a conHecture

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    comin* throu*h oth hemis)heres( the' did a,, that

    ,a' in their )o$er to disco%er $hether or not the

    *,oe $as inhaited" The' stoo)ed( the' ,a' do$n(

    the' *ro)ed in e%er' corner7 ut their e'es and

    hands $ere not at a,, )ro)ortioned to the sma,,

    ein*s that cra$, u)on this earth( and( therefore(

    the' cou,d not nd the sma,,est reason to sus)ect

    that $e and our fe,,o$4citi2ens of this *,oe had the

    honor to e?ist"

     The d$arf( $ho sometimes Hud*ed too hasti,'(

    conc,uded at once that there $ere no ,i%in* creatures

    u)on earth( and his chief reason $as that he had

    seen nood'" !ut 1icrome*as( in a )o,ite manner(

    made him sensi,e of the unHust conc,usion.

    #For(# said he( #$ith 'our diminuti%e e'es 'ou

    cannot see certain stars of the ftieth ma*nitude(

    $hich I easi,' )ercei%e7 and #do 'ou taGe it for

    *ranted that no such stars e?ist#

    #!ut I ha%e *ro)ed $ith *reat care(# re),ied the


    #Then 'our sense of fee,in* must e ad(# said

    the other"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    #!ut this *,oe(# said the d$arf( #is i,, contri%ed(

    Vo," 4


    and so irre*u,ar in its form as to e uite ridicu,ous"

     The $ho,e to*ether ,ooGs ,iGe a chaos" Do ut

    oser%e these ,itt,e ri%u,ets7 not one of them runs

    in a strai*ht ,ine 7 and these )onds $hich are neither

    round( suare( nor o%a,( nor indeed of an' re*u,ar

    *ure 7 to*ether $ith these ,itt,e shar) )e,es

    meanin* the mountains that rou*hen the $ho,e

    surface of the *,oe( and ha%e torn a,, the sGin from

    m' feet" !esides( )ra' taGe notice of the sha)e of

    the $ho,e( ho$ it Qattens at the )o,es( and turns

    round the sun in an a$G$ard o,iue manner( so

    that the )o,ar circ,es cannot )ossi,' e cu,ti%ated"

     Tru,'( $hat maGes me e,ie%e there is no inhaitant

    on this s)here is a fu,, )ersuasion that no sensi,e

    ein* $ou,d ,i%e in such a disa*reea,e ),ace"#

    #What then # said 1icrome*as 7 #)erha)s the e4

    in*s that inhait it come not under that denomina4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    tion7 ut( to a,, a))earance( it $as not made for

    nothin*" E%er'thin* here seems to 'ou irre*u,ar(

    ecause 'ou fetch a,, 'our com)arisons from /u)iter

    or Saturn" Perha)s this is the %er' reason of the

    seemin* confusion $hich 'ou condemn 7 ha%e I not

    to,d 'ou that in the course of m' tra%e,s I ha%e a,4

    $a's met $ith %ariet'#

     The Saturnian re),ied to a,, these ar*uments( and

    )erha)s the dis)ute $ou,d ha%e Gno$n no end( if

    1icrome*as( in the heat of the contest( had not

    ,ucGi,' roGen the strin* of his diamond necG,ace(

    so that the He$e,s fe,, to the *round7 the' consisted

    of )rett' sma,, uneua, stones( the ,ar*est of $hich

    1icrome*as" B

    $ei*hed four hundred )ounds( and the sma,,est

    ft'" The d$arf( in he,)in* to )icG them u)( )er4

    cei%ed( as the' a))roached his e'e( that e%er' sin*,e

    diamond $as cut in such a manner as to ans$er the

    )ur)ose of an e?ce,,ent microsco)e" &e therefore

    tooG u) a sma,, one( aout one hundred and si?t' feet

    in diameter( and a)),ied it to his e'e( $hi,e 1icro4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    me*as chose another of t$o thousand %e hundred

    feet" Thou*h the' $ere of e?ce,,ent )o$ers( the

    oser%ers cou,d )ercei%e nothin* ' their assist4

    ance( so the' $ere a,tered and adHusted" At ,en*th(

    the inhaitant of Saturn discerned somethin* a,4

    most im)erce)ti,e mo%in* et$een t$o $a%es in

    the !a,tic" This $as no other than a $ha,e( $hich(

    in a de?trous manner( he cau*ht $ith his ,itt,e

    n*er( and( ),acin* it on the nai, of his thum(

    sho$ed it to the Sirian( $ho ,au*hed hearti,' at the

    e?cessi%e sma,,ness )ecu,iar to the inhaitants of

    this our *,oe" The Saturnian( ' this time con4

    %inced that our $or,d $as inhaited( e*an to

    ima*ine $e had no other anima,s than $ha,es7 and

    ein* a mi*ht' deater( he forth$ith set aout in4

    %esti*atin* the ori*in and motion of this sma,, atom(

    curious to Gno$ $hether or not it $as furnished

    $ith ideas( Hud*ment( and free $i,," 1icrome*as

    $as %er' much )er),e?ed u)on this suHect" &e

    e?amined the anima, $ith the most )atient atten4

    tion( and the resu,t of his inuir' $as that he cou,d

    see no reason to e,ie%e a sou, $as ,od*ed in such

    a od'" The t$o tra%e,,ers $ere actua,,' inc,ined

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    > 1icrome*as"

    to thinG there $as no such thin* as mind in this

    our haitation( $hen( ' the he,) of their micro4

    sco)e( the' )ercei%ed somethin* as ,ar*e as a $ha,e

    Qoatin* u)on the surface of the sea" It is $e,,

    Gno$n that at this )eriod a QocG of )hi,oso)hers

    $ere u)on their return from the )o,ar circ,e( $here

    the' had een maGin* oser%ations( for $hich no4

    od' has hitherto een the $iser" The *a2ettes re4

    cord that their %esse, ran ashore on the coast of

    !othnia and that the' $ith *reat dicu,t' sa%ed

    their ,i%es7 ut in this $or,d one can ne%er di%e to

    the ottom of thin*s" For m' o$n )art( I $i,, in4

    *enious,' recount the transaction Hust as it ha)4

    )ened( $ithout an' addition of m' o$n7 and this

    is no sma,, eort in a modern historian"

    C&APTER V"


    1icrome*as stretched out his hand *ent,' to4

    $ard the ),ace $here the oHect a))eared( and ad4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    %anced t$o n*ers( $hich he instant,' )u,,ed acG(

    for fear of ein* disa))ointed 7 then o)enin* soft,'

    and shuttin* them a,, at once( he %er' de?trous,'

    sei2ed the shi) that contained those *ent,emen( and

    ),aced it on his nai,( a%oidin* too much )ressure(

    $hich mi*ht ha%e crushed the $ho,e in )ieces"

    #This(# said the Saturnian d$arf( #is a creature

    %er' dierent from the former"#


    0)on $hich the Sirian( ),acin* the su))osed

    anima, in the ho,,o$ of his hand( the )assen*ers

    and cre$( $ho e,ie%ed themse,%es thro$n ' a

    hurricane u)on some rocG( e*an to )ut themse,%es

    in motion" The sai,ors ha%in* hoisted out some

    casGs of $ine( Hum)ed after them into the hand of

    1icrome*as 7 the mathematicians ha%in* secured

    their uadrants( sectors( and La),and ser%ants( $ent

    o%eroard at a dierent ),ace( and made such a ust,e

    in their descent that the Sirian at ,en*th fe,t his

    n*ers ticG,ed ' somethin* that seemed to mo%e"

    An iron ar chanced to )enetrate aout a foot dee)

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    into his foren*er 7 and from this )ricG he conc,uded

    that somethin* had issued from the ,itt,e anima, he

    he,d in his hand 7 ut at rst he sus)ected nothin*

    more( for the microsco)e( that scarce rendered a

    $ha,e and a shi) %isi,e( had no eect u)on an oHect

    so im)erce)ti,e as man"

    I do not intend to shocG the %anit' of an' )er4

    son $hate%er 7 ut here I am o,i*ed to reuest

    )eo),e of im)ortance to consider that( su))osin*

    the stature of a man to e aout %e feet( $e morta,s

    maGe Hust such a *ure u)on the earth as an anima,

    the si?t' thousandth )art of a foot in hei*ht $ou,d

    e?hiit u)on a o$, ten feet in circumference"

    When 'ou reQect u)on a ein* $ho cou,d ho,d this

    $ho,e earth in the )a,m of his hand( and is )ro%ided

    $ith or*ans )ro)ortioned to those $e )ossess( 'ou

    $i,, easi,' concei%e that there must e a *reat %ar4

    iet' of created sustances and )ra'( $hat must

    M 1icrome*as"

    such ein*s thinG of those att,es ' $hich a con4

    ueror *ains a sma,, %i,,a*e( to ,ose it a*ain in the

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



    I do not at a,, dout ut if some ca)tain of

    *renadiers shou,d chance to read this $orG( he

    $ou,d add t$o ,ar*e feet at ,east to the ca)s of his

    com)an'7 ut I assure him his ,aor $i,, e in

    %ain( for( do $hat he $i,,( he and his so,diers $i,,

    ne%er e other than innite,' diminuti%e and in4


    What $onderfu, address must ha%e een inher4

    ent in our Sirian )hi,oso)her that ena,ed him to

    )ercei%e these atoms of $hich $e ha%e een s)eaG4

    in*" When Leu$enhoeG and &artsoeGer oser%ed

    the rst rudiments of $hich $e are formed(

    the' did not maGe such an astonishin* disco%er'"

    What ),easure( therefore( $as the )ortion of 1icro4

    me*as in oser%in* the motion of those ,itt,e ma4

    chines( in e?aminin* a,, their )ranGs( and fo,,o$in*

    them in a,, their o)erations With $hat Ho' did he

    )ut his microsco)e into his com)anion+s hand 7 and

    $ith $hat trans)ort did the' oth at once e?c,aim .

    #I see them distinct,' don+t 'ou see them car4

    r'in* urdens( ,'in* do$n and risin* u) a*ain #

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    So sa'in*( their hands shooG $ith ea*erness to

    see and a))rehension to ,ose such uncommon o4

     Hects" The Saturnian( maGin* a sudden transition

    from the most cautious distrust to the most e?ces4

    si%e credu,it'( ima*ined he sa$ them en*a*ed in

    their de%otions( and cried a,oud in astonishment"

    1icrome*as" <

    Ne%erthe,ess( he $as decei%ed ' a))earances7

    a case too common( $hether $e do or do not maGe

    use of microsco)es"



    1icrome*as ein* a much etter oser%er than

    the d$arf( )ercei%ed distinct,' that those atoms

    s)oGe7 and made the remarG to his com)anion(

    $ho $as so much ashamed of ein* mistaGen in his

    rst su**estion that he $ou,d not e,ie%e such a

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    )un' s)ecies cou,d )ossi,' communicate their

    ideas( for( thou*h he had the *ift of ton*ues( as

    $e,, as his com)anion( he cou,d not hear those

    )artic,es s)eaG( and( therefore( su))osed the' had

    no ,an*ua*e"

    #!esides( ho$ shou,d such im)erce)ti,e ein*s

    ha%e the or*ans of s)eech and $hat in the name

    of /o%e can the' sa' to one another In order to

    s)eaG( the' must ha%e somethin* ,iGe thou*ht( and

    if the' thinG( the' must sure,' ha%e somethin*

    eui%a,ent to a sou," No$( to attriute an'thin*

    ,iGe a sou, to such an insect s)ecies a))ears a mere


    #!ut Hust no$(# re),ied the Sirian( #'ou e,ie%ed

    the' $ere en*a*ed in de%otiona, e?ercises7 and do

    'ou thinG this cou,d e done $ithout thinGin*(

    $ithout usin* some sort of ,an*ua*e( or at ,east

    = 1icrome*as"

    some $a' of maGin* themse,%es understood Or

    do 'ou su))ose it is more dicu,t to ad%ance an

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ar*ument than to en*a*e in )h'sica, e?ercise For

    m' o$n )art( I ,ooG u)on a,, facu,ties as a,iGe


    #I $i,, no ,on*er %enture to e,ie%e or den'(#

    ans$ered the d$arf( #in short( I ha%e no o)inion at

    a,," Let us endea%or to e?amine these insects( and

    $e $i,, reason u)on them after$ard"#

    #With a,, m' heart(# said 1icrome*as( $ho(

    taGin* out a )air of scissors $hich he Ge)t for

    )arin* his nai,s( cut o a )arin* from his thum

    nai,( of $hich he immediate,' formed a ,ar*e Gind

    of s)eaGin* trum)et( ,iGe a %ast tunne,( and c,a))ed

    the )i)e to his ear7 as the circumference of this

    machine inc,uded the shi) and a,, the cre$( the most

    fee,e %oice $as con%e'ed a,on* the circu,ar res

    of the nai,7 so that( thanGs to his industr'( the

    )hi,oso)her cou,d distinct,' hear the u22in* of our

    insects that $ere e,o$" In a fe$ hours he dis4

    tin*uished articu,ate sounds( and at ,ast ),ain,'

    understood the French ,an*ua*e" The d$arf heard

    the same( thou*h $ith more dicu,t'"

     The astonishment of our tra%e,,ers increased

    e%er' instant" The' heard a nest of mites ta,G in a

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    %er' sensi,e strain . and that ,usu s nature seemed

    to them ine?),ica,e" 3ou need not dout ut the

    Sirian and his d$arf *,o$ed $ith im)atience to

    enter into con%ersation $ith such atoms" 1icro4

    me*as ein* afraid that his %oice( ,iGe thunder(

    1icrome*as" ;

    $ou,d deafen and confound the mites( $ithout e4

    in* understood ' them( sa$ the necessit' of dimin4

    ishin* the sound7 each( therefore( )ut into his

    mouth a sort of sma,, tooth)icG( the s,ender end of

    $hich reached to the %esse," The Sirian settin* the

    d$arf u)on his Gnees( and the shi) and cre$

    u)on his nai,( he,d do$n his head and s)oGe soft,'"

    In ne( ha%in* taGen these and a *reat man' more

    )recautions( he addressed himse,f to them in these

    $ords .

    #O 'e in%isi,e insects( $hom the hand of the

    Creator hath dei*ned to )roduce in the a'ss of

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    innite ,itt,eness I *i%e )raise to &is *oodness( in

    that &e hath een ),eased to disc,ose unto me those

    secrets that seemed to e im)enetra,e"#

    If e%er there $as such a thin* as astonishment(

    it sei2ed u)on the )eo),e $ho heard this address(

    and $ho cou,d not concei%e from $hence it )ro4

    ceeded" The cha),ain of the shi) re)eated e?or4

    cisms( the sai,ors s$ore( and the )hi,oso)hers

    formed a s'stem 7 ut( not$ithstandin* a,, their s's4

    tems( the' cou,d not di%ine $ho the )erson $as that

    s)oGe to them" Then the d$arf of Saturn( $hose

    %oice $as softer than that of 1icrome*as( *a%e

    them rieQ' to understand $hat s)ecies of ein*s

    the' had to do $ith" &e re,ated the )articu,ars of

    their %o'a*e from Saturn( made them acuainted

    $ith the ranG and ua,it' of 1onsieur 1icrome*as(

    and( after ha%in* )itied their sma,,ness( asGed if

    the' had a,$a's een in that misera,e state so near

    @ 1icrome*as"

    aGin to annihi,ation7 and $hat their usiness $as

    u)on that *,oe $hich seemed to e the )ro)ert' of

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    $ha,es" &e a,so desired to Gno$ if the' $ere

    ha))' in their situation if the' $ere ins)ired $ith

    sou,s and )ut a hundred uestions of the ,iGe


    A certain mathematician on oard( ra%er than

    the rest( and shocGed to hear his sou, ca,,ed in

    uestion( ),anted his uadrant( and ha%in* taGen

    t$o oser%ations of this inter,ocutor( said. #3ou

    e,ie%e then( 1r" $hat+s 'our name( that ecause

    'ou measure from head to foot a thousand

    fathoms #

    #A thousand fathoms# cried the d$arf( #*ood

    hea%ens &o$ shou,d he Gno$ the hei*ht of m'

    stature A thousand fathoms 1' %er' dimen4

    sions to a hair" What( measured ' a mite This

    atom( forsooth( is a *eometrician( and Gno$s

    e?act,' ho$ ta,, I am7 $hi,e I( $ho can scarce )er4

    cei%e him throu*h a microsco)e( am utter,' i*no4

    rant of his e?tent#

    #3es( I ha%e taGen 'our measure(# ans$ered

    the )hi,oso)her( #and I $i,, no$ do the same '

    'our ta,, com)anion"#

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     The )ro)osa, $as emraced7 his e?ce,,enc' re4

    c,ined u)on his side( for( had he stood u)ri*ht( his

    head $ou,d ha%e reached too far ao%e the c,ouds"

    Our mathematicians ),anted a ta,, tree near him(

    and then( ' a series of trian*,es Hoined to*ether(

    the' disco%ered that the oHect of their oser%ation


    $as a stra))in* 'outh( e?act,' one hundred and

    t$ent' thousand ro'a, feet in ,en*th" In conse4

    uence of this ca,cu,ation( 1icrome*as uttered

    these $ords.

    #I am no$ more than e%er con%inced that $e

    ou*ht to Hud*e of nothin* ' its e?terna, ma*ni4

    tude" O od $ho hast esto$ed understandin*

    u)on such seemin*,' contem)ti,e sustances(

     Thou canst $ith eua, ease )roduce that $hich is

    innite,' sma,,( as that $hich is incredi,' *reat7

    and if it e )ossi,e that amon* th' $orGs there

    are ein*s sti,, more diminuti%e than these( the'

    ma'( ne%erthe,ess( e endued $ith understandin*

    su)erior to the inte,,i*ence of those stu)endous

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    unincumered $ith matter( and( to a,, a))earance(

    ,itt,e e,se than sou,( 'ou must s)end 'our ,i%es in

    the de,i*hts of ),easure and reQection( $hich are

    the true enHo'ments of a )erfect s)irit" True ha)4

    )iness I ha%e no$here found7 ut certain,' here it


    At this haran*ue a,, the )hi,oso)hers shooG their

    heads( and one amon* them( more candid than his

    rethren( franG,' o$ned that( e?ce)tin* a %er'

    sma,, numer of inhaitants $ho $ere %er' ,itt,e

    esteemed ' their fe,,o$s( a,, the rest $ere a )arce,

    of Gna%es( foo,s( and misera,e $retches"

    #We ha%e matter enou*h(# said he( #to do aun4

    dance of mischief( if mischief comes from matter7

    and too much understandin*( if e%i, Qo$s from

    understandin*" 3ou must Gno$( for e?am),e( that

    at this %er' moment( $hi,e I am s)eaGin*( there

    are one hundred thousand anima,s of our o$n

    s)ecies( co%ered $ith hats( s,a'in* an eua, num4

    er of their fe,,o$4creatures $ho $ear turans7

    at ,east the' are either s,a'in* or ein* s,ain7 and

    this hath usua,,' een the case a,, o%er the earth

    from time immemoria,"#

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     The Sirian( shudderin* at this information(

    e**ed to Gno$ the cause of those horri,e uarre,s

    amon* such a )un' race( and $as *i%en to under4

    1icrome*as" B

    stand that the suHect of the dis)ute $as a )itifu,

    mo,e4hi,, ca,,ed Pa,estine( no ,ar*er than his hee,"

    Not that an' one of those mi,,ions $ho cut one

    another+s throats )retends to ha%e the ,east c,aim

    to the sma,,est )artic,e of that c,od" The uestion

    is( $hether it sha,, e,on* to a certain )erson $ho

    is Gno$n ' the name of Su,tan( or to another

    $hom for $hat reason I Gno$ not the' di*nif'

    $ith the a))e,,ation of Po)e" Neither the one nor

    the other has seen or e%er $i,, see the )itifu, corner

    in uestion7 and )roa,' none of these $retches(

    $ho so mad,' destro' each other( e%er ehe,d the

    ru,er on $hose account the' are so merci,ess,' sacri4


    #Ah( miscreants# cried the indi*nant Sirian(

    #such e?cess of des)erate ra*e is e'ond conce)4

    tion" I ha%e a *ood mind to taGe t$o or three

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ste)s( and tram),e the $ho,e nest of such ridicu,ous

    assassins under m' feet"#

    #Don+t *i%e 'ourse,f the trou,e(# re),ied the

    )hi,oso)her 7 #the' are industrious enou*h in )rocur4

    in* their o$n destruction" At the end of ten 'ears

    the hundredth )art of those $retches $i,, not sur4

    %i%e7 for 'ou must Gno$ that( thou*h the' shou,d

    not dra$ a s$ord in the cause the' ha%e es)oused(

    famine( fati*ue( and intem)erance $ou,d s$ee)

    a,most a,, of them from the face of the earth" !e4

    sides( the )unishment shou,d not e inQicted u)on

    them( ut u)on those sedentar' and s,othfu, ar4

    arians( $ho( from their )a,aces( *i%e orders for

    > 1icrome*as"

    murderin* a mi,,ion of men and then so,emn,'

    thanG od for their success"#

    Our tra%e,,er $as mo%ed $ith com)assion for

    the entire human race( in $hich he disco%ered such

    astonishin* contrasts" #Since 'ou are of the sma,,

    numer of the $ise(# said he( #and in a,, ,iGe,ihood

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    do not en*a*e 'ourse,%es in the trade of murder

    for hire( e so *ood as to te,, me 'our occu)ation"#

    #We anatomi2e Qies(# re),ied the )hi,oso)her(

    #$e measure ,ines( $e maGe ca,cu,ations( $e a*ree

    u)on t$o or three )oints $hich $e understand( and

    dis)ute u)on t$o or three thousand that are e'ond

    our com)rehension"#

    #&o$ far(# said the Sirian( #do 'ou recGon the

    distance et$een the *reat star of the conste,,ation

    emini and that ca,,ed Canicu,a#

     To this uestion a,, of them ans$ered $ith one

    %oice. #Thirt'4t$o de*rees and a ha,f"#

    #And $hat is the distance from thence to the


    #Si?t' semi4diameters of the earth"#

    &e then thou*ht to )u22,e them ' asGin* the

    $ei*ht of the air 7 ut the' ans$ered distinct,' that

    common air is aout nine hundred times s)ecica,,'

    ,i*hter than an eua, co,umn of the ,i*htest $ater(

    and nineteen hundred times ,i*hter than current

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ,ea*ues( #that th' sou, shou,d e ,earned efore

    irth( in order to e so i*norant $hen thou hast *ot

    a eard u)on th' chin" !ut $hat dost thou under4

    stand ' s)irit#

    #I ha%e no idea of it(# said the )hi,oso)her 7 #in4

    deed( it is su))osed to e immateria,"#

    #At ,east( thou Gno$est $hat matter is# re4

    sumed the Sirian"

    #Perfect,' $e,,(# ans$ered the other" #For

    e?am),e. that stone is *ra'( is of a certain *ure(

    has three dimensions( s)ecic $ei*ht( and di%is4


    #I $ant to Gno$(# said the *iant( #$hat that

    oHect is( $hich( accordin* to th' oser%ation( hath

    a *ra' co,or( $ei*ht and di%isii,it'" Thou seest

    a fe$ ua,ities( ut dost thou Gno$ the nature of

    the thin* itse,f#

    #Not I( tru,'(# ans$ered the Cartesian"

    0)on $hich the Sirian admitted that he a,so $as

    i*norant in re*ard to this suHect" Then addressin*

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



    A ,itt,e )artisan of LocGe( $ho chanced to e

    )resent( ein* asGed his o)inion on the same su4

     Hect( said. #I do not Gno$ ' $hat )o$er I thinG7

    ut $e,, I Gno$ that I shou,d ne%er ha%e thou*ht

    $ithout the assistance of m' senses" That there

    are immateria, and inte,,i*ent sustances I do not

    at a,, dout7 ut that it is im)ossi,e for od to

    communicate the facu,t' of thinGin* to matter( I

    dout %er' much" I re%ere the Eterna, Po$er( to

    $hich it $ou,d i,, ecome me to )rescrie ounds"

    I arm nothin*( and am contented to e,ie%e that

    man' more thin*s are )ossi,e than are usua,,'

    thou*ht so"#

     The Sirian smi,ed at this dec,aration( and did not

    ,ooG u)on the author as the ,east sa*acious of the

    com)an'7 and as for the d$arf of Saturn( he $ou,d

    ha%e emraced this adherent of LocGe( had it not

    een for the e?treme dis)ro)ortion in their res)ec4

    ti%e si2es" !ut un,ucGi,' there $as another anima,4

    cu,e in a suare ca)( $ho( taGin* the $ord from a,,

    his )hi,oso)hica, rethren( armed that he Gne$ the

    Vo," 4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    B= 1icrome*as"

    $ho,e secret( $hich $as contained in the arid*4

    ment of St" Thomas" &e sur%e'ed the t$o ce,estia,

    stran*ers from to) to toe( and maintained to their

    faces that their )ersons( their fashions( their suns(

    and their stars $ere created so,e,' for the use of

    man" At this $i,d assertion our t$o tra%e,,ers $ere

    sei2ed $ith a t of that uncontro,,a,e ,au*hter(

    $hich accordin* to &omer is the )ortion of the

    immorta, *ods 7 their e,,ies ui%ered( their shou,4

    ders rose and fe,,( and( durin* these con%u,sions( the

    %esse, fe,, from the Sirian+s nai, into the Saturnian+s

    )ocGet( $here these $orth' )eo),e searched for it a

    ,on* time $ith *reat di,i*ence" At ,en*th( ha%in*

    found the shi) and set e%er'thin* to ri*hts a*ain(

    the Sirian resumed the discourse $ith those diminu4

    ti%e mites( and )romised to com)ose for them a

    choice ooG of )hi,oso)h' $hich $ou,d demon4

    strate the %er' essence of thin*s" Accordin*,'( e4

    fore his de)arture( he made them a )resent of the

    ooG( $hich $as rou*ht to the Academ' of

    Sciences at Paris( ut $hen the o,d secretar' came

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    to o)en it he sa$ nothin* ut ,anG )a)er( u)on


    #A'( a'(# said he( # this is Hust $hat I sus)ected"#



    I $as orn in Candid( in the 'ear ;>==" 1'

    father $as *o%ernor of the cit'7 and I rememer

    that a )oet of midd,in* )arts( and of a most un4

    musica, ear( $hose name $as Iro( com)osed some

    %erses in m' )raise( in $hich he made me to descend

    from 1inos in a direct ,ine7 ut m' father ein*

    after$ards dis*raced( he $rote some other %erses(

    in $hich he deri%ed m' )edi*ree from no no,er an

    ori*in than the amours of Pasi)hae and her *a,,ant"

     This Iro $as a most mischie%ous ro*ue( and one of

    the most trou,esome fe,,o$s in the is,and"

    1' father sent me at fteen 'ears of a*e to )ros4

    ecute m' studies at Rome" There I arri%ed in fu,,

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ho)es of ,earnin* a,, Ginds of truth( for I had hith4

    erto een tau*ht uite the re%erse( accordin* to the

    custom of this ,o$er $or,d from China to the A,)s"

    1onsi*nor Profondo( to $hom I $as recommended(

    $as a man of a %er' sin*u,ar character( and one of

    the most terri,e scho,ars in the $or,d" &e $as for

    teachin* me te cate*ories of Aristot,e7 and $as

     Hust on the )oint of ),acin* me in the cate*or' of

    his minions 7 a fate $hich I narro$,' esca)ed" I

    sa$ )rocessions( e?orcisms( and some roeries"

    [email protected] Tra%e,s of Scarmentado"

    It $as common,' said( ut $ithout an' ""founda4

    tion( that ,a Si*nora O,'m)ia( a ,ad' of *reat )ru4

    dence( had decei%ed man' ,o%ers( she ein* oth

    inconstant and mercenar'" I $as then of an a*e

    to re,ish such comica, anecdotes"

    A 'oun* ,ad' of *reat s$eetness of tem)er(

    ca,,ed ,a Si*nora Fate,o( thou*ht )ro)er to fa,, in

    ,o%e $ith me" She $as courted ' the re%erend

    father Pio*nardini and ' the re%erend father

    Aconiti(- 'oun* monGs of an order no$ e?tinct7

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    and she reconci,ed the t$o ri%a,s ' dec,arin* her

    )reference for me7 ut at the same time I ran the

    risG of ein* e?communicated and )oisoned" I

    ,eft Rome hi*h,' ),eased $ith the architecture of

    St" Peter+s"

    I tra%e,,ed to France" It $as durin* the rei*n

    of Louis the /ust" The rst uestion )ut to me

    $as( $hether I chose to reaGfast on a s,ice of the

    1arsha, d+Ancre(f $hose Qesh the )eo),e had

    roasted and distriuted $ith *reat ,iera,it' to such

    as chose to taste it"

     This Gin*dom $as continua,,' in%o,%ed in ci%i,

    $ars 7 sometimes for a ),ace at court( sometimes for

    - A,,udin* to the infamous )ractice of )oisonin* and

    assassination at that time )re%a,ent in Rome" Trans"

    fThis $as the famous Concini"$ho $as murdered on the

    dra$rid*e of the Lou%re( ' the intri*ues of De Luines(

    not $ithout the Gno$,ed*e of the Gin*( Louis :III" &is

    od'( $hich had een secret,' interred in the church of

    St" ermain ;+Au?errois( $as ne?t da' du* u) ' the

    )o)u,ace( $ho dra**ed it throu*h the streets( then urned

    the Qesh( and thre$ the ones into the ri%er" The marsha,+s

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    *reatest crime $as his ein* a forei*ner" "

     Tra%e,s of Scarmentado" B

    t$o )a*es of theo,o*ica, contro%ers'" This re(

    $hich at one time ,a' concea,ed under the ashes( and

    at another urst forth $ith *reat %io,ence( had deso4

    ,ated these eautifu, )ro%inces for u)$ards of si?t'

    'ears" The )rete?t $as( defendin* the ,ierties of

    the a,,ican church" #A,as # said I( #these )eo),e

    are ne%erthe,ess orn $ith a *ent,e dis)osition"

    What can ha%e dra$n them so far from their nat4

    ura, character The' HoGe and Gee) ho,' da's"-

    &a))' the time $hen the' sha,, do nothin* ut


    I $ent o%er to En*,and( $here the same dis4

    )utes occasioned the same ararities" Some )ious

    Catho,ics had reso,%ed( for the *ood of the church(

    to ,o$ u) into the air $ith *un)o$der the Gin*(

    the ro'a, fami,'( and the $ho,e )ar,iament( and

    thus to de,i%er En*,and from a,, these heretics at

    once" The' sho$ed me the ),ace $here 8ueen

    1ar' of ,essed memor'( the dau*hter of &enr'

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    the state"

    #&e has done much $orse(# re),ied a )reacher

    in a ,acG c,oaG7 #he e,ie%ed that men ma' e

    sa%ed ' *ood $orGs as $e,, as ' faith" 3ou must

    )ercei%e(# adds he( #that if such o)inions $ere to

    *ain *round( a re)u,ic cou,d not susist( and that

    there must e se%ere ,a$s to su))ress such scanda4

    ,ous and horrid ,as)hemies"#

    A )rofound )o,itician said to me $ith a si*h .

    #A,as sir( this ha))' time $i,, not ,ast ,on*7 it

    is on,' ' chance that the )eo),e are so 2ea,ous"

     The' are natura,,' inc,ined to the aomina,e doc4

    trine of to,eration( and the' $i,, certain,' at ,ast

    *rant it"# This reQection set him a4*roanin*"

    For m' o$n )art( in e?)ectation of that fata,

    )eriod $hen moderation and indu,*ence shou,d

    taGe ),ace( I instant,' uitted a countr' $here se4

    %erit' $as not softened ' an' ,eniti%e( and em4

    arGed for S)ain"

     The court $as then at Se%i,,e" The *a,,eons had

     Hust arri%ed( and e%er'thin* reathed ),ent' and

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     Tra%e,s of Scarmentado" BB

    *,adness( in the most eautifu, season of the 'ear"

    I oser%ed( at the end of an a,,e' of oran*e and

    citron trees( a Gind of ,ar*e rin*( surrounded $ith

    ste)s co%ered $ith rich and cost,' c,oth" The Gin*(

    the ueen( the infantes( and the infantas $ere seated

    under a su)er cano)'" O))osite to the ro'a,

    fami,' $as another throne( raised hi*her than that

    on $hich his maHest' sat" I said to a fe,,o$4tra%4

    e,,er. #0n,ess this throne e reser%ed for od(

    I don+t see $hat )ur)ose it can ser%e"#

     This un*uarded e?)ression $as o%erheard ' a

    *ra%e S)aniard( and cost me dear" 1ean$hi,e( I

    ima*ined $e $ere *oin* to a carousa,( or a match of

    u,,4aitin*( $hen the *rand inuisitor a))eared

    on that e,e%ated throne( from $hence he ,essed the

    Gin* and the )eo),e"

     Then came an arm' of monGs( $ho ,ed o in

    )airs( $hite( ,acG( *ra'( shod( unshod( earded(

    eard,ess( $ith )ointed co$,s( and $ithout co$,s"

    Ne?t fo,,o$ed the han*man( and ,ast of a,, $ere

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    seen( in the midst of the *uards and *randees( aout

    fort' )ersons c,ad in sacGc,oth( on $hich $ere

    )ainted the *ures of Qames and de%i,s" Some of

    these $ere /e$s( $ho cou,d not e )re%ai,ed u)on

    to renounce 1oses entire,'7 others $ere Christians

    $ho had married $omen $ith $hom the' had stood

    s)onsors to a chi,d7 $ho had not adored our Lad'

    of Atocha7 or $ho had refused to )art $ith their

    read' mone' in fa%or of the &ieron'mite rothers"

    Some )rett' )ra'ers $ere sun* $ith much de%otion

    B> Tra%e,s of Scarmentado"

    and then the crimina,s $ere urnt at a s,o$ re

    a ceremon' $ith $hich the ro'a, fami,' seemed to

    e *reat,' edied"

    As I $as *oin* to ed in the e%enin*( t$o mem4

    ers of the Inuisition came to m' ,od*in* $ith the

    Santa &ermandad" The' emraced me $ith *reat

    tenderness( and conducted me in so,emn si,ence to

    a $e,,4aired )rison( furnished $ith a ed of mat(

    and a eautifu, cruci?" There I remained for si?

    $eeGs( at the end of $hich time the re%erend father(

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


     Tra%e,s of Scarmentado" B

    and then $ent to )ress m' com)anions to uit the

    countr'( eautifu, as it $as"

     The' had( durin* m' im)risonment( found time

    to inform themse,%es of a,, the *reat thin*s $hich

    the S)aniards had done for the interest of re,i*ion"

     The' had read the memoirs of the famous isho) of

    Chia)a( ' $hich it a))ears that the' had massa4

    cred( or urnt( or dro$ned( aout ten mi,,ions of

    inde,s in America( in order to con%ert them" I

    e,ie%e the accounts of the isho) are a ,itt,e e?a*4

    *erated7 ut su))ose $e reduce the numer of

    %ictims to %e mi,,ions( it $i,, sti,, e a most *,o4

    rious achie%ement"

     The im)u,se for tra%e,,in* sti,, )ossessed me"

    I had )ro)osed to nish the tour of Euro)e $ith

     TurGe'( and thither $e no$ directed our course" I

    made a rm reso,ution not to *i%e m' o)inion of

    an' )u,ic feasts I mi*ht see in the future" #These

     TurGs(# said I to m' com)anions( #are a set of mis4

    creants that ha%e not een a)ti2ed( and therefore

    $i,, e more crue, than the re%erend fathers( the

    inuisitors" Let us oser%e a )rofound si,ence

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    $hi,e $e are amon* the 1ahometans"# When $e

    arri%ed there I $as *reat,' sur)rised to see more

    Christian churches in TurGe' than in Candia" I

    sa$ a,so numerous troo)s of monGs( $ho $ere

    a,,o$ed to )ra' to the Vir*in 1ar' $ith *reat

    freedom( and to curse 1ahomet some in reeG(

    some in Latin( and others in Armenian" #What

    *ood4natured )eo),e are these TurGs(# cried I"

    BM Tra%e,s of Scarmentado"

     The reeG Christians and the Latin Christians

    in Constantino),e $ere morta, enemies" These sec4

    tarians )ersecuted each other in much the same

    manner as do*s *ht in the streets( ti,, their mas4

    ters )art them $ith a cud*e,"

     The *rand %i2ier $as at that time the )rotector

    of the reeGs" The reeG )atriarch accused me of

    ha%in* su))ed $ith the Latin )atriarch( and I $as

    condemned in fu,, di%an to recei%e a hundred

    ,o$s on the so,es of m' feet( redeema,e for %e

    hundred seuins" The ne?t da' the *rand %i2ier

    $as stran*,ed" The da' fo,,o$in* his successor(

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    I to,d her that I $as ,essin* od for ha%in*

    *i%en me so much enHo'ment( and that I thou*ht

    m'se,f e?treme,' ha))'"

    In the mornin* the imaum came to enro,, me

    amon* the circumcised( and as I made some o4

     Hection to the initiation( the cadi of that district

    a man of *reat ,o'a,t' )ro)osed to ha%e me em4

    )a,ed" I )reser%ed m' freedom ' )a'in* a thou4

    sand seuins( and then Qed direct,' into Persia(

    reso,%ed for the future ne%er to hear reeG or Latin

    mass( nor to cr' #A,,ah( I,,ah( A,,ah# in a ,o%e


    On m' arri%a, at Is)ahan the )eo),e asGed me

    $hether I $as for $hite or ,acG mutton I to,d

    them that it $as a matter of indierence to me(

    )ro%ided it $as tender" It must e oser%ed that

    the Persian em)ire $as at that time s),it into t$o

    factions( that of the $hite mutton and that of the

    ,acG" The t$o )arties ima*ined that I had made

    a Hest of them oth( so that I found m'se,f en*a*ed

    in a %er' trou,esome aair at the *ates of the

    cit'( and it cost me a *reat numer of seuins to

    *et rid of the $hite and the ,acG mutton"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    I )roceeded as far as China( in com)an' $ith

    an inter)reter( $ho assured me that this countr'

    $as the seat of *a'et' and freedom" The Tartars

    had made themse,%es masters of it( after ha%in*

    destro'ed e%er'thin* $ith re and s$ord"

     The re%erend fathers( the /esuits( on the one

    hand( and the re%erend fathers( the Dominicans(

    >= Tra%e,s of Scarmentado"

    on the other( a,,e*ed that the' had *ained man'

    sou,s to od in that countr'( $ithout an' one

    Gno$in* au*ht of the matter" Ne%er $ere seen

    such 2ea,ous con%erters" The' a,ternate,' )erse4

    cuted one another7 the' transmitted to Rome

    $ho,e %o,umes of s,ander( and treated each other

    as inde,s and )re%aricators for the saGe of one

    sou," !ut the most %io,ent dis)ute et$een them

    $as $ith re*ard to the manner of maGin* a o$"

     The /esuits $ou,d ha%e the Chinese to sa,ute their

    )arents after the fashion of China( and the Domin4

    icans $ou,d ha%e them to do it after the fashion of


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    I ha))ened un,ucGi,' to e taGen ' the /esuits

    for a Dominican" The' re)resented me to his Tar4

    tarian maHest' as a s)' of the )o)e" The su)reme

    counci, char*ed a )rime mandarin( $ho ordered a

    ser*eant( $ho commanded four shires of the coun4

    tr'( to sei2e me and ind me $ith *reat ceremon'"

    In this manner I $as conducted efore his maHest'(

    after ha%in* made aout a hundred and fort' *en4

    uQections" &e asGed me if I $as a s)' of the

    )o)e+s( and if it $as true that that )rince $as to

    come in )erson to dethrone him" I to,d him that

    the )o)e $as a )riest of se%ent' 'ears of a*e7 that

    he ,i%ed at the distance of four thousand ,ea*ues

    from his sacred Tartaro4Chinese maHest'7 that he

    had aout t$o thousand so,diers( $ho mounted

    *uard $ith umre,,as 7 that he ne%er dethroned an'4

     Tra%e,s of Scarmentado" >;

    od'7 and that his maHest' mi*ht s,ee) in )erfect


    Of a,, the ad%entures of m' ,ife this $as the

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ,east fata," I $as sent to 1acao( and there I tooG

    shi))in* for Euro)e"

    1' shi) reuired to e retted on the coast of

    o,conda" I emraced this o))ortunit' to %isit

    the court of the *reat Aurun*49e( of $hom such

    $onderfu, thin*s ha%e een to,d( and $hich $as

    then in De,)hi" I had the ),easure to see him on

    the da' of that )om)ous ceremon' in $hich he

    recei%es the ce,estia, )resent sent him ' the Sherif

    of 1ecca" This $as the esom $ith $hich the' had

    s$e)t the ho,' house( the Kaaa( and the !eth

    A,ia" It is a s'mo, that s$ee)s a$a' a,, the )o,4

    ,utions of the sou,"

    Aurun*49e seemed to ha%e no need of it" &e

    $as the most )ious man in a,, Indostan" It is true(

    he had cut the throat of one of his rothers( and

    )oisoned his father" T$ent' ra'as( and as man'

    omras( had een )ut to death7 ut that $as a

    triQe" Nothin* $as ta,Ged of ut his de%otion"

    No Gin* $as thou*ht com)ara,e to him( e?ce)t

    his sacred maHest'( 1u,e' Ismae,( the most serene

    em)eror of 1orocco( $ho a,$a's cut o some

    heads e%er' Frida' after )ra'ers"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    I had no$ on,' Africa to %isit in order to enHo'

    a,, the ),easures of our continent( and thither I $ent

    to com),ete m' %o'a*e" The shi) in $hich I em4

    arGed $as taGen ' the ne*ro corsairs" The mas4

    ter of the %esse, com),ained ,oud,'( and asGed $h'

    the' thus %io,ated the ,a$s of nations" The ca)4

    tain of the ne*roes thus re),ied .

    #3ou ha%e a ,on* nose( and $e ha%e a short one"

     3our hair is strai*ht( and ours is cur,ed 7 'our sGin

    is ash4co,ored( and ours is of the co,or of eon7

    and therefore $e ou*ht( ' the sacred ,a$s of na4

    ture( to e a,$a's at enmit'" 3ou u' us in the

    )u,ic marGets on the coast of uinea ,iGe easts of

     Tra%e,s of Scarmentado" >

    urden( to maGe us ,aor in I don+t Gno$ $hat Gind

    of drud*er'( eua,,' hard and ridicu,ous" With the

    $hi) he,d o%er our heads( 'ou maGe us di* in mines

    for a Gind of 'e,,o$ earth( $hich in itse,f is *ood for

    nothin*( and is not so %a,ua,e as an E*')tian onion"

    In ,iGe manner( $here%er $e meet 'ou( and are su4

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    )erior to 'ou in stren*th( $e maGe 'ou s,a%es( and

    o,i*e 'ou to cu,ti%ate our e,ds( or in case of re4

    fusa, $e cut o 'our nose and ears"#

     To such a ,earned discourse it $as im)ossi,e to

    maGe an' ans$er" I sumitted to ,aor in the *ar4

    den of an o,d ne*ress( in order to sa%e m' nose and

    ears" After continuin* in s,a%er' for a $ho,e 'ear

    I $as at ,en*th ha))i,' ransomed"

    As I had no$ seen a,, that $as rare( *ood( or

    eautifu, on earth( I reso,%ed for the future to see

    nothin* ut m' o$n home" I tooG a $ife( and soori

    sus)ected that she decei%ed me7 ut( not$ith4

    standin* this dout( I sti,, found that of a,, con4

    ditions of ,ife this $as much the ha))iest"

     T&E &0RON7 OR( P0PIL OF


    C&APTER I"

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



    One da' St" Dunstan( an Irishman ' irth( and

    a saint ' trade( ,eft Ire,and on a sma,, mountain(

    $hich tooG its route to$ard the coast of France(

    and set his saintshi) do$n in the a' of St" 1a,o"

    When he had dismounted he *a%e his ,essin* to

    the mountain( $hich( after some )rofound o$s(

    tooG its ,ea%e( and returned to its former ),ace"

    &ere St" Dunstan ,aid the foundation of a sma,,

    )rior'( and *a%e it the name of the Prior' 1oun4

    tain( $hich it sti,, Gee)s( as e%er'od' Gno$s"

    On /u,' ;B( ;>M

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



     The &uron" >B

    nei*hors( he $as the on,' one that cou,d $a,G

    to his ed after su))er" &e $as to,era,' read in

    theo,o*'( and $hen he $as tired of readin* St"

    Au*ustine he refreshed himse,f $ith Rae,ais" A,,

    the $or,d s)oGe $e,, of him"

    1iss KerGaon( $ho had ne%er een married(

    not$ithstandin* her heart' $ishes so to e( had )re4

    ser%ed a freshness of com),e?ion in her fort'4fth

    'ear" &er character $as that of a *ood and sen4

    si,e $oman" She $as fond of ),easure( and $as a


    As the' $ere $a,Gin*( the )rior( ,ooGin* on the

    sea( said to his sister.

    #It $as here( a,as that our )oor rother em4

    arGed $ith our dear sister4in4,a$( 1adam Ker4

    Gaon( his $ife( on oard the fri*ate S$a,,o$( in

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III


    ;>>> The &uron"

    $ithout ,ooGin* at the )rior or 1iss( his sister(

    $ho $ere shocGed at the ,itt,e attention sho$n

  • 8/20/2019 Voltaire III



     That $as not the eha%ior of a $e,,4made 'outh(

    $ho( dartin* himse,f o%er the heads of his com4

    )anions( sudden,' stood efore 1iss KerGaon"

    !ein* unaccustomed to o$in*( he made her a si*n

    $ith his head" &is *ure and his dress attracted

    the notice of rother and sister" &is head $as un4

    co%ered( and his ,e*s are7 instead of shoes( he

    $ore a Gind of sanda,s" From his head his ,on*

    hair Qo$ed in tresses( $hi,e a sma,,( c,ose dou,et

    dis),a'ed the eaut' of his sha)e" &e had a s$eet

    and martia, air" In one hand he he,d a sma