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In this presentation, I will explore how usability testing has been used to spark changes in the design of the Northwest Justice Project’s new SharePoint content management system. Usability testing has become a popular user research method for assessing different aspects of a product, most commonly websites. By conducting usability tests early and often in your design process, many problems with the product can be targeted and resolved before a final design is released. Jackie Holmes will present on the basics of usability testing such as how to prepare tasks, what to look for during the test, how to analyze your observations, and how test results can influence design.

Transcript of Usability Testing

  • 1. Usability TestingJackie HolmesAugust 30, 2012

2. What will be covered The What? and Why? of usabilitytesting How to prepare, conduct, and analyzea test Examples of usability testing at NJP 3. A bit about me 4. What is usability?Usability is aassesses how easy user interfaces are touse. The word "usability" also refers to Usability is a quality attribute thatmethods for improving ease-of-usequality attribute that assesses howduring the design process.easy user interfaces are to use. The word"usability" also refers to methods forimproving ease-of- use during thedesign process. Source: Dr. Jakob Nielsen 5. What is usability?Five components: Learnability Efficiency Memorability Errors SatisfactionSource: 6. What is usability testing?evaluating the Research technique forusability of a product using realusers doing real tasks 7. Why is it important?Get user feedback andCatch problemsPromotesdetermine satisfactionbefore launch user-friendliness 8. How do you get started? 9. The Process 10. PreparationProduct Prototype Users/Testers 11. Preparation Tasks/What are you Recording Devicestesting? 12. Preparation at NJPAttorney1 Legal AssistantsCLEAR 4 Attorneys 3IKE Site PrototypeUsers/Testers 13. Preparation at NJP What was tested? IKE Library Browse & SearchDocument Uploads TaggingFunctions 14. Preparation at NJPTasks:1) Upload a document you would like toshare with your colleagues to the IKE Library.2) Think of a case or project you recently workedon that required you to look for a document in thenetwork drives, ARC, and/or Intranet. Show howyou would look for such a document onIKE. 15. Preparation at NJPLearnabilityEfficiencyMemorabilityErrorsSatisfaction 16. Preparation at NJPLearnabilityEfficiencyMemorabilityErrorsSatisfaction 17. Test Administration* Introduce test* Testing product, notuser* User to talk aloud* Read task to user* Ask tester to tell youwhen they think theyvecompleted the task* Observe and take notes 18. Test Administration* Stand or sit next to tester* Try to have two moderators* More and less note-taking* After test, ask aboutimpressions 19. Analyzing ResultsQuantitative Data Qualitative Data 20. Analyzing Results w/ Affinity Diagram 1. Write down allqualitative data(comments, questions, etc.) onsticky notes 21. Analyzing Results w/ Affinity Diagram 2. Arrange notesinto clusters onwall based oncommonthemes 22. Analyzing Results w/ Affinity Diagram 23. Analyzing Results 24. Analyzing Results Rate severity of issues raised * How frequently issue was encountered * How much it could affect priority tasks to be done in IKE 25. Analyzing ResultsVisibility Issues987# OF COMMENTS6543210Cant see searchCant find Did not see Did not see Key Did not seeFeatures are Want to see Dont wantbox underUpload/Add Library ToolsFilters boxexpansion muted onthumbnail oftraining Library Toolsdocumenttabstriangle for term IKE, nothing uploaded file inmaterialsribbonsbuttons setsstands out dialog box, so hidden like onyou know theintranet upload wassuccessfulSevere Moderate/ ISSUESevereSevere 26. Analyzing Results 27. Influence on Design Discover where and what changesshould be made 28. Influence on Design of IKE Visibility Issues987# OF COMMENTS6543210Cant see searchCant findDid not see Did not see Key Did not seeFeatures are Want to see Dont wantbox underUpload/AddLibrary ToolsFilters boxexpansion muted onthumbnail oftraining Library Toolsdocument tabstriangle for term IKE, nothing uploaded file inmaterialsribbonsbuttonssetsstands out dialog box, so hidden like on you know theintranetupload was successfulSevereISSUE 29. Influence on Design of IKE 30. The Process 31. Thank YouThis call will be archived here: