Vaikundarajan Wishes Everyone A Happy Pongal!

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Transcript of Vaikundarajan Wishes Everyone A Happy Pongal!

1. Vaikundarajan Wishes Everyone A Happy Pongal! 2. Vaikundrajan wishes everyone a harvest of happiness and prosperity on Pongal. 3. The harvest festival of Pongal symbolizes the veneration of the first fruit During this time, crops are harvested only during a particular time of the year Pongal was originally a festival for the farming community, but today the festival is celebrated by all 4. The festival is celebrated for four days, says Vaikundarjan On the first day, old clothes and materials are thrown away to symbolise the beginning of a new life 5. The next day, Pongal is celebrated by boiling fresh milk allowing it to boil over the vessel On this day, people visit their friends and family with sweets and exchange greetings 6. On the third day, people offer thanks to the cows and buffaloes, as they are used to plough the lands On the final day people go out to picnic 7. About Pongal Pongal is celebrated every year on 14th January and is the only Hindu festival that follows a solar calendar, believes Vaikundarajan The festival has great astronomical significance Pongal marks the beginning of Uttarayana (considered auspicious for Hindus), the Sun's movement is northward for a six month period 8. VAIKUNDARAJAN BLOGS 9. SOCIAL MEDIA 10. THANK YOU