Video Game Art Director/Lead Artist

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Colton Carriere

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Video Game Art Director/Lead Artist. Video Game Art Director/Lead Artist. Colton Carriere. Job Overview. The job that I have taken an interest in is a Video Game Art Director. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Colton Carriere

  • The job that I have taken an interest in is a Video Game Art Director. Art Directors in the video gaming industry are responsible for the quality of art incorporated in the video games produced under their supervision. The Art Director makes decisions about visual elements used, what artistic style to use, and when to use motion.

  • On a normal day, the Art Directors will think of how the video game they are working on should look as well as what programs are necessary to get to said look. They will discuss with their animators and artists about characters and various environments. Art Directors will look over everything to make sure that it is shaped to their vision and looks pleasing for the video gaming audience.

  • The usually work hours are around 40 hours a week, although in some cases they may have to deal with irregular work schedules, and all usually work year-round with the exceptions of vacations and days off. Art directors in large companies work in spacious, well-lit workspaces. They usually work in regular shifts unless there are tight deadlines to meet. Others may work in varied shifts, and maybe in their own offices. Those who are starting in this industry could work at home designing minor games and such for various websites and applicable handheld devices.

  • A program I need is 3D model design, which I could get at CATO. Another school is the Art Institute of Vancouver. Tuition costs are around $4,500, and the student fees are around $750. Various books and supplies would cost around $1300.A bachelors or masters degree in fine arts is essential for a video game art director, along with good understanding of architectural principles and knowledge of anatomy. Certifications in multimedia arts also help. Video game art directors must also have good understandings of operation and also of software used in graphic designing.

  • The median salary for a Video Game Art Director is around $82,004 annually, however, once you have seniority on the job you can make anywhere from $80,000 to an amazing$215,000 a year.

  • Jobs in the video game industry will be in demand. One of the fastest growing job markets in the country right now is in the video game design industry. This industry is taking in over $7 billion dollars in revenue yearly.

  • Ever since I was a little kid, I have shown an interest in video games. I was introduced to them when I was around the age of six. I also have always been fond of drawing characters and environments and such. Im fairly good at drawing and my abilities to model 3D shapes and objects are increasing. Everything about being an art director or head artist in the video gaming industry interests me. Imagining the designs, deciding the styles of art, and shaping a video game into my image sounds quite intriguing. Also, I have always looked up to my older brother, and he too shares this job interest, although with slightly different areas within the gaming industry. Hes already done his schooling, and is now waiting for me to join him in starting these jobs.

  • Used BRIDGES for the Job quiz and then for further information. Used for finding salary. Used for more information on my career. Used for the Images.