Vitality - Living Life To The Fullest At Any Age

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Supplement to the Grand Forks Herald

Transcript of Vitality - Living Life To The Fullest At Any Age

  • Living life to the fullest at any age!

    Supplement to the Grand Forks Herald Sunday, June 27, 2010

    age! any at fullest the to life Living

    VitalityitalityEmbracinglifeWilliam Haug enjoyskayaking, snorkeling,scuba diving and otherfun activities.

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  • By Ann BaileyHerald Staff Writer.

    PARK RIVER, N.D. DellHankeys handshakes are notfor the faint of fingers.The 84-year-old Park River

    woman approaches greetingswith the same vigor with whichshe does life, squeezing a visi-tors with gusto, and thenlaughing heartily.But an instant later, Hankey

    is all business as she checks onthe chicken eggs shes hatch-ing. After a lift of the incubatorreveals several peeping chicks,Hankey is on the phone to hersister-in-law Joan Hankey.Joan, want to come over

    here and get these chickens?Ive got a box ready for you,too.The chicken situation in

    hand, Dell Hankey settles intoa chair to visit about chickens,recipes and farm life, in gen-eral. Shes lived within a fewmiles of her current home nearPark River her entire life.

    ChickensShes also raised chickens

    for that long.Mother raised chickens to

    no end, from wyandottes toleghorns, she said. Hankeyhas continued the tradition,hatching dozens of chickens,including silkies, araucanasand guineas. She usually hasgood success with the chicks,recalling that she didnt evenlose any during 1997s BlizzardHannah.Her 51 chicks were one-day-

    old when the power went out inApril 1997, Hankey said. Sheused a propane heater to heatbricks and a water bottle andput them in a box with thechicks to keep them warm.She gives most of the chick-

    ens she hatches to family mem-bers and keeps a few of thelaying hens for herself.I eat eggs to no end, Han-

    key said. Each week, she makesa batch of egg balls, an appe-tizer made up of mashed upeggs with a dab of mayo andspices, to the Friday NightFish Fry at the Spud Bar inCrystal, N.D.Hankey took the appetizers

    to the bar once so patronscould taste-test them and theywere such a hit, they asked her

    to come back.

    Good cookHankey, a locally famous

    cook, also writes recipecolumns for three area news-papers and for a wildlife maga-zine. Shes hand-written herDabble with Dell columns

    for the Grafton Record since1973. She later began writingDining with Dell for theWalsh County Press in ParkRiver and Auntie Dells An-tics, for the Its Clear newspa-per in Crystal, N.D.I never repeat a recipe.

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    2 Grand Forks Herald/Sunday, June 27, 2010

    Jackie Lorentz, staff photographer

    Auntie Dell Dell Hankey, 84, livesoutside Park River, N.D.,where she hatcheschickens for friends toraise.

    84-year-old Dell Hankey has a real zest for life

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  • Grand Forks Herald/Sunday, June 27, 2010 3

    She gets the recipes from oneof her 267 cookbooks, alwaystesting them if they are unfa-miliar to her. For example, be-fore she published a recipe fordandelion jelly, she tried it out,Hankey said, noting that it tooka 5-quart ice cream pail of dan-delion flowers to make about aquart of jelly.

    The amber-colored jellywas tasty and resembled theflavor of honey, she said.Her recipes for the Dakota

    Country wildlife magazine,which is published in Bis-marck, include pheasant chili,venison sausage and fish filets.

    Busy year-roundEach fall she goes deer hunt-

    ing with her nephews near herWalsh County home. During thesummer she fishes in Ontario.I own my own cabin. I can

    fish on my dock and get what Iwant.Hankey also spends a lot of

    time outdoors on her farm-stead in the summer, workingin her flower and vegetablegardens.I raise a big garden, a very

    big garden. I have 37 tomatoplants. She makes catsup andtomato pies, one of her favoritedishes, with the tomatoes. Shealso grows peas, carrots andseveral other kinds of vegeta-bles. I put up 72 quarts of dill

    pickles last year. She sold thepickles at the St. MarysCatholic Church bazaar in ParkRiver and donated the moneyshe made to the churchs altarsociety.Hankeys many activities

    and a shot of hot water forbreakfast keep her goingstrong.Im not a coffee drinker.

    Some people have four andfive cups of coffee before theyget going. I always have a cupof hot water with breakfast.

    Reach her at (701) 787-6753;(800) 477-6572, ext. 753; or sende-mail to [email protected]

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  • By Ann BaileyHerald Staff Writer

    Finances arent the onlything William Haug considersworthy of his investment. When hes not managing the

    Stifel Nicolaus branch office inGrand Forks, Haug spends histime kayaking, snorkeling andscuba diving, oftentimes withfamily members.He developed an interest in

    water sports when he and hisfamily lived in Grafton, andused to go to Minnesota lakesduring the summer, Haug said.When he later moved to GrandForks and lived along the Red,he bought a canoe.

    Scuba divingHaug learned to scuba dive

    when his sons Jonathan andBilly, now both physicians atAltru Health System in GrandForks, were in high school.In 1994 we went to the Cay-

    man Islands where I was certi-fied in scuba diving, Haugsaid. He was captivated by theunderwater sport with itsbeautiful scenery.Watching the fish and so

    forth is amazing.Besides enjoying the

    scenery, Haug also likes thesensation of scuba diving.

    Its like floating in mid-air,you can control the level youreat by inhaling and exhaling,he said. Since being certifiedin 1994, Haug has been scubadiving in the Atlantic Oceanand the British Virgin Islandswhere the movie The Deepwas filmed. The 1977 movie,starring Nicke Nolte, Jacque-line Bisset and Louis GossettJr. was about a vacationingcouple who find a ship loadedwith treasure.

    I actually swam throughthat same hatch in the boatthat Jacqueline Bisset swamthrough, Haug said.

    His love for scuba divingled to an interest in kayaking.During his trip to the CaymanIslands, Haug tried the sport,liked it and bought a kayakwhen he returned from histrip.

    PaddlingIve been paddling down

    the river and on lakes andstreams since, he said. Iwore the first one out.He enjoys taking the kayak

    out to the Larimore (N.D.) Dam

    and Recreation Area and head-ing west from there down theTurtle River. He also fre-quently puts the kayak in thewater in the Sunbeam Additionin Grand Forks and paddles todowntown East Grand Forkswhere he meets his family fordinner.Occasionally, Haug brings

    his snorkeling equipment withhim when he kayaks at the La-rimore Dam, tying a towline tohis waist and pulling the boatbehind him.

    Other interestsHaug, 65, also enjoys an occa-

    sional ride on his 2000 HarleyDavidson Sportster motorcycle.Hes not a serious rider, but en-joys getting out and pleasureriding.Its the smallest one they

    make and its just kind of fun.Haug also likes banging on histrap set in the basement of hisGrand Forks home.He played drums with a

    Grafton band called The Un-dertakers from 1964 to 1966

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    Function of attitude4 Grand Forks Herald/Sunday, June 27, 2010

    Bill Haug, 65, likes to kayak in the summer. He developed aninterest in water sports when he and his family lived in Grafton andused to go to Minnesota lakes during the summer.

    Whether kayaking, scuba divingor riding his Harley, William Haugdoesnt let his age get in the

    way of staying active

    Jackie Lorentz, staff photographer

    Jackie Lorentz, staff photographer

    Bill Haug drags his kayakup the boat ramp at LincolnPark in Grand Forks.

    HAUG: See Page 5

  • when he was a college atNDSU. The band played