VINTAGE JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE CLUB MAGAZINE FEBRUARY description of the photo. Good luck! Send all...

download VINTAGE JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE CLUB MAGAZINE FEBRUARY description of the photo. Good luck! Send all entries

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Transcript of VINTAGE JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE CLUB MAGAZINE FEBRUARY description of the photo. Good luck! Send all...

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    CONTENTS President’s Column. . . . . . . . . . 3

    Editor’s Column . . . . . . . . . . . 4

    Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . 5

    Better Living Through Chemistry . . . 6

    Product Review: Motorcycle Consumer News . . . . . 7

    2005 National Rally Information . . . 8

    Organizing a Vintage Motorcycle Show, Swap Meet, And Charity Ride . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

    Herbert the Rat . . . . . . . . . . . 14

    Honda SL70 K0: The First True Mini-Cycle . . . . . 16

    My Time At The Honda Store . . . . 18

    Every Bike Has a Story . . . . . . . 20

    The Honda Trivia Game. . . . . . . 26

    Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

    This issue’s web password is: chemistry Effective February 1st Use lower case

    Mission Statement

    The Purpose of this organization is to

    promote the preservation, restoration

    and enjoyment of Vintage Japanese

    motorcycles (defined as those greater

    than 15 years old) and to promote the

    sport of motorcycling and camaraderie

    of motorcyclists everywhere.

    President Jim Townsend (260) 839-5203,

    Magazine Editor Karen McElhaney (865) 671-2628,

    Classified Advertising Gary Gadd (817) 284-8195,

    Commercial Advertising Director Pete Boody (865) 435-2112,

    Membership Bill Granade (813) 961-3737,

    Webmaster Jason Bell (972) 245-0634,

    Cover Layout Jason Bell

    Magazine Layout Darin Watson (913) 244-3450,

     2005 Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmit- ted in any form without permission.

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    From the President: TWO National Rallies? by Jim Townsend

    As we head into 2005, many things are changing. Many of us view change as bad, but in our case, change is for the better. You will notice that we have changed presidents again and I am once again heading up the club. My thanks to Pete Boody for injecting some needed ideas. Pete will once again be hosting the Eastern National VJMC Rally and will be on the Board of Directors handling the commercial advertising for the magazine.

    Notice how I slipped in that word “Eastern” ahead of National Rally? One of the changes is that we have at least three of our field representatives currently working to set up a new “Western” National Rally! That’s right! We are planning on having two rallies this year if everything works out. This is not beyond the prelimi- nary planning stage at the moment as I write this. But by the time this mag- azine reaches you, we should have some more definite plans. Keep checking the VJMC list at Hyperreal for-up-to-the-minute details of both rallies and also keep checking our web page at for in-depth reports on both rallies.

    In the coming months we will be add- ing new members to the Board of Di- rectors. Just this last November we added John De Beck, field representa- tive from Wisconsin, to the board. John has lots of new ideas to help us im- prove the club and I am sure we will be hearing more from him in the future. John had an article in the December magazine. He is quite active in sports programs for teenage girls and has a lot of organizational skills which he brings to the club. Our bylaws allow us to have as many as 15 members; we cur- rently have 10 on the board.

    If you haven’t checked out our web page lately, you are in for a surprise. Board member and webmaster, Jason Bell, has been doing a super job of keeping our web page current and looking really good. In there you will

    find an events page where all the events reported by your field repre- sentatives are listed. Sometimes our field representatives really get dis- couraged because of low attendance at our events. If your field representa- tive is hosting an event in your state or area, try to attend. Now if you are a typical member and just haven’t gone, you will be pleasantly sur- prised. I can guarantee that you will meet some really nice people that are willing to help you with your projects and provide helpful advice, too. The last time we had a little get together here in Indiana, two guys met who were only living a couple of blocks apart and didn’t know the other was into Vintage Japanese bikes!

    Where is the club headed this year?

    I ask myself that question from time to time and I can say for sure we are headed in the right direction. Increas- ing the size and geographic distribu- tion of the board, two National Rallies in the works, increased size and participation at the Mid-Ohio event this coming summer (more on this later), more local events than ever before, continuing participation at Daytona, and our continuing in- crease in member participation at events are all pointing us in the direc- tion of a better club. I can’t leave out the greatly improved magazine under the guidance of the editor, Karen McElhaney and a continually im- proving web page by Jason Bell.

    One thing we really need to do is in- crease our numbers. We are really just a bit short of getting to the point where the VJMC is a nationally rec- ognized organization. We have all heard of ABATE, the Gold Wing Riders club, and others, but the VJMC? We are not really widely known and sometimes all you have to do is mention that there is such a club as ours and people immediately want to know more and join us. If we get

    more friends into the club, our com- mercial advertisers will support the magazine better; we will be better able to buy some of the rare stuff we need because we see the ads; the magazine will get more outside reve- nue; less of the dues funds will go to support the magazine and free up funds for our field representatives to promote more local activities for you and me.....and on and on. It is just one big circle that keeps getting bigger and better!

    With all this in mind, the board had some recruiting brochures printed which promote the club. These are re- ally good looking brochures that you will be proud to hand out to your friends. One line in the application in the brochure is where you put your name as “referred by.” We not only want to know who is joining, but we want to know who recruited them. Bill Granade, our membership chair- man, will keep track and when he re- ceives an application with your name in the “referred by” column, you will be credited for it. When you recruit four new members, your membership will be extended for another full year! This is easy, too. Go to an event—Daytona, Cycle World show, Mid-Ohio Vintage Days, the Interna- tional Motorcycle Show in Toronto, etc., and help the members there man the booth and hand out brochures with your name on them. Sign them up on the spot, if possible, but get those brochures out to your friends who may not know about us. Let peo- ple know we exist! And get a free year’s membership. Ask your field representative to send you some bro- chures or pick some up the next time you see your rep.

    Want to be famous?

    Here’s how: write an article for the magazine. Technical articles are al- ways wanted. Travel articles of inter-

    See President, page 34

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    From the editor: Cover photo contest upcoming

    by Karen McElhaney

    In this Issue

    This could very well be considered the Honda SL issue, considering con- tributions from Randy Marble (small bore SL models) and the continuation of Mike Vachon’s story about the dis- covery of his rather unusual SL350. Ellis Holman uncovers more wonder chemicals for the vintage bike enthu- siast in Part 2 of Better Living through Chemistry. Mark Leslie recounts a bone-chilling rescue of a neglected 1968 Honda CL175 from its frigid resting place in British Columbia and Troyce Walls entertains (infuriates?!) us with an account of his days spent at a Northern Alabama Honda shop in the early 1970s. And for those doing some planning for warmer weather, John DeBeck presents an almost step-by-step guide to organizing a vin- tage bike-related event.

    Cover Photo Contest

    August, 2005 represents a milestone for VJMC it’s the first anniversary of color in the magazine. To commemo- rate the event, VJMC is sponsoring a cover photo contest. So send the editor your best bike-related photo. Be cre- ative! The winning photo will appear on the cover of the first color anniver- sary edition of the magazine. The con- test is limited to active members only. Submissions should be high resolu- tion photos (portrait rather than land- scape orientation is preferred) and must be received by June 1, 2005. Digital photos are appreciated. Also send your name, address, and a short description of the photo. Good luck!

    Send all entries to: Karen McElhaney VJMC Editor 2206 Duck Cove Dr. Knoxville, TN 37922

    Members’ Bikes

    Don Berger, a retired Portland, Ore- gon firefighter, sent us a photo (be- low) of his favorite bikes, both old and new. Don’s first big dirt bike was a brand new 1966 CL77. Who could forget the look and sound? Of course, he uses Snuff-or-Nots! Don has owned several bikes over the years, accumulating many off-road miles. While this near-museum-quality re- stored Scrambler is ridden on sunny days only, the CRF230F takes care of trail riding quite nicely. Don says this photo represents 37 years of rock ‘n roll on a Honda!

    Cover Photo