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Transcript of Vol. 31, No 3. September 2011 Steve Novella’s BS detector · PDF file Astrology column...

  • S K E P T I C I S M . S C I E N C E . S O C I E T Y

    Vol. 31, No 3. September 2011


    Steve Novella’s BS detector

    A u s t r a l i a n S k e p t i c s . w w w . s k e p t i c s . c o m . a u

    KEN HARVEY SensaSlim the TGA & Me LEO IGWE Interview

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  • Contents Volume 31 • No 3 • September11




    F E A T U R E S

    R E P O R T S TGA action and inaction 7 Tim Mendham

    Hear & loafing at TAM 9 8 Martin Hadley

    The BS detector 11 Steve Novella The SensaSlim Saga 16 Ken Harvey

    Leo Igwe interview 20 Tim Mendham

    A R T I C L E S How Mud Sticks 26 Ullrich Ecker & Stephen Lewandowsky

    How I became a skeptic 29 John Smyrk Success of vaccination 30 Ian Gust

    The newer broom 35 Elliot Birch

    The miracle of Calanda 36 Brian Dunning Biodynamic wine 40 Brian Miller

    Two cultures redux 42 Helen Dale

    Not wasting water 48 Rob Holmes

    R E G U L A R S Editorial 4 Around the Traps 5 Puzzles page 19 Astrology column 39 The logical place 41 What goes around 46 Book reviews 53 Letters 60






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    A common dilemma facing Skeptics is how to present information to the public, and especially to those who might be leaning toward belief in unproven and disproven concepts. Whether its belief in UFOs and psychics, cults or homeopathy, there is a duty and desire of Skeptics to inform people, however ‘dickishlessly’ – of the scientifically-based evidence regarding any suspect practice or belief system.

    Finding such information should not be that difficult. Searching the net will give a plethora of sources and documents that will fill the purpose. It will also bring up a plethora of less- than-scientific comments and articles, some of which are ill informed, some of which are stupid and some of which are downright dangerous.

    We modestly pride ourselves on the information in this journal. As editor, I’ve always aimed to have a spread of information in each issue covering different topics and often disparate styles. You need only look at a selection of articles in this issue to see what I mean. The interview with Leo Igwe looks at activism and witchcraft in Africa, tinged with a view on international influence and cooperation between Skeptical groups. The short piece by Elliot Birch of the Young Australian Skeptics looks at the use of social media by Skeptics (and not without a sense of humour on the history and the limitations on past methods of communication.) And Prof Ian Gust gives what is, in my opinion, an excellent overview of the background and issues with vaccination and the anti- vaccination movement.

    The inclusion of this last article needs a little more comment, I believe. To man of our readers, what Ian is saying may be well understood. The history of vaccination, the troubles with side effects, and the dangers of the anti- vaxers are known to them, in no small amounts. But, as above, what we do need is information we can give to

    others, those who are not so familiar with the topic, and need a good and simple exposition on it. Ian’s article is just that – it may very well have much information of interest to Skeptics, but it also makes an excellent hand-out that can be used to give the ‘target market’ an overview of all the major issues that that might not be available elsewhere. Brochures on this subject handed out in doctors’ surgeries are very useful, but often limited to the technical issues in a fairly formal way. Ian’s article, again to me, is a great supplement to that – it is easy reading, and it covers the issues in enough depth to serve any reader in the general public.

    The various Skeptic groups website have much of this sort of information. But I think we need more.

    Too often Skeptics are accused of preaching to the converted. But our outreach to the public is often limited to the opportunities that present themselves – press, radio and TV interviews and invited articles. In these, those who take part try to present a reasoned and reasonable argument, but it’s not always easy.

    As a recent example, on a Seven Network Sunrise program, Peter Bowditch, well-known Ratbag and former president of Australian Skeptics, and Bill Chalker (probably the most reasonable and approachable person in the UFO believer field in Australia), were given about a minute each to respond to some plainly ridiculous UFO claims. Both Peter and Bill were understandably peeved.

    Those sorts of opportunities are often annoying and unproductive. A waste of time. Therefore it is important for us to present factual and to a certain extent detailed information in a more proactive way. It should not preach, it should not demean, but it should be readily there in response to any query that might arise. .

    - Tim Mendham, editor

    The need for information

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