Using Inbound Marketing to Generate More Online Reviews

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Every other month in Central Florida we have a Hubspot User Group Meetup (HUG). These are my slides for our latest meetup that was held at Cork and Olive in Lake Mary, FL. We had a great turnout and really great networking. For more info on Market Loyal, email Dustin @ To see when our next HUG meetup is, visit

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  • 1. Using InboundMarketing toGenerate MoreOnline Reviews

2. Co-Founder, Market Loyal@dustindetorres & #inbound14MarketLoyal.com877-959-1260 10 Years ofMarketing experience 3 Start-ups 5 yrs, hands onHubspot experience 3. of consumers say thatpositive reviews makethem trust a localbusiness moreof consumers say they trustonline reviews as much aspersonal recommendations72%88%73%of consumers will takeaction after reading apositive review 4. Two PartsGenerating OnlineReviews & Feedback usingInbound MarketingGAINING VISIBILITY usingyour online reviews&12 5. Testimonial Station Captures while in your location (auto?) Add to Yelp, G+ and YouTube Add to Testimonial page on your site Have WordPress? Tons of Plugins.TIP: Have someone follow up with thesepeople and ask for a and review if theyhavent already. 6. Blog Posts Utilize a section at the bottom of the post for afeedback request CTA Show customer testimonials and or give anincentive for FEEDBACK (not online review) TIP: If youre using Hubspot, use Smart CTAs toshow different offers. (Customers = FeedbackRequest; Leads = MOFU Offer) 7. Landing Pages Make it easy and quick for them to give feedback Have a happy video for positive feedback and anapologetic video for negative feedback. Segment the feedback into two different workflows. Push the positives to giving a review online. Push the negatives to giving you a reason why itwas negative. (Dont give links to review sites!) If youre using Hubspot, you could implement alead score associated to feedbacks. 8. Offline Print Implement into your current processes Drive people to your feedback landing pageFor example, if youre a Doctors office.. Appointment Cards Waiting room posters Direct mail reminders to patients 9. Clear Instruction Cards Makes it super easy to understand how toadd a review. Create one for each location Handout at physically at location orelectronically (LP + Email) 10. Email Signatures Have every employee add to signature(how many emails go out each day!?) Give the option to review past feedback 11. Barnacle SEOLeveraging other sites rankings for your sitesbenefitYelpTripAdvisorUrbanspoonOther niche directory and review sitesTIP: Google your business and competitors.Make a list of the directory and review sites thatrank well. 12. Turn Reviews into Videos Turn some of your best online reviews intovideos and add a Playlist on your YouTubechannel. has actors that will do it for cheap! Optimize the videos for different keywords,track and adjust. 13. Retargeting Create ads for some of your online reviews &feedback. Target visitors from specific pages or thathave abandoned certain actions. Facebook Retargeting 14. Thanks!Dustin DeTorresCo-FounderMarketLoyal.com877-959-12660