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You Will Each Become Important Entrepreneurs Soon After College


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India Has Many Problems, Many Opportunities, Many Strategic Advantages

Where do you start?

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Then align your passion to one of the opportunities

Need to understand the range of possibilities

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1. Technology and Technology-enabled Services

2. Education3. Infrastructure4. Rural and Slum Development5. Healthcare6. Lifestyle Brands7. Entertainment

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Vision India 2020

My notebook of ideas45 billion dollar ideas for you to

steal, morph, modify, and buildDetailed strategy nuances, market

analysisA futuristic retrospectiveBusiness FictionA vision for where you can take India I am looking for entrepreneurs to

execute on these ideasSo Let’s dive into some actual


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Maya Ray: Rural BPOTaxonomy: Software InnovationConvert: SaaSPIA: Web 3.0Nucleon: Convergence ChipTrueCFO: SaaS-enabled BPOEquity Dispatch: Equity Research

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1. MIT India: Engineering Education

2. Harvard Medical School India: Medical Education

3. Lucid: K-12 Education - global

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1. Gangotri & Mandakini: Water Desalination

2. Adishakti: Solar Energy3. Green Village: Energy efficient real

estate and townships4. Lightning Rails: Fast Trains5. Magic Carpet Roads: Toll Roads6. Eastgate: Ports7. Himalaya Shipping: Global shipping

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Rural & Slum Development1. FDBI: Micro franchise Bank2. Camellia: Flower Farms3. Palanquin: Furniture4. Deepti: Candles5. Gagori: Pottery6. Patami: Jute7. Vidyangan: Schools8. Amarakunja: Carbon Trading and Afforestation9. Him-Icon: Fruits and Vegetables10. Cowherd Creamery: Cheese

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1. Doctor At Hand: Rural Pharmacies2. Doctor On Wire: Small-town

hospitals3. Doctor For Sure: Health Insurance4. Care: Home-based eldercare

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Lifestyle Brands

Urja: FashionOishi: GiftsTilottama: Herbal Products

Framework: Designers from France, Italy, Japan Artisans from India Global brands Design for Manufacturability

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Hospitality, Food & Travel

Darjeeling: Tea Estate Lodges & Tea Salons

Renaissance: Heritage HotelsAmrapali: SpaThakur: Gourmet Food

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Framed Ivory: Period Film Studio Elixar: Animation Film Studio Kanshika Raja: Story Franchise NCTV: Non-cricket Television Channel & Sports

Academies Bioscope: Rural Cinema Torquato Tasso: Wine Bars & Dance Clubs

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Your Personal VisionHome Work

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Start a journal

Write out the vision for your life

In present tense, as if you have already achieved it

Taking into account your unique gifts, talents, passions, dreams, and expertise

May include expertise you plan to acquire over time

Keep updating as you go along

Keep your journey focused

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ResourcesFor your visioning exercise

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For IdeasOn Flipkart

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Entrepreneur Journeys Series

For Inspiration, Role Models, Case Studies, Lessons

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Entrepreneur Journeys Seriesalso on Flipkart

EJ1: Inspiration & Overview

EJ2: Bootstrapping

EJ3: Positioning

EJ4: Innovation

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Free, happens every Thursday1m1m.sramanamitra.comCome, ask me questions

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