Video vs Email Marketing - choosing the right tools in your investor relations strategy

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Choosing the right marketing tools for investor relations strategies. Email vs Video Marketing is a short description of those media tools with marketing and statistical information. But the information presented works on marketing products, services and branding as well.

Transcript of Video vs Email Marketing - choosing the right tools in your investor relations strategy

  • Video vs Email Marketing How video marketing stacks up against email marketing. Price Target Media 775-434-4451 [email protected]
  • Bundled Media Marketing Traditionally, marketers have relied heavily on email. While video has entered the marketing arena in a big way. Email is not dead, by any means and remains a staple resource for reaching customers. While video can combine the medias of radio, tv, print and the web. But is it worth it?
  • Emailtoday Email is still a solid marketing tool, but its getting tougher to make the in-box. But there are a lot of considerations. Is the subject line strong? Is the email design attractive? Will your content grab readers attention? And what about cost?
  • Email Marketing A good email list is worth the extra cost. Do some research before you rent and ask questions: How often does the Site communicate with subscribers? What is their average open rate? And finally, how much repeat business do they get?
  • The Stats Behind Email A good email list can average 20% open rate. If the subject line, design and content all work the click-through rate should run to 1%. Renting lists are ok, but you need to make sure the list isnt sent too often. Ideal email delivery is one to two times per week any more and the open rate declines dramatically.
  • Video Marketing Video marketing is fast becoming the new media and for a good reason. Video combines the media of radio, tv, print and the web!
  • Video Delivery Video can be delivered to multiple computing platforms laptops, tablets, mobile as well as email.
  • Video Production The ideal length of a video is 117 seconds. So production needs to be professional. While cost can be an issue, a poorly-made video is like Throwing your money in The trash.
  • Video Stats 188.2 million people in the US watched 52.4 billion online content videos in December 2013 and over half shared videos with others. One out of four marketers use video in email campaigns. Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.
  • Email vs Video Marketing? Most business owners are more comfortable using email in their marketing approach. Yet with video fast becoming the tool of choice, business owners should consider its incorporation into their marketing budget. If you would like to discuss your marketing needs, please call Eric Stevenson at 775-434-4451 or [email protected]