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Varta car batteries are the leading battery brands and are renowned for its high quality and sustainable handling of resources.

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Varta Black Dynamic Car Batteries

VARTA’s Black Dynamic batteries offer quality power you can trust to last longer. For the best standard battery you can consistently rely on, the Black Dynamic is the trustworthy choice for you and your vehicle.

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Varta Blue Dynamic Car Batteries

The BLUE dynamic brand is already the most respected battery in the aftermarket. Hardly surprising really, since it is built to meet or exceed the exacting specifications of the car manufacturers and offers superior starting, excellent safety features and unbeatable reliability.

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Varta Silver Dynamic Car Batteries

This powerhouse of a battery is the premium option in the VARTA dynamic TRIO line-up. The SILVER dynamic delivers reliable energy supply even on vehicles with above average electrical consumers. With their superior cold start performance even in the most extreme conditions, and their huge reserve capacity, these batteries set standards which exceed the requirements of the international vehicle manufacturers themselves.

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Varta AGM Dynamic Car Batteries

VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries are the perfect solution for vehicles featuring advanced Start-Stop technology with regenerative braking and additional fuel-saving technologies. VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries offer even greater performance and versatility, and are capable of reliably supplying power to an even greater range of devices.

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Varta Taxi AGM Batteries

Varta Agm Taxi Batteries LTI Taxi Cab Batteries Varta car batteries are specially designed to meet or exceed the exacting specifications of the car manufacturers; they offer superior starting, unbeatable reliability, and all-round design enhancements. Varta taxi batteries carry a 36 month warranty.

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Varta EFB Car Batteries

The latest technology for entry-level Start-Stop vehicles. When it comes to Start-Stop vehicles, entry level doesn't mean basic. Which is why our VARTA® Start-Stop battery provides extraordinary levels of reliability, battery life and consistency in performance.

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