Voiceroy - Localised Voice and Speech Recognition App

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This is a past presentation I did for a business idea competition. Voice Recognition and Speech Recognition mobile app.

Transcript of Voiceroy - Localised Voice and Speech Recognition App

  • 1 localisedvoicerecognition
  • 2 WHOAREWE? To improve produc/vity for everyone using voice recogni/on
  • 3 Increasing need to access data quickly Resort to tex/ng, some/mes while driving SoCware not designed for asian accents Crea/ng new acous/c models takes /me and is labor intensive 3 theproblem
  • 4 product Singapore accent Cloud Based names, places,food Malay Mandarin English Translation powered by Natural speech synthesis expandto other accents
  • 5 Enterprise Solution 01 data products 02 Consumer 03 sell/license IP 04 01 Enterprise: Transla/on device for Hospitals 02 Data Products: Sell large voice data sets to researchers and ASR developers 03 Consumer: Sell as a mobile applica/on 04 Sell/License: Integrate technology into Android, IOS, Windows, or Nuance. businessmodels
  • 6 Voiceto Text English TexttoText Translation English to Mandarin Textto Voice Mandarin real-timetranslation
  • 7 Audio(.wav) Audio Sources Captions (.txt) QC Breakinto phrases breakinto phrases Label .txtfile Label .wavfile voicecollectionprocess QC automated
  • 8 competition Our Dieren1a1on: Focus on Asian language needs
  • 9 targetmarkets Y1 nurses research institutions Y2 drivers productivity
  • 10 Personal growth, honesty, integrity, selessness, and [email protected] people rst. Founder davidliem meettheteam(sofar) Co-founded and lead a digital marke/ng agency for 5 years. ! Biz Dev, Key Partnerships Private Informa/on but you get the idea
  • 11 meettheadvisors Private Informa/on but you get the idea
  • 12 strategicpartners Private Informa/on but you get the idea
  • 13 financialdashboard Hospitals $50K/hospital ! Voice Data $60-$100K/ ins/tu/on Licensing $15K+$1K/month ! Integra/on $15K ! Development $10K ! Obtaining Raw Voice Data $10K Skin $50K ! iJAM $50K ! Funding $25K Revenue expenses Cash
  • 14 Useoffunding licensing 1 $15K ! integration 2 $15K !
  • 15 getintouch www.daveliem.com Private Informa/on but you get the idea
  • 16 ! A. Natural Speech Synthesis - Converts Text To Natural Speech Audio B. Recogni/on, Transla/on and Speech : Mandarin, Malay, English C. Cloud-Based Automa/c Speech Recogni/on 1.Filipino 2.Singapore / Malaysian english (Chinese) 3.Singapore / Malaysian english (Malay) 4.Singapore / Malaysian english (Indian) 5.Indonesian english 6.Australian english 7.South Indian accent 8.Vietnamese english 9.Thai english appendix A*StarTechnologies Licensed FutureAccents/Languagestomap