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Transcript of Visiting Pastors/Guest Speakers address changed? Do During ... · PDF file (USA) call process,...

  • Ohio United Presbyterian Church

    1236 Longvue Avenue

    Aliquippa, PA 15001

    Non-Profit Organization

    U.S. Postage Paid

    South Heights, PA 15081

    Permit No. 5

    Visiting Pastors/Guest Speakers During this time of transition, there will be many

    different faces in the pulpit.

    Here is the schedule For May:

    May 2- Rev. Robert Kennedy May 9- to be announced May 16- Jason Smith May 23- Rev. Paul Wierman (Pentecost Sunday) May 30- Jason Smith

    Has your email address changed? Do you finally have email? Let the office know what your email address is to make sure that you are included in any information that can be send electronically. It‟s faster and cheaper than „snail mail‟.

  • Lamplighter 724-378-3690 Ohio United Presbyterian Church May 2010

    Sunday mornings-8:30 & 11:00

    Sunday School at 9:45


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    Make sure to check out the

    church website for current

    information about what ’ s

    going on at Ohio UP. Judi

    tries to keep it up-to-date

    with meetings, special

    activities, and upcoming

    events. We ’ re at

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    cards, and gifts!

    Last month we discussed the calling of an interim pastor and the completion of a mission study. This month, we will discuss the forming of the PNC or Pas- tor Nominating Committee. In the PC (USA) call process, the congregation gives authority to search for a pastor to a PNC. Once the PNC is elected, the other members of the congregation and the session have no role in deter- mining who will be the next pastor until the PNC is ready to present their nomi- nee to the congregation for a vote. The presbytery, through the Commit- tee on Ministry (COM), has a responsi- bility to work with the PNC, to advise them, and to evaluate the nominee they select to present to the congrega- tion. They are authorized by our Book of Order to be partners with you in your discernment process. The ses- sion recommends the size of the PNC, though final authority for the PNC rests with the congregation.. In considering nominees for the PNC, the session should strive for a PNC that is repre- sentative of the whole congregation and consider church members of in- tegrity who are: • knowledgeable about the church and community, Presbyterian theology, and government; • able to make a significant commit- ment of their time, energy, and very best wisdom; • willing to accept this as a task of spiritual discernment, not being easily influenced by personal desires or congregational politics, but rather lis-

    tening for the voice of God; and • able to honor confidenti- ality. The congregation must give careful and prayerful attention to the election of persons to serve in this important role. The Process for Electing a PNC After the departure of the pastor, after deciding that the congregation is ready and able to proceed to seek a new pastor, and after receiving COM au- thorization, the congregation is ready to elect a PNC following these sug- gested steps: • The session recommends the num- ber of people to serve on the PNC, and ordinarily asks the congregational nominating committee to nominate members of the congregation to serve on the PNC. • The congregation’s nominating com- mittee (or other designated committee) meets to compile a slate of nominees, providing for a mechanism to receive input of names from the congregation. • The congregation’s nominating com- mittee contacts the proposed people to outline the requirements for serving on the PNC and to determine if they would be willing to serve, if elected. When a slate of nominees for the PNC is completed, session is notified that the nominating committee is ready to present the slate to the congregation.

    (continued on page 4)


  • Birthdays

    1 Lori Holcomb

    Allyson Boyce

    2 Gloria Atwell

    Dale Smith

    Pamela Alviani

    3 Roger Nolte

    Renee Schomburg

    5 Nancy Shade

    Tricia McGinness

    6 Betty Schaeffer

    7 Lorraine Jones

    8 Anna Mae Jones

    Chad Neville

    Shelley Summy

    9 Jack Nan

    10 Kylee Smith

    Bryan Magee

    15 Paul Kulha IV

    Dolly Kerlin

    17 Randy Leheny

    19 Ray Atwell

    Timmy Smith

    20 Sandra Schwarz

    21 Jeff Barth

    22 Wendi Rybicki

    24 Sue Ellen Kerlin

    Ed Lawson

    25 Ryan Tamburrino

    Jacob Leheny

    26 Joshua Hribar

    28 Jimmy Gennaro

    John Barkovich

    29 Cathy Leheny

    30 Ava DiCicco

    31 Tom Boggs

    Patrick Smith

    Kraig Smith

    Sharp Davidson V


    3 Ken & Lois Kearns

    7 Jack & Rita Bruce

    11 Ber & Lynn Smith

    Alan & Diane Byers

    12 Tom & Suzanne McIlroy

    14 Phillip & Pamela Laird

    23 Jeremy & Julie McWithey

    24 Ed & Marge Cunningham

    25 Bob & Connie Millman

    Chris & Melissa Pike

    27 Steve & Terri Riegle

    28 Rick & Sue Ellen Kerlin

    29 Paul & Karin Magee

    30 Jerry & Carol Stuck


    Over the years, Memorial Day has become a big holiday

    weekend. It’s now the unofficial start of summer, rather

    than a day of tribute to the departed it was originally

    meant to be. Even if we plan fun events for Memorial Day

    weekend, it’s important to stop long enough to bow our

    heads and pay respect to our departed loved ones-especially

    those who fell in battle while helping to preserve America’s


  • May 2 Alli Martin/Joe Glatz

    May 9 Shirley Fluharty/Lois Davie

    May 16 Evelyn Moss/Jon Moss

    May 23 Scott Byers/Dianne Byers

    May 30 Amber Tackac/Justin Tackac

    May 2 Brittany Smith

    May 9 Janice Angelo

    May 16 Elaine Verostek

    May 23 Dianne Kanitra

    May 30 Paul Magee



    May 2 Barb Tackac/Lois Davie

    May 9 Mary McCartney-Adair/Patty Slezak

    May 16 Karen Barth/Bonnie Martin

    May 23 Nancy Hribar/Karen Barth

    May 30 Barb Tackac/Sharon Neville

    May 2 Nancy Hribar

    May 9 Family Sunday (children stay w/ families)

    May 16 Elaine Verostek

    May 23 Karen Barth

    May 30 Nancy Hribar


    May 2 Kristen Nan

    May 9 Kingsley Sebastian

    May 16 Brittany Smith

    May 23 Amy Angelo

    May 30 Christian Murdoch


    Don't miss the joy. Reading the second chapter of Acts recently, I noticed something I had overlooked before. You probably recall the chap- ter's beginning: 'When the day of Pen- tecost came, they were all together in

    one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.' You will also remem- ber how all of the friends of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit and they became so joyful, so filled with wonder and spiritual power that they astonished onlookers. What had I missed when reading about Pentecost previously? I had glossed over the words 'they were all together in one place.' The first believers were

    physically together and spiritually together as well. By making sure that they were together in Jerusalem, in one place, they did not miss one of the greatest spiritual events of all time. Namely, the birth of the Church. Imagine what they would have missed had they not been with other believers when the gift of the Holy Spirit came upon them. They would have missed the mighty outpouring of God's power. They would have missed the indescribable joy which God had for them. They would have missed the birth of the church. Think, too, about what we modern believers might miss if we neglected to worship with the other friends of Christ. Who would want to miss the bless- ings and the promises of God? Who would want to miss the joy? -Charles Ferrell

  • (Clerk’s Corner Continued from Page 1)

    Session sets a date and time for a congre- gational meeting for the purpose of electing a PNC, ensuring the appropriate amount of notice for the meeting is given. A ballot is prepared in advance with space for nominations from the floor. At the time of the congregational meeting, if at all possible, the COM liaison or a COM representative should be present in order to answer questions or advise the congrega- tion on the election and/or work of a PNC. Nominations from the floor are in order, pro- vided that members so nominated have

    given their consent in advance.

    At some point, early in the work of the PNC, you may wish to commission the members of the PNC during worship. This provides a way for the congregation to know who members of the PN