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Visual Makeover by Core20 - radical transformations of all type of presentations like business plans, key note presentations, sales presentations and technology presentations

Transcript of Visual makeover core20

  • o Complement your current

    content with improved visuals

    o Enhance corporate identity

    o Improve visual consistency

    o Improve current designs

    Visual content holds a powerful role in communicating your image and message to potential clients, investors, partners, and employees. Core20's expertise will ensure your message is understood as well as:

    Visual MakeoverPart of Core20's Visionary Transformation System

    Copyright 2013

    We combine the services of strategy companies and the creative designs of PR-agencies.

  • The Core20 Visual Makeover is an entry level service that most companies benefit from. Our unique and creative spin on your existing content can transform your presentations subtly or, radically depending on your goals.

    V i s i o n a r y Tr a n s fo r m a t i o n S y s t e m V T SVisual Makeover Advanced Makeover Digital Makeover Strategy Consulting

    Copyright 2013

    Available information: Presentations from Core20 Visionary Makeover System (VTS). Also check our videos online at

  • Client sample

    Visual Makeover for whom?

    We work with a diverse assortment of industries, and companies, both large and small, creating vivid and detailed presentations.

    Visual Makeovers can improve a clients potential for raising capital, strenghten corporate branding, while also improving sales.

    Copyright 2013

  • Benefits of a Visual Makeover

    In a Visual Makeover we work with existing material, typically a Power Point, and improve the overall visual appeal, placement of text, logic of story telling, and corporate identity. The end result of our Visual Makeover can often be

    described as a magazine effect, that sets your presentation apart from standard Power Points prentations.

    Power Point presentations re-imagined by Core20 to produce a high-impact results, in this case attract new international partners.

    Copyright 2013

    Fashion retail presentation example.

  • Copyright 2013

    What we work on during a Visual Makeover

    We work with a full range of visual elements in our makeovers. Examples below reflect our process.

    o Font type

    o Font size

    o Text location

    o Headings

    o Corporate identity

    o Primary colors

    o Contrast colors

    o Client visuals

    o New picture selection

    o Emotional connection

    o Flow of pages

    o Remake of client illustrations

    o Structure

    o Front/last page

    o Menues

    o Logo use

  • We handle most regular Power Points, Pdf and word documents from technical, financial, conceptual, bullet-point based to highly visual presentations.We focus on corporate identity and often radically transform the visual appeal, see the next page. We have +100 pages of examples available.

    Copyright 2013

    Before Example of Visual Makeover

  • Copyright 2013

    After Example of Visual Makeover

  • How the process works

    You can test our understanding of your company, industry and goals through a simplified Visual Makeover round. The process will acquaint you with Core20s quality of work and, speed of service.

    Client sample

    Copyright 2013

    o Material is agreed upon to review and overhaulo Core20 will design an initial template after client debriefingo We do a couple rounds of visual revisions within a 1-2 week window o Upon completion the Visual Makover can be upgraded through the Advanced Makeover Program.

    Simple Steps towards your renovated presentation

  • The secret ingredient to our makeovers

    Having carefully selected and culled out over 20,000 images over several years, positions us at a strong starting point for most makeovers.

    High-end visuals used artistically and strategically, result in signifcantly improved presentations with greater impact to your audience.

    Further Steps for achieving dynamic visual makeovers

    o We select the best of your visuals and expand upon them as needed o Our team explores complimentary and alternative imagery from our catalogue to find the most impactful visuals for your goalso Content revisions are also possible (see advanced presentation makeover info.)

    Please ask for separate presentation introducing the Core20 Catalogue

    Copyright 2013

  • Diverse World: Diverse ClientsOur clients range in diversity and each have unique needs. From professional services, fashion designers to consumer goods, to technology,

    and high-tech start-ups, we have worked with, and successfully delivered our presentations to companies internationally.

    A couple of client examples:

    Copyright 2013

    Let us help you explore the difference a Visual Makeover can make to your existing material.

    Food catering Mobile technology Green technology

  • See our makeover video at

    Our webpage gives further examples and detailed examples in our introduction videos. We also have an extensive collection of clients before and after examples, which exemplify the power of a makeover.

    An introduction video on our webpage provides detailed examples of powerful makeovers of past client's presentations.

    Copyright 2013

  • Bold and imaginative communication solutionsTake advantage of our inspiring Visual Makeovers with your existing presentations

    A production by:

    Copyright 2013

    V i s i o n a r y T r a n s f o r m a t i o n S y s t e m V T S