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Catalogue for ICU beds: VIGO-2 (LE-12) and VIGO-3 (LE-13).

Transcript of Vigo (ENG version)

  • ICU beds

    LE-12 VIGO 2LE-13 VIGO 3 product was made of materials that possess antimicrobial/antibacterial properties.

    with scale system

  • ICU beds

    LE-12 LE-13Benefits for technical staff:

    The bed is covered with powder varnish resistant to UV radiation, mechanical damages and disinfecting agentsEasy to keep cleanCertifiedforpatientweightsofupto250 kgThe bed is equipped with reliable actuators and control systemsLong term availability of spare parts is guaranteed

    Benefits for medical staff:Easy removable headboard enables quick access to a patient for emergency procedures5th wheel and directional wheel enable easy maneuvering of the bed by one personLateral tilts in Vigo 3 (LE-13) make the care process easier and eliminate inconvenient factorsformedicalstaff(e.g.movingofheavy patients, spine overload)Possibility of adjustment of bed functions during patients transportationScale system allows checking patients weight in order to dose right quantity of medicamentsPossibility of taking x-ray pictures and using C-arm Modern design ensures easy use and service

    Benefits for decision makers:ThebedsfulfillEuropeanrequirements and standards for medical devicesPossibility of using wide range of additional equipmentWide range of colours of boards and side rails and suitable bedside lockers give possibility to create hospital rooms more pleasantLow costs of maintenance

    Benefits for patients:Low bed frame position and four side rails facilitate safe getting in and out of the bed Double autoregress function reduces the pressure to patients body to shanks and thighs Cardioligic chair position improves patients comfort Hand controller and controls in side rails allow a patient to choose the most comfortable positionPossibility of bed frame extension

    Vigo 2 (LE-12) Bed with a scale, supported

    by two cylindrical columns

    Vigo 3 (LE-13)Bed supported by three

    cylindrical columns

    Vigo 3 (LE-13)Bed with mattresses

    for lateral tiltsBedframesegmentsfilledwithABS


  • Standard functions and solutions improving comfort of a patient and medical staff

    Standard constructionVigo 2 (LE-12) bed with a scale, supported by two cylindrical columnsVigo 3 (LE-13) bed supported by three cylindrical columnsBed construction made of carbon steel covered with polyester-epoxypowdervarnishinRAL9002colourBedframesegmentsfilledwithx-raytranslucentHPLBedchassiscoveredwithABScoversinRAL9002colourBed supported by cylindrical columnsCentral locking wheels with one directional wheel for straightforward moveFour-segment frame with three segments adjustable: back section and thigh section electrically adjustable, shank segment supported by a gas springElectrically operated height adjustmentControl system depending on bed typeControl system equipped with a batteryAutoregressfunctioninbackrestandthighrestsectionsCPR function in back rest and thigh rest sectionsAutocontourfunctionPossibility of bed frame extension and shelf for bed clothesBed equipped with frame level indicatorFour bumpersFourhooksforphysiologicalfluidsbagsPossibility of mounting drip bottle holders in four cornersPotential equalization socket

    Lying surface filledwithx-ray translucent HPL

    Wire hand controller

    Removable head board

    Mounting socket for drip bottle holder or hand holder

    CPR quick release lever for back rest section


    Side rail

    Rail for mounting additional accessories

    Fifth wheel (standard in LE-13, option in LE-12)

    Central castors break

    CPR quick release lever for thigh rest section

    Control panel

    Pull-out shelf for bed clothes

    Removable foot board

    Shank segment adjustment lever

    Spirit level

    Bed frame extension

    Foot controller (option)

    Hooks for physiological fluidsbags

    Side rail

    Example version of Vigo 3 (LE-13) bed

    Bed frame extension Possibilityofframeextensionby200mmfortallerpatients.Theextendedspaceisfilledwith an additional mattress. Possibility of frame shortening by 100 mm.

    Autoregress functionFollow-up mechanism of back rest segment moves back the back-rest segment and thigh-restsegmentfromfixedsectionofthebed frame. Thanks to double autoregress function the pressure to patients body to shanks and thighs is reduced.

    Shelf for bed clothes

  • Some of the bed positions operated electrically

    Fowlers position bed frame in horizontal position, back rest raised up, thigh rest raised up

    Examination position all segments levelled, bed frame in horizontal position and maximum height

    Cardiological chair

    Lateral tilts in Vigo 3 (LE-13)

    Anti-shockpositionbedframewithallsegments levelled in Trendelenburg position

    Reverse-Trendelenburg position

    Autocontoursimultaneousadjustment of back rest and thigh rest segments

    Electric CPR (zero position) all segments levelled, bed frame in horizontal position and minimum height

    Scale measuring patients weightOfferedonlywithcontrolpanelsWL-99.41 andWL-99.61.Thesystemallowscheckingpatientsweight and it provides visual and audio indication for bed exit alarm.

    Tunnel for x-ray cassette PL-18.0Mountedinbedframeunderbackrestsegment,fixedsegmentandthighsegment(segmentsfilledwithHPL)allow taking x-ray images in horizontal position.

    Fifth wheelMakes changing direction easy and eliminates physical effortneededtomaneuverthebed.InVigo2(LE-12)available as an option.

    Tunnel for x-ray cassette PL-18.1MountedunderbackrestsegmentfilledwithHPL allows taking x-ray pictures in seating position.

  • AvailablecoloursofinsertsforPL-19.1head and foot boards and side rails PB-22


    Wemadeeffortsthatpresentedrangeofcolours in our catalogue respond to the real colour. However slight differenceispossibleduetolimitationofprintingtechnology.





    RAL1015 RAL1018


    0596 0094 U-0125





    Proposed additional equipment

    Available head and foot boards

    HandholderUR-07.0DripbottleholderWK-17.0 Drip bottle holder WK-12.0

    Indicator of bed frame inclination PL-24.3

    Indicator of back rest inclination PL-24.1

    DividedsiderailsmadeofABSwithoutcontrolsPB.-22.2 DividedsiderailsmadeofABSwithcontrolsPB-22.3

    Varnished side rails, foldable PB-15.0 or chromium plated side rails, foldable PB-15.1


    X-ray permeability

    Co-operation with C arm

    VIGO 2 (LE-12)

    VIGO 3 (LE-13)

    Using beds Vigo 2 (LE-12) and Vigo 3 (LE-13) x-ray pictures can be taken and C-arm can be used. The range of permeability for C-arm in particular bed is shown on the pictures on the right.


    colour with inserts

    WL-09.6+WL-09.7Varnishedheadandfootboardsfilled with HPLWL-09.0+WL-09.1Chromium plated head and foot boards filledwithHPL

  • Available control panels Control panels Vigo 2 (LE-12)Vigo 3(LE-13)

    ControlpanelWL-99.41 S

    ControlpanelWL-99.6 S

    ControlpanelWL-99.61 O

    FootcontrollerWL-99.5 O

    FootcontrollerWL-99.52 O

    FootcontrollersWL-99.51 O O

    Scale system SO


    ControlpanelWL-99.7(forsiderailsPB-22.3) O O

    LightunderthebedframeandnursecallWL-99.9 (availableonlywithWL-99.7,WL-99.71andWL-99.10)

    O O

    CastorbrakesignalizationmoduleWL-99.11 O O

    Standard and optional functions and solutions

    Vigo 2 (LE-12)

    Vigo 3(LE-13)

    Tunnelforx-raycassettePL-18.0underbackrestsection,fixedsectionandthighsection(fortakingx-ray pictures in horizontal position)

    O O

    Tunnelforx-raycassettePL-18.1under back rest segment made of HPL (for taking x-ray pictures in seating position)

    O O

    Bed frame shortening O O

    Scale system S O

    Lateral tilts S

    Fifth wheel O S

    Visual signalization for minimum bed frame position S

    Single castors S S

    Double castors O O

    Other equipment:MattressMC-28.32 in removable cover, waterproof, steam permeableAdditionalmattressMC-41.0extending standard mattressAntidecubitusmattresses:active, passiveOxygen bottle holderDouble extension apparatusSet of additional mattresses MU-01 for lateral tilts for Vigo 3 (LE-13)


    ControlpanelWL-99.41allelectricfunctionscanbe operated by the hand controller. Central control panel with possibility of steering and locking of electric functions, LCD displayer, additional buttons: cardiological chair, Fowlers position, electric CPR, examination position, anti-shock position, scale system control.


    ControlpanelWL-99.6allelectricfunctionscanbeoperated by the hand controller. Central control panel with possibility of steering and locking of electric functions, LCD displayer, additional buttons: cardiological chair, Fowlers position, electric CPR, examination position, anti-shock position.


    ControlpanelWL-99.61allelectricfunctionscanbe operated by the hand controller. Central control panel with possibility of steering and locking of electric functions, LCD displayer, additional buttons: cardiological chair, Fowlers position, electric CPR, examination position, anti-shock position, scale system control.

    Urinal holder WL-19.6

    Bed-panholderWL-20.6 Oxygen bottle holder PL-36.0

    ControlpanelWL-99.7 in side rails PB-22.3 can operate electric functions of the bed (light under the bed frame and nurse call are available only with additionalmoduleWL-99.9).

    FootcontrollerWL-99.5 andWL-99.52forbedheightadjustment (the foot controller